Sensual Mint Shower/Bath Gel

Sensual Mint Shower/Bath Gel —— $10.93

I have a fantastic gift giving suggestion for anyone on your list who loves a good bubble bath or shower gel. Let me tell you about this marvelous Sensual Mint Shower/Bath Gel from the equally marvelous Canadian company, Shunga Products.

First, you should know that I’m a gal who adores her bath time. It’s precious time for just me. I bracket off as much time for myself as I possibly can. I soak, read, contemplate and often enjoy one of my favorite waterproof vibrators while in my bath. My partner, Joy, says she thinks I could live in my bath. She’s not far off base on that. I’m also a connoisseur of luscious bath products like this Sensual Mint Shower/Bath Gel.

It contains peppermint oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. The peppermint provides the fragrance and a lovely tingling sensation, which refreshes as well as arouses. It also contains glycerin. This would be a problem for me if the glycerin were a lube and I was using it internally, but in this instance the glycerin isn’t an issue for me.

The Shunga Bath and Shower gel is available in two flavors/fragrances — erotic fruits and sensual mint. Both are editable! Joy says she can taste the mint in my skin after my bath. Listen, if I can get in my bath time, get all aroused while doing so, have my lover tell me that I taste delicious and that she wants more; well then, I’ve hit the jackpot.

Probably you are already familiar with a bath/shower gel, right? You use it like a liquid soap in the shower or as a bubble bath in the bath. It suds up very well on a washcloth and bubbles up beautifully when added to running bath water.

Sensual Mint Shower/Bath Gel contains several vegetable oils like almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, sesame oil and salflower oil. All these work marvels softening my skin. And there’s never a sticky or greasy residue. The mint aroma opens up my sinuses and wakes me up.

The Sensual Mint Shower/Bath Gel comes in a clear, 16 oz plastic bottle with a pop-top lid. It also has a lovely suggestive (but not too erotic) image on it. The whole product from packaging to contents is very sensual indeed. It’s the perfect companion for my bath time.

Like I said at the beginning of this review, the Sensual Mint Shower/Bath Gel is an ideal gift for anyone on your list who enjoys a mood-enhancing bath or shower. I highly recommend it!

JO Premium Women & JO H2O Women

JO Premium Women —— $22.39
JO H2O Women —— $11.66

Joy & Dixie
Joy: “We’re back with two more amazing products from the System JO people. You probably saw the reviews we did just a couple of weeks ago for their Clitoral Gel, right?”
Dixie: “I should mention from the start of this review that both Joy and I are total lube snobs.  I figure ya gotta be since there is so much questionable stuff on the market these days.”
Joy: “Absolutely! Listen, folks you need some standards when it comes to products that you will use on and IN your body. You certainly don’t want to be at the mercy of unscrupulous manufacturers. Be informed and choose your products wisely; it’s the only way to protect yourself.”
Dixie: “The two products we have today are very similar. The JO Premium Women is a silicone-based lubricant; the JO H2O Women is the water-based product. Both were developed for women by women and contain vegetable-based glycerin as opposed to animal-based glycerin. This should waylay any concerns some might have about yeast infections associated with animal-based glycerin.”
Joy: “While we’re on the topic of ingredients, I should point out that the JO H2O Women product contains parabens. Again, some women may be sensitive to that. Parabens, as you may know, are preservatives and you can’t have a water-based lube without some kind of preservative, because it will go bad.”
Dixie: “What’s so remarkable about both the JO Premium Women and the JO H2O Women is that they both feel so much alike. Both are very slick and slippery. Both feel like silicone. The JO Premium Women for obvious reasons, it is silicone-based after all. But the JO H2O Women is nearly identical in its consistency. And both last and last.”
Joy: “It’s true! I expect that kind of staying power for a silicone-based lube, but I was amazed at the staying power of the water-based one. I never had to use more than two little dollops of either formula for an entire play session and each session included a toy too. By the way, I really love the pump dispenser. There is no waste, no spillage and the plastic cap that fits over the pump keeps everything clean.”
Dixie: “Both products are 100% latex safe, so there’s never an issue with condom use. Both are fragrance free too, which I really appreciate. The JO H2O Women is easier to clean up, because it is water-based. But soap and water is really all you need for both. I found that the anti-bacterial hand soap I have on my vanity is the most effective in cutting the silicone in the JO Premium Women formula. Don’t know why that is, but there ya have it.”
Joy: “Despite the fact that these two product are formulated for women, men can and should use them too. They’re just great!”
Dixie: “I agree. We’re both totally impressed with the System JO company. Kudos to everyone associated with them.”

