Divine Interventions Insertables

And now for something completely different!  Our next line of products will be introduced by a newcomer to the Review Crew — Christa.

Here’s the thing.  The exceptionally irreverent and downright blasphemous folks are Divine Interventions have cum up with a line of exquisite silicone insertables.  You say; “Ok Dr Dick, we loves us some silicone dildos!”  Yeah, everyone on the Review Crew said the same thing.

But not so fast, since these remarkable insertables are fashioned in a most unorthodox manner (to say the least) no crew member had the audacity to take them on.  That is until Joy turned me on to her 20-something goth-chick pal, Christa.  She was like totally down with the whole sacrilegious concept, as you will see.

Diving Nun ——  $59

Christa here!  I can’t believe that you’re just gonna fork over three totally nun.jpgbitchin’, top of the line, high-grade silicone toys, like for free.  And the fact that these babies skewer the whole religion thing makes ‘em even hotter.

So ok, I can see where these are not for everyone.  People are so fuckin’ uptight about shit like this.  But like I said, that only makes them more of a turn on for me.

Take the Diving Nun for instance.  This is a no nonsense dong, 7-3/4” tall with a 1-3/4” diameter.  This will fill you up.  It comes in lots of hot colors.  Mine is appropriately virgin Mary blue.  What’s so great about this particular dildo is that it has a suction base.  It’ll stick to the floor, if you’re takin it up the ass or to the wall if you wanna hands-free pussy-fuck yourself.  Now, that’s what I call versatile!  I had my way with this thing in the shower the other day and I’m still walkin’ funny today.

Baby Jesus Butt Plug ——  $35

I saved the Baby Jesus Butt Plug for my sub, butt-boy BF, Alex.  He is like this total baby.jpgass whore.  I was the first girlfriend he ever had that fingered his hole and played with his prostate.  Now it’s ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’ all the time.  This butt plug is perfect for keeping him stuffed and horny so that he gets me off a bunch of times before he does himself.  And I can just lay back and enjoy.  If you have an ass-hungry man in your life, or you are ass-hungry yourself and you’d get off even more by shovin’ an icon where the sun don’t shine; this is the plug for you.

The secret to the success of all these insertables is all the assorted nooks, crannies, ribbing and curves.  These are the things that will send you to paradise!

This Baby Jesus Butt Plug is 4-1/2” tall with 1-1/2” diameter. It comes in a bunch of hot colors.  Alex’s is marbled red.

Jackhammer Jesus —— $65

The ultimate in blasphemy!  Ever get in the mood to go like all Linda Blair in the Exorcist?  Frankly I hadn’t ever thought about it till I discovered that my jack.jpgJackhammer Jesus is a silicone crucifix with a beautiful dickhead at the foot of the cross. Then all manner of wickedness crossed (no pun intended) my mind.

This beauty rivals the Diving Nun in size, 7-1/2” tall by 1-3/4” diameter. It’s not as versatile as the Nun, because it doesn’t have a suction base.  But the Jackhammer Jesus is even more twisted.

I suppose all you visitors to the Dr Dick site already know that you can only use water-based lubes with silicone, right?  I hope so, because silicone-based lubes will seriously fuck up a silicone toy.  Care and cleaning of silicone is way easy too.  Warm water and mild soap is what I use.  If I need to sterilize before sharing my toys, I boil the toy for a few minutes.  I also wipe down my toys with a 10% bleach solution and a lint-free cloth between each use.  But you can use peroxide or rubbing alcohol too.  This will keep your toys as fresh as the day you bought them…or in my case picked ‘em up at Dr Dick’s place.

One final thing, the Divine Interventions site sells a bunch of other insertables too.  And you’ll be happy to know that they are equal-opportunity blasphemers they skewer other religious figures too.  I’m gonna save my sheckles and buy me a Devil’s Advocate.

NobEssence – TRYST

Ken & Denise introduce us to one of the beauties from NobEssenceTRYST.

