25.5” Red Metallic Heart Bat

25.5” Red Metallic Heart Bat —— $24.93

They call this thing a Red Metallic Heart Bat, but it looks, feels and handles more like a riding crop. But whatever you call it, it is fuckin SWEET!

I brought the Red Metallic Heart Bat home the other day; pulled it out of the bag and I thought my sub, butt-boy BF, Alex , was gonna swoon. I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. He’s like this total ass whore. I was his first girlfriend to finger him and play with his prostate. Now it’s fuck me; fuck me; fuck me all the time. So now I have a little something to smack his ass with when I’m pegging the livin’ daylights out of him.

A crop is not as painful as a paddle, but it still offers up a great sting. And if you smack the bare skin just right, besides getting a very satisfying snap, you get this adorable heart imprint. Nothing says love to your sub like a heart-shaped welt on his behind.

The Red Metallic Heart Bat is exceptionally stylish as well as being very practical. It’s 25.5” long; it has black plastic stitching up the length of the stem, which is topped off with the red leather heart. It has a leatherette handle with nice metal finishings.

I have to admit I got totally wet the first time I used this crop on Alex. I had him bend over the arm of the couch and drop his drawers. He, of course, obediently obliged me. I came up behind him and began to tickle his ass and balls with Red Metallic Heart Bat. He immediately got hard and started to ooze precum. I spread his legs farther apart and lubed up his hole. I had his favorite butt plug lubed and ready. As I placed it against his pucker and pressed it home, I brought down the crop with a snap. I swear; Alex didn’t know what hit him. He let out with an animal like sound; a kind of howl and a scream together, so I knew I hit my mark, both literally and figuratively.

Next came the strap on and the evening progressed like this till we were both completely satisfied and his cheeks were glowing.

There is nothing like playing with the Pain/Pleasure principle. If you haven’t tried it, you really ought to. I have a feeling there’s a latent dominatrix in a lot of the women out there. For an investment of under $25, you could make this happen in your life. GO FOR IT!

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Wet Platinum Bodyglide

Wet Platinum Bodyglide —— $12.03

I’m just a teensy bit of a lube fanatic. There I said it! The reason I’m like this is I learned about four years ago that my mother had to suffer through sex with my father for years, because neither one of them knew anything about personal lubricants. That just makes me so angry. My mother’s whole life would have been different had there been lube available to her. She probably would have enjoyed sex instead of experiencing it as a painful troublesome chore.

I sometimes wonder how many other women, even nowadays, have no information or access to a good personal lubricant. You know what I think? I think there should be some kind of foundation or nonprofit organization that has as its mission the education and dispensing lube wherever women gather. Imagine how transformational that would be.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now. I’m just glad that I live in this day and age. I can hardly imagine my sex life with out lube. So I’m always up for trying a new product. And Wet Platinum Bodyglide made my day.

Silicone based lubes are my favorite for just about every kind of sex, except, that is, for use with my silicone toys. Silicone based lubes last longer than water-based lubricants and they are also water resistant. Wet Platinum Bodyglide keeps everything slippery with just few drops, so this product will last and last. This is the ideal lube for ass play and it’s latex compatible (use a condom!). My little sub ass whore of a BF really loves Wet Platinum Bodyglide too. And if he gets off on it, you know it’s good. He’s like the total ass play lube connoisseur.

Wet Platinum Bodyglide has a slightly thinner consistency than some of the other premium lube brands I’ve tried, but that hasn’t been an issue for me or the BF. It certainly is less expensive than a lot of the other premium brands, so there’s that. And there is no discernible taste or smell, which is a very good thing in my book.

Ya know what I liked? I really liked the bottle design. I know that doesn’t sound like an important thing, but it is. The Wet Platinum Bodyglide bottle has a notch in the side that makes holding on to it, even with lubed-up fingers very easy. Now that’s being thoughtful in the design department, if you ask me. Other lube bottles are smooth and cylindrical and they just slip through one’s fingers. And that can and often does make spilling the lube a problem.

Being water-resilient; silicone-based lube is more difficult to clean up than water-based lube. No surprise there I suppose. Soap and warm water will work for body parts, but clothes, linens and sheets are a different story. I always pre-treat lube stained laundry with liquid detergent before washing. Then I never have a problem with staining.

You want a high quality silicone-based lube, but don’t want to pay through the nose; then I recommend Wet Platinum Bodyglide. It delivers everything you expect in the quality department, but at a very reasonable price. Snap some of this up, folks.