System JO Mild Clitoral Gel & Wild Clitoral Gel

System JO Mild Clitoral Gel —— $18.25
System JO Wild Clitoral Gel —— $19.12

Joy & Dixie
Joy: “We’re going to review two products at once. The reason for this is that both products are basically the same thing with one important difference.”
Dixie: “The two products are: System JO Mild Clitoral Gel and Wild Clitoral Gel. You can probably guess that the important difference that Joy mentioned is intensity of the stimulation. By the way they also have ‘Light’ and an ‘Atomic’ version of the same product.”
Joy: “Both of the products boost sensation when applied to your clit. The active ingredient appears to be peppermint; so at least it a natural product. I’m very reluctant to apply something full of chemicals to my joy-spot. The peppermint also gives the products a mild minty fragrance.”
Dixie: “Joy’s joy-spot! Isn’t she clever? I guess I’d have to call mine; Dixie’s delicious-spot. Whatever you call your clit this Clitoral Gel will get your motor purrin’ real nice. The object, of course is to get the one that works best for you. We both tried each product. We both began by rubbing a couple of drops of the Mild Clitoral Gel directly to our clits. Then we waited for it to produce the promised warming and cooling sensation that tingles. Nothing much happened that either Joy or I could notice. We both looked at each other and kind of sighed. Are our clits that desensitized, we wondered? Could be, we guessed.”
Joy: “So we tried the Wild Clitoral Gel next. We applied the same amount in the same way as the first test. This time, BINGO! We both could feel the sensations within a minute, both warming and cooling. The peppermint was doing its thing. None of this is overwhelming in any sense of the word. Nor is it a particularly long lasting effect, which is a good thing. I wouldn’t want to be feeing this kind of sensation for too long.”
Dixie: “Both the Mild Clitoral Gel and Wild Clitoral Gel are silicone-based, which makes for a very nice silky texture, much like a silicone-based lube. This, however, brings one word of warning to mind. If you are using either of these products with a silicone toy, like a vibrator, be sure to sheath your toy in a condom first. There’s minimal packaging, which I really appreciate. The small tube containing the gel is inside a simple paper package that is recyclable.”
Joy: “The gels are hormone-free. And they are L-Arginine-free too, which is of particular concern for women who may have genital herpes.”
Dixie: “I really like the fact that these gels are PH balanced so that it works with my body, not against it.”
Dixie: “I’m on board for giving the Wild Clitoral Gel a strong recommendation.”
Dixie: “I’m on board with that too. I also think that the Mild Clitoral Gel would suit a woman who may be new to direct clitoral stimulation.”
Joy: “We both think these gels are a fun and relatively inexpensive way of spicing up either solo or partnered play.”
Dixie: “If your partner happens to be of the male variety, he may get off on a little dab of either of these products on his dickhead. We don’t have a dickhead readily available to us top test out this theory, so we can’t say that for sure. Maybe someone will write in with that follow up information.”

Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare

Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare —— $9.11

Joy & Dixie
Dixie: “Wet Naturals Beautifully Bare is about the best lube I have ever used. I love this stuff.”
Joy: “I totally second that! Before we tried Beautifully Bare you would have had a very hard time convincing me that a water-based lube could be this amazing. I can’t sing its praises enough.”
Dixie: “Its hypo-allergenic formula is free of the additives that one commonly finds in lube, like glycerin and parabens. And trust me, finding a high quality lube that doesn’t contain a lot of dubious chemicals isn’t easy. That’s why Joy and I are so stoked about Beautifully Bare. Everyone, but especially women; even those of us with very sensitive skin can now play worry-free.”
Joy: “Beautifully Bare is enriched with vitamins and botanicals that make this lube a safe supplement to my own wetness. It absorbs easily into my skin; there is no residue or stickiness.”
Dixie: “It comes in a flip-top plastic bottle that is easy to open and close. And there is an easy-grip notch on the side of the bottle that makes it easy to handle even with lubed up fingers. I thought that was a very thoughtful design.”
Joy: “Because Beautifully Bare is water-based there’s a no hassle clean up. It won’t stain or discolor clothing or bedding and it is tasteless and odorless. I am so impressed with this stuff.”
Dixie: “And all of this at a bargain basement price!”
Joy: “Beautifully Bare is ideal for jilling-off, it’s condom compatible and is great with all my toys.”
Dixie: “It may not last as long as our favorite silicone-based lube, but most of the time, when I’m enjoying myself by myself, I don’t need that kind of staying power.”
Joy: “Beautifully Bare wouldn’t be my choice for anal, but then again, no water-based lube that I know of works as well as well as a silicone-based lube for butt play.”
Dixie: “We think so highly of Beautifully Bare that we won’t go back to using any of the other water-based lubes we have. And that’s saying a lot.”
Joy: “We encourage you to try Beautifully Bare you won’t be disappointed. I promise!”