TRYST $180.00

Denise:  “Thank you for the warm welcome to the Dr Dick Review Crew.  It’s been a blast…literally and figuratively.”
Ken:  “Denise has been eager to join our little club since our adventures with
The Vergenza Mk. I.”
Denise:  “This time we have an equally beautiful and oh so functional dildo/massager, TRYST.  It’s sculpted wood.  Isn’t it gorgeous?
Ken:  “Yeah, like The Vergenza Mk. I, TRYST is a work of art.
Denise:  “It’s is ‘double header’, if you will.  One end is round, smooth and bulbous.  It is uniquely shaped to stimulate either G-spot or P-spot. The tryst.jpgother end is a beaded sort of thing that supplies the most delicious rippling sensation.  And each end is perfectly angled to act as a handle when the other end slides into place.  It’s brilliant!”
Ken:  “I’ve never used anything like it.  I mean, it’s10” long.  The bulb end is 1 1/2” at the tip, but it then widens to a 2” body before the traditional plug notch.  The beaded end is curved, but smaller— an 1” at its widest point.”
Denise:  “And, of course, TRYST can be used vaginally and anally.  Or did you already get that from my G-spot or P-spot reference?  I’m a little slow sometimes.”
Ken:  “We’ve enjoyed this dildo every which way.  And we haven’t tied of it yet.
Denise:  “I sense that some of our visitors may be apprehensive about wood as an insertable.  Well let me put your mind at ease.  It’s perfectly safe.  These sculptures are sealed with an impermeable finish that is hypoallergenic, sent-free, waterproof and bacteria resistant.  And because wood is all natural, there are no worries about chemical additives, like phthalates.”
Ken:  “Yeah, this is about as green as you can get.”
Denise:  “Clean up is a breeze.  Warm water and a mild soap do the trick.  When we trade off using this gem; we wipe it down with peroxide and a lint-free towel.  But you can use alcohol or a 10% bleach solution too.
Ken:  “Mick said something about how slick his toy got with just the smallest amount of lube.  The same is true with TRYST.  Like those guys we prefer a silicone-based lube.  And another noteworthy thing is that wood will warm to your body temperature as you use it.”
Denise:  “All NobEssence sculptures come in beautifully designed gift boxes.  Perfect for holiday gift giving.”
Ken:  “This is a very special gift for that very special someone.  It is both artistic and sensual.  If you want to make a HUGE impression; this will make the point.”

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator $44.95


I was so delighted to be chosen to do this review.  I’ve been the proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand for over 10 years.  It has been my personal favorite for all that time.  I was eager for an opportunity to ideal.jpgcompare the Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator with the one I’ve loved so much for so long.

Both vibrators are the hand held type with a flexible spring ball head.  Each has the same oscillating movement.  The Ideal Vibrator is not as quite as the Hitachi, but it is as powerful on both speeds. The Ideal is lighter than the Hitachi model I have.  I like that a lot.

The thing I like the most about the Ideal is always ready to go and there is no cord to tangle with.  I can’t tell you how much I love that. is that is cordless.  It doesn’t run on batteries either.  It’s rechargeable.  I know this may sound petty, but there have been plenty of times in the past when I probably would have used my trusty Hitachi Magic Wand on the spare of the moment.  But I wound up putting it off, because I didn’t want to move furniture to plug it in or deal with an extension cord.  Now I’ll never have to postpone my pleasure, because the

The Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator is head and shoulders above the Hitachi in terms of its design too.  It’s really very pretty and much more elegant than the Hitachi.  The grip on the Ideal fits naturally in my hand.  It’s as comfortable in my right hand as it is in my left.

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator is my brand new favorite.

Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment $16.95


I feel as though I’ve fallen into a pot of jam.  The one thing I always thought was lacking in my wand vibrator is that it was for external use only.  Now with this inexpensive Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment I can change all that.It’s so simple and practical; I can’t believe no one thought of this before now.  The attachment fits on either my


Hitachi wand or my new Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator.  It has two prongs for G-spot and clitoral stimulation.  It is beautifully flexible and yet it is latex-free.  (I am allergic to latex.)  And I’m delighted to learn that it is also phthalate-free.  (Thanks to Dr Dick, I’m becoming a more discerning, conscientious and health wise consumer.)

One last thing, I was struck by something Angie said about her husband’s response to her vibrators.  She said something like he is less put off by the Liberte because it didn’t have a “penis shape.”  I never realized that my husband had similar reservations.  He’s never said anything, but he only likes using my Hitachi wand on me, none of my other insertables.  But now with this G-Plus Attachment I get the best of both worlds — external and internal stimulation — and my husband likes it just fine.

Natural Contours Liberte Vibrator

Some of the more illustrious members of Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew showed up for a little confab on the beautiful line of Natural Contours products I have for review.  The usual suspects were there — Joy, Gina, Angie and Jada. Surprisingly, Ken and Glenn also joined us.  In fact it was Ken who christened us The Ladies Auxiliary.   Maybe it was the wine, but we all got a kick out of that.  So the name stuck.  Political correctness be damned!

As we passed around the products to be reviewed the women were discussing size, shape, design and functionality of the five products I have for review. The Natural Contours line of products is designed by women and made with natural curves to contour to their bodies. They are tasteful, elegant, discreet, stylish and ergonomic.