Eve’s Rabbit by Blush Novelties

Eve’s Rabbit —— $43.00


Eve’s Rabbit is freakin wild! It is11 inches long; there’s not one single thing that’s sleek, stylish or girly about it. It weighs in at a hefty 1.5lbs, when loaded with the four AA batteries you need to power this behemoth. (The batteries are not included; so there’s that.) And damn, if this thing doesn’t do everything but mow the lawn. I mean Eve’s Rabbit is a serious industrial strength vibe.

When I want to get off in a hurry, I always choose a rabbit vibe. I need clit stimulation, or fugetaboutit! When I’m gettin my self off with just my hands, I always finger my cunt as I rub my clit. Eve’s Rabbit allows me to fuck myself and get the clit flutter action I desire all at the same time. And get this; there are 4 rotating speeds and 7 vibrating speeds and they work independent of one another, which is kinda cool. It also has a simple on/off switch that brings the thing to rest without having to cycle through all the speed options. I like that.

The control panel is pretty straight forward — on/off button; vibe pattern button and independent speed buttons for increasing and decreasing the speed. The insertable shaft is made of a translucent jelly type of material. In the past, I’ve tended to avoid jelly like materials because of phthalates. But the Eve’s Rabbit package says it’s phthalate free; latex free too. So I guess we’ll just have to trust them on that.

When this thing is chugin away; it’s none too quiet. But considering all that it is doing — rotating and vibrating — you can’t very well expect different. I know some women don’t care for a realistic looking dickhead on their insertables. If you are one such woman, this baby is not for you. For the rest of us who get off on the natural design of things Eve’s Rabbit will satisfy.

Eve’s Rabbit is not waterproof. I clean mine with a lint free cloth and mild soap and warm water.

Looking for a no-nonsense workhorse vibrator that will knock you socks off? Eve’s Rabbit is right for you. If you are looking for subtle, delicate and ladylike you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Silicone Tsunami

Tsunami, Lavender  —— $59.99


Wow, Dr Dick, you called on me to review a normal toy this time.  What, you couldn’t find any freaky stuff for me?  How odd!

Just kidding.  I know I’m weird and all, but hey, I have my normal moments too.  And the Tsunami is perfect for when I’m being my other self, the small town girl from Indiana.SYN2500206

So here’s the 411 on this amazing little vibe.  It runs on 2 AA-batteries.  Unfortunately, none came in the package.  Hey you guys, some of us are starving students!  Toss us a bone here and include some freakin’ batteries in your package, why don’t cha?

Anyhow, this sweetie is 100% silicone, which is like the only material that I’ll let near my precious pussy.  I gotta have hypoallergenic or forget about it!  I also sometime share my toys with my sub, butt-boy BF, Alex.  He’s this total ass whore.  I’m the first chick he ever had play with his prostate.  Now it’s fuck me, fuck me, fuck me all the time.  SHEESH!

You can share silicone toys because you can sterilize them.  I can swish the Tsunami in boiling water for that purpose. I also wipe down my toys with a 10% bleach solution and a lint-free cloth between each use.  But you can use peroxide or rubbing alcohol too. Warm water and mild soap is what I use if I’m gonna keep the toy all to my self.

The wicked thing about the Tsunami is that it has 10 fuckin’ vibration modes.  That’s like crazy!  I never had a toy with so many different vibrations.  Luckily, it has an on/off button too, so you don’t have to run through all the modes to get to off.  Much appreciate that!

It’s waterproof too, which is a damn good thing, cuz I can flood the bed when I cum.  The BF thinks this is totally hot, so I like to give him a good show.  Oh, and the vibration is almost all in the curved little tip.  This is perfect for the whole G-spot stim thing.  That’s how I get so wet, BTW!

So do yourself a favor and get one of these for yourself, or your ass whore BF.  If you have one of them.

Pjur Cult

Pjur Cult For Rubber, Latex, Leather 100ml / 3.4oz            $21.95


I guess I am the only Review Crew Member who is into latex.  What’s up with the rest of you guys, anyway?  I want to see Ken and Denise and Gina & Kevin in some rubber or latex.  That would be so hot!06FP-Cult-bottle

This is only my second appearance with the Review Crew.  I did one gig back in November, I think.  I was the only one who would review the Divine Intervention Insertables.   Ok, so my tastes are a little on the unconventional side, so sue me!

Anyhow, here I am again doin duty on a product no one else could do.  I’m glad for that, because Pjur Cult is fuckin amazing.  I’ll be the first to admit that latex and rubber wear is a bit labor intensive.  Getting in and out of a body suit can be a real bitch.  I don’t see how people with a lot of body hair do it.  Maintenance of these articles can be a pain in the ass too.

