Four Seasons Lube

Four Seasons Ice Lubricant $6.95

ice_big.jpg The Four Seasons folks sent some of their swell Ice Lubricant for me to sample. This stuff is the bomb, don’t cha know! I am happy to report that this specially formulated (with menthol) water based lubricant made for a delightful change from my run-of-the-mill lube. It felt all tingly on my parts and — when I got around to sharing it — it tantalized my partner’s parts too. We both liked it very much.

After turning on my friend Sandy and her hubby to this new Ice Lubricant, we all were talkin’ about how something as simple as a new lube can shake things up in the old boudoir. Just think, for under ten bucks, ya’ll can have some icy-hot titillations on your naughty bits too. It’ll pretty much snap you out of the ho-hum. And you can quote me on that!

I have yet to try this, (And I do hope the Four Seasons people send me some. Hint, hint!) but the Four Seasons Glow N Dark Lube sounds like delightful fun too. Imagine the mischief one could get into with this stuff. And to top off the fun, (no pun intended) one could try their Glow N Dark Condoms. Be the first one on your block to own some.


Simply put, I can’t heap enough praise on this amazing Australian company. (They also distribute in America.) Besides the load of fun, safe sex products they have to offer; these folks have a social conscience to boot! I am so impressed. Hurray for them!

Be sure to check out their oh so sexy website. You’re gonna absolutely love the wit and wisdom you’ll find there. You can tell these folks love what they do.


Lube Shooter

Name: Bette
Gender: female
Age: 45
Location: Redding, CA
One of the medications I take every day has a very unfortunate side effect. It causes acute vaginal dryness and that, as you know, can make intercourse painful. I’ve tried several lubes, but they only seem to help on the surface and I need deeper lubrication. Is there anything you can suggest?

c123.jpgYou betcha! I have just the thing for you. Holy cow, check out the Lube Shooter. This package comes with 3 disposable lube shooters that put lube where you want it, deep in your pussy! No more wasted lube! No more messy sheets. Just a comfortable fuck!

Simply remove the plunger, pour the lube into the shooter. Replace the plunger and depress until the lube begins to ooze. Insert the lube shooter into your pussy and slowly depress the lever. How fun is that? This handy device is perfect for lubing up one’s ass for some deep slippery butt fuckin’ too. But probably you perverts figured that out already, huh?