The boys were feeling totally left out.  Glenn finally spoke up; “What are we, chopped liver?  I don’t see why any one of these things couldn’t be used by a guy.”  Ken nodded his head in agreement.  I added:  “A lot of ‘female oriented products’ are used by men.  In fact, if some of the packaging for these products were a bit more generic, there’d probably be a whole lot more cross-over marketing and purchasing being done.”

The women thought the packaging for the Natural Contours line was pretty neutral; as compared to some “female oriented products” they’ve seen.  But there’s no mistaking the feminine slant.  None of women present were put off by the suggestion that the men folk might enjoy Natural Contours products too.  Jada asked; “But what about the G-Plus Attachment?  Men don’t have a G-Spot.”  Gina, who is now very familiar with her BF’s butt play said: “Yeah, but they do have a P-Spot.  And Ken added; “And we all have a PC muscle so the Energie could be used by everyone!”

I am so proud of my Review Crew.  They are such a clever lot.  We distributed the products and set a date for our debriefing session.  I convened the follow up meeting of The Ladies Auxiliary a couple of weeks later to discuss our findings.

(Each product has its own posting.

Search for Natural Contours to find them all.)

Natural Contours Liberte Vibrator $29.70


I love the shape, size and feel.  Even the color is perfect in my estimation. I was very impressed with the stylish packaging.  I thought the price was right too.  So many toys these days are prohibitively expensive.

The Liberte is very smooth, lightweight and fits comfortably in my hand.  It has an easy to manipulate control button. The one button runs through the vibe speeds starting at high-speed.  Here’s one thing I didn’t understand.  Wouldn’t it have been better to have the vibrator start on a slower speed first and then progress to higher liberte.jpgspeeds instead of the other way around?

Anyhow, you have to toggle through all the speeds — high, medium, low and pulse — to get to off.  This took some getting used to.

When I was by myself, I preferred the pulse action.  Oh, and its really quiet.

I introduced the Liberte to my husband.  We discovered it to be a very nice addition to our playtime together.  I think my husband warmed to it more easily because it doesn’t have that traditional dildo “penis shape.”  But he’s such a mechanic he was immediately frustrated with the one button control design.  I had to gently remind him that he wasn’t in the machine shop now, but in the bedroom.  So I asked him to please just let go of all that for now.

Overall, I was very impressed with this toy and would recommend it to anyone wanting a sleek, nontraditional looking vibrator.

Couples Masturbation, Every Couple Can

You’ve heard me talk about ’em. You’ve known me direct your attention to ’em. You’ve noticed that they sponsor some of my podcasts. Could there still be a doubt in your mind as to what I think of the AIM (Access Instructional Media) Video Catalog? If there is, you’re simply not paying attention.

OK, let’s eliminate any remaining doubt. These DVDs knock me out. In terms of sex education and sexual enrichment the AIM titles are unparalleled. Over the next few months I’ll be taking an in-depth look at each title in the catalogue. That’s a whole lotta video to review, but I think I’m UP for it…if ya catch my drift.

This week we have two great titles: COUPLES MASTURBATION — and — EVERY COUPLE CAN.

First up is one of the 10 titles from The Ultimate Sex Toy and Masturbation Series. COUPLESdvd517.jpg MASTURBATION ; Phone Sex, Internet Sex and More! — 70 minutes: $19.95

The DVD begins with a quick overview of the entire Toy and Masturbation series. We get a tantalizing taste of what each video has to offer. These explicit mini-trailers will surely get your motor running and prep you for the main event.

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing more fundamental to a happy and healthy sex life than masturbation. Dr. Michael Perry. Ph.D., ACS, the producer of these fine movies, introduces the concept of masturbating with and for your partner. He says this video is all about enticing and informing your partner with your self-pleasuring. If you stop to think about it, there is so much to learn about what gets our partner off; and so much to demonstrate about what gets us off by simply watching and showing our masturbation technique. Think of it as a sexy game of “Show and Tell!”

The sexually experienced couples we meet in this movie bring themselves and each other to shuddering waves of pleasure. First we are treated to a man and a woman masturbating separately. We get some tips on how to vary our self-pleasuring to maximize the joy. Ya know most people are curious about how their partner masturbates, and what may go through his/her mind as he/she diddles. Too bad we don’t often take the time to ask to watch, or even discuss the topic.

Next we visit with a woman who uses several different kinds of vibrators while masturbating with her male partner. Then there’s an example of a beautiful couple manually masturbating each another. Then two more couples pattern their shared masturbation with vibrators. It’s a beautifully filmed celebration of sex.