Wish-Bone Vibrator by Doc Johnson

Wish-Bone Vibrator ——  $25.50

I’m doing a solo review today.  My partner, Joy, is working on another review for later in this series.

I have something no nonsense to show you this time around.  It’s about as simple and straightforward as you can get.  It’s the Wish-Bone Vibrator.31BFrJZTjtL._AA280_

I’ve used a lot of vibes in my day.  I think I own nearly two-dozen of them.  Some I’ve used a couple of times and that’s it; I never touch them again.  Others are favorites that I put to very good use frequently.  However, none of them look like the Wish-Bone.  So this little wonder gets high marks for it’s clever design.

Here’s how it works; you put your index finger (I prefer to use my middle finger) through the notch at the top of the vibe.  You finger tip lands on the single button that switches on the vibe and rotates it through its three speeds before coming to off.  That’s it; no bells, no whistles, just solid thoughtful design and construction.

It’s a perfect design.  I love to finger myself when I jill-off.  This extends my finger for effortless fingering.  It’s made of a hard plastic (phthalate-free) that excellently conducts the vibration.  It’s fabulous on my clit.  And if that isn’t enough, the thing is waterproof.  It’s so ideal; I now have the Wish-Bone permanently placed on the ledge of my tub.

And thank you, Doc Johnson, for including the first set of batteries.  That was mighty thoughtful of you.

Looking for a sweet little inexpensive stocking stuffer that will put a smile on a lady friend’s face.  Look no farther than the Wish-Bone.

Awesome Blossom by Doc Johnson

Awesome Blossom —— $46.99

Joy & Dixie
Dixie:  “We have a beauty for you this week.  It’s called Awesome Blossom.”
Joy:  “We are like totally getting into glass insertables.  Six months ago we didn’t own a one.  Now we do though.”
Dixie:  “Yep, we are now the proud owners of three glass dildos.  And they are Sex_Toys_DJ029208spectacular.  There is something about glass that really turns my crank.”
Joy:  “Awesome Blossom is made of tempered glass.  If you treat it with respect, as you would any fine adult toy, this thing will last a lifetime.”
Dixie:  “Glass is so practical.  There are no batteries to run down; nothing to recharge.  It’s ready when you are.”
Joy:  “Glass is nonporous and hypoallergenic, care and cleaning are a snap.  For everyday cleanup a mild soap and water wash is fine.  You can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution. However, if you’re gonna share your Awesome Blossom or any other toy, sterilizing is recommended.  Slip it into a pot of boiling water for a couple minutes and then it’s ready to go.  Hey, ya can even pop this puppy in the dishwasher for a no fuss, no muss clean up.”
Dixie:  “Exactly!  And we’re all about sharing.”
Joy:  “Oh, we should mention, for the sake of all our gay-boy friends, that Awesome Blossom makes a wonderful ass play toy too.  You see it has a base on it that will keep it from popping into your pooper.  The base also lets us use it in our harness.  So there’s that!”
Dixie:  “You can either chill or warm this beauty.  And when it comes to lube; any lube will do.  Regardless what kind of lube you choose, just know that a little goes a very long way.”
Joy:  “In our rush to tell you all the features of glass, we have yet to describe Awesome Blossom.  Atop the spiraled, clear-green shaft there is a clear teardrop shaped head.  Inside the head is a three-dimensional image of a flower.  The flower is a kind of wildflower, I would guess.  The kind that blankets a meadow in the spring. It’s really sweet and lovely.”
Dixie:  “The shaft is just over 1″ in diameter.  The head is only a bit larger at about 1 1/4″ in diameter. The whole thing is just under 8” tall. There’s a bit of a curve to the shaft which make it perfect for G-spot (or P-spot) stimulation.
Joy:  “We LOVE our awesome Awesome Blossom! We both highly recommend this toy.”
Dixie:  “There is only one drawback.  This beautiful, beautiful functional art piece does not come with a storage pouch.  What’s up with that?  It certainly deserves one.  We wrap ours in a towel to keep it safe when it’s not punishing our pussies.  You’ll want to do the same.”
Joy:  “This would make the ideal gift for someone special.”