But there is nothing like the feel of latex, or rubber!  I got this super pair of Opera Length Latex Gloves, a kick-ass mini-skirt and this latex lace-up top.  I also have a latex bodice that really shows off my rack.  My little sub boyfriend, Benny, begs me to wear this shit every time we’re together. As if, you freak!

But Pjur Cult actually makes his wish a possibility.  I’m able to get in (and out) of my outfits with ease.  It also keeps this very expensive stuff in beautiful condition when I don’t have it on.  It is oil-free and non-greasy and odorless too; thank you very much.  It even feels great on my skin.

I know that Pjur Cult isn’t the only such product on the market, but it’s a name I know and trust.

Get your kink on (fast and easy) with Pjur Cult .

Divine Interventions Insertables

And now for something completely different!  Our next line of products will be introduced by a newcomer to the Review Crew — Christa.

Here’s the thing.  The exceptionally irreverent and downright blasphemous folks are Divine Interventions have cum up with a line of exquisite silicone insertables.  You say; “Ok Dr Dick, we loves us some silicone dildos!”  Yeah, everyone on the Review Crew said the same thing.

But not so fast, since these remarkable insertables are fashioned in a most unorthodox manner (to say the least) no crew member had the audacity to take them on.  That is until Joy turned me on to her 20-something goth-chick pal, Christa.  She was like totally down with the whole sacrilegious concept, as you will see.

Diving Nun ——  $59

Christa here!  I can’t believe that you’re just gonna fork over three totally nun.jpgbitchin’, top of the line, high-grade silicone toys, like for free.  And the fact that these babies skewer the whole religion thing makes ‘em even hotter.

So ok, I can see where these are not for everyone.  People are so fuckin’ uptight about shit like this.  But like I said, that only makes them more of a turn on for me.

Take the Diving Nun for instance.  This is a no nonsense dong, 7-3/4” tall with a 1-3/4” diameter.  This will fill you up.  It comes in lots of hot colors.  Mine is appropriately virgin Mary blue.  What’s so great about this particular dildo is that it has a suction base.  It’ll stick to the floor, if you’re takin it up the ass or to the wall if you wanna hands-free pussy-fuck yourself.  Now, that’s what I call versatile!  I had my way with this thing in the shower the other day and I’m still walkin’ funny today.

Baby Jesus Butt Plug ——  $35

I saved the Baby Jesus Butt Plug for my sub, butt-boy BF, Alex.  He is like this total baby.jpgass whore.  I was the first girlfriend he ever had that fingered his hole and played with his prostate.  Now it’s ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’ all the time.  This butt plug is perfect for keeping him stuffed and horny so that he gets me off a bunch of times before he does himself.  And I can just lay back and enjoy.  If you have an ass-hungry man in your life, or you are ass-hungry yourself and you’d get off even more by shovin’ an icon where the sun don’t shine; this is the plug for you.

The secret to the success of all these insertables is all the assorted nooks, crannies, ribbing and curves.  These are the things that will send you to paradise!

This Baby Jesus Butt Plug is 4-1/2” tall with 1-1/2” diameter. It comes in a bunch of hot colors.  Alex’s is marbled red.

Jackhammer Jesus —— $65

The ultimate in blasphemy!  Ever get in the mood to go like all Linda Blair in the Exorcist?  Frankly I hadn’t ever thought about it till I discovered that my jack.jpgJackhammer Jesus is a silicone crucifix with a beautiful dickhead at the foot of the cross. Then all manner of wickedness crossed (no pun intended) my mind.

This beauty rivals the Diving Nun in size, 7-1/2” tall by 1-3/4” diameter. It’s not as versatile as the Nun, because it doesn’t have a suction base.  But the Jackhammer Jesus is even more twisted.

I suppose all you visitors to the Dr Dick site already know that you can only use water-based lubes with silicone, right?  I hope so, because silicone-based lubes will seriously fuck up a silicone toy.  Care and cleaning of silicone is way easy too.  Warm water and mild soap is what I use.  If I need to sterilize before sharing my toys, I boil the toy for a few minutes.  I also wipe down my toys with a 10% bleach solution and a lint-free cloth between each use.  But you can use peroxide or rubbing alcohol too.  This will keep your toys as fresh as the day you bought them…or in my case picked ‘em up at Dr Dick’s place.

One final thing, the Divine Interventions site sells a bunch of other insertables too.  And you’ll be happy to know that they are equal-opportunity blasphemers they skewer other religious figures too.  I’m gonna save my sheckles and buy me a Devil’s Advocate.