You can masturbate together despite being apart by using a private internet chat room. See how phone sex can spice up your sex life. Women can learn the joys of toy masturbation with each other. Even learn how to overcome any hesitation or reservation to masturbate with and for your partner in a few easy steps.

This is wonderful tutorial for every couple, but particularly those new to sex, or who want to spice things up a bit. I hasten to add that this video is geared to a heterosexual audience. There’s precious little here that will appeal to same sex couples.

Remember sex fans, this is not porn. While the DVD is sexually explicit, the material is presented in a tasteful, romantic and non-pornographic manner. Kudos to Michael Perry for producing this delightful, female oriented video. And here’s the best part; you get all of this for only $19.95. You simply can’t find a better sex-positive bargain anywhere.

Here’s a tip: for those of you who can’t, for whatever reason, buy this DVD you can rent it for viewing online in Dr Dick’s How To Video Library.

Next we have a selection from the 4-DVD Sex Surrogate Series. EVERY COUPLE CAN; New Sexual Secrets for Improved Intimacy and Overcoming Sexual Problems. — 90 Minutes $19.95

d306.jpgThe DVD begins with a quick overview of the entire Sex Surrogate Series. We get a tantalizing taste of what each video has to offer. These explicit teasers will turn you on and get you ready you for the feature presentation.

This R-rated video has much more of a story line than the previous one. First we meet Sam and Marie, a sexually frustrated couple. Sam turns to a sex surrogate to learn how to overcome his sexual problems in the hopes he’ll be able to save his marriage. Sam’s friend Trevor and his wife are having sexual difficulties too. What a surprise! 😉

This video introduces the viewer to a wealth of sex-positive information. It’s like getting the basics of sex therapy on a thoroughly enjoyable and non-threatening DVD. The viewer learns right along with Sam and Trevor. Some of the topics covered are — sensate focus, lasting longer, female and male genital anatomy, effective communication, overcoming erection problems and becoming more easily orgasmic.

Basically this video shows how easily and enjoyable it is for everyone to lean how to be a better lover. That’s right sex fans; great sex can be learned.

This is an exceptional tutorial for any person, coupled or not, who is interested in learning the fundamentals of human sexual interaction. While this video is geared to a heterosexual audience, there is plenty of sound information that transcends sexual orientation. I highly recommend this title to my straight, bi and gay audience.

I want to underscore what I said at the beginning of this review; this movie is R-rated. The sexual material is presented in a frank, up front manner, but the visuals are decidedly soft and non-confrontational. This is the ideal starting point for someone, or couple, who is unfamiliar, or perhaps uncomfortable, with sexually explicit material.

My hat is off to Michael Perry for producing this thoughtful, female oriented video. And here’s the kicker, you get thousands of dollars worth of sex therapy for only $19.95. How does he do it?

Here’s a tip: for those of you who can’t buy this DVD, for whatever reason, you can rent it for viewing online in Dr Dick’s How To Video Library.

Fleshlight, FleshJack

FleshJack Ice—— $69.95

So sex fans, I suppose ya’ll all know that the Fleshlight has been around for several years now, right? Good, I figured you would’ve noticed. I mean a person can hardly visit a sex related site these days without seeing one of their fetching ads. I realize that I’m a Johnny-cum-lately with my review, but like my momma always used to say — “all good things come to those who wait”.

Like you, I’ve seen the Fleshlight around for years.  And because of that I convinced myself I knewproduct_aajack_440.jpg everything there was to know about the device. After all, I visited their websites loads of times. I watched their beautifully produced and very sexy mini-movies (more times than I care to say). And I even interviewed a bunch of satisfied customers. I confess, even though I never actually held a Fleshlight in my hand, I imagined I knew everything there was to know about a Fleshlight. I mean hey, it’s not like I never used a masturbator before. How different could this one be?

Well, so much for baseless assumptions.

Imagine my surprise when my very own personal FleshJack Ice showed up on my doorstep. I discovered that just about everything I thought I knew about this marvel didn’t even come close to the real thing. Until I had one of my own to fondle and probe…if ya catch my drift, I was clueless. It’s true what they say; this is the granddaddy of male stimulators. But you really shouldn’t take my word for it.

My initial piece of advice to everyone in my audience is; don’t be a smug jerk like me. That’s right! If you’ve never had your grubby paws on, or your hot little boner in, an actual Fleshlight, you pretty much don’t know nuthin’ about a Fleshlight. Period!

icejack_tommyd.jpgThe first thing that struck me about the Fleshlight is it’s way bigger and heavier than I imagined. I figured it would be the size of a regular flashlight. I was wrong. The plastic shell is a serious 10” in length. And by it’s self it’s fairly light. It’s the totally amazing Superskin™ insert that racks up the weigh. My Fleshlight weighs in at a hefty 1 pound, eight and a half ounces. And that, sex fans, is a handful, or two, for damn sure. More about this in a minute.

The Superskin™ insert is totally amazing. It begs to be touched and caressed. It is unlike any other texture I’ve experienced in a sex toy. And like I said, I’ve had an opportunity to test drive a bunch of masturbators and stimulation sleeves in my time. The Superskin™ is kinda like a jelly, but it’s so much more substantial. I know this is gonna sound trite, but it does feel flesh-like. And if you add some hot water to your Fleshlight, as I did, before you sink in your chub, well it’s pretty much the most amazing feeling you can have from something that simulates a human orifice.

And ya wanna talk marketing genius? All Fleshlight customers are invited to customize their unit before they buy. And that is where the fun begins. Since most guys are pretty particular about where they stick their joystick, Fleshlight has cleverly come up with several “orifice” options: pussy, mouth, asshole or “neutral” (apparently for those who can’t commit). The plastic case comes in silver, black or clear. There are optional insert colors too: pink, mocha or ice. And get this, you can even choose from among six different internal contours for the insert itself: Original, Super Tight, Ultra Tight, Speed Bump, Super Ribbed and Wonder Wave. If, with all these options, you can’t design the perfect Fleshlight for you, you’re just too damned fussy.

I want to draw your attention to one last feature before we take this puppy on a test drive. The plastic case, the thing that looks like a flashlight, has removable caps at both ends. The top cap covers the bulbous head of the insert and helps keeps it clean when it’s not in use. The end cap can be removed for easy cleaning. (The jizz-fanatics among us will appreciate this, because when a wank session is over, you can simply dribble out your spunk for some delicious DNA play.)

Like I suggested above you can also add hot water through the end cap for a warm, squishy jack. If you do add water, don’t over-fill the blasted thing. No more than three-quarter full is my suggestion. And this is best done in the shower or bath. Because, depending on the vigor of your stroke, things will get might wet, which just so happens to add to the fun. Just so you know, this was my favorite way to Fleshlight!

When the end cap is sealed tightly, it’s a lot more difficult to plug in your pud…even with loads of lube and a major stiffy. I found that if I loosened the cap, just until I got situated, as it were; I could then tighten the cap to make for a swell little vacuum sensation. Very nice! I wonder if that was intended in the design, or simply is a happy accident?

By the way, you should only use a water-based lube with your Fleshlight. And clean up is a snap. A little soap and water will do the trick. Here’s a tip: once the insert is dry, dust it, inside and out, with a little cornstarch based body powder. This will help keep things as fresh as the day you got it.


I always like to take my time with a new toy. Ya know, to get a sense of how the thing works and feels. This was particularly the way to go with the Fleshlight. Masturbating with one of these puppies has several advantages to your basic hand job. First, there is a delightful silkiness, and a tight consistent pressure on your cock throughout each stroke. In this regard — and despite the claims made by the Fleshlight marketing department — pluggin’ a Fleshlight is very different than pluggin’ any human orifice I know. But that’s not a bad thing, mind you. Consider the guy who is dealing with premature ejaculation, for example. I’m positive that if he used a Fleshlight to train himself to last longer, he’d have way more success than if he just used his hand. This is an ideal device to practice delaying one’s orgasm, which will make you a much better lover. And you can bank on that!

Remember I mentioned the heft of the Fleshlight? I want to get back to that now. Because the unit is heavier then other masturbators, one can actually fuck it, as well as have it fuck you. Here’s what I mean. If you’re lying on your back, and you’re using your hand (or hands) to pump the Fleshlight up and down your rod; it’s basically fuckin’ you, right? I discovered that if I tilted the Fleshlight a bit, up, down or to one side or another, I was able to stimulate different areas of my cock. Using a corkscrew motion was way wonderful too.

Now, if you stick the Fleshlight between your mattress and box spring, for example, then you can fuck it. I really got off on doing deep thrusts this way. And because of the ingenious bulbous head of the Superskin™ insert there’s no way I could injure myself on the hard plastic case with those deep hard manly thrusts. 😉

One final thing, ya’ll know I’m a real big advocate of partners masturbating together. There is just so much one can learn by watching a partner pleasure him/herself. The Fleshlight is the perfect male masturbator for this purpose. It’s playful and non-threatening, so it will be easier to get your partner to join in the fun and learn about your sexual response all at the same time.