Paradise Electro Stimulations

Hey sex fans,

Its time to crank things up a notch (or ten)!

To all of you out there who have been writing in to tell me (us) how much you like my (our) product reviews — the Dr Dick Product Review Crew and I say THANK YOU!

To all of you who have been writing in and asking me (us) to please review some stuff for hardcore perverts — the Dr Dick Product Review Crew and I say THANK YOU and WILL DO.

Of course this later group of my audience has been under served.  So far the Dr Dick Review Crew hasn’t ventured very far from the whole vanilla thing.  As much as we’ve loved the products we’ve reviewed so far, one can hardly accuse us of being particularly edgy.  But that ends today.  In fact, the next few reviews will be decidedly on wild side.  And since where we’re goin’ is pretty unfamiliar territory for most of my audience as well as some of my Review Crew, we’ll also be doing some sexual enrichment and education to accompany the reviews.  Think of it as a little kink tutorial.

We begin with Part 1 in this series that will focus on the exceptional products from the very edgy and oh so pervy folks at Paradise Electro Stimulations, PES.

While we all know the joys associated with vibration (just look at how many vibe products we’ve already reviewed), fewer of us know the intense pleasure/pain associated with erotic electro stimulation; or, as those in the know call it, e-stim.

However, that may be changing.  All the evidence out there points to a growing number of people experimenting with e-stim.  The majority of them, 70% or so, use these products for orgasmic pleasure play.  A minority, 30% or so, use the products as part of BDSM, or pain play.  So I guess ya’ll can see how a product line that is this versatile will inevitably enjoy a richly deserved commercial success.

But wait a minute; I can see that I’ve lost a good number of you.  “What in the world is he talkin about?  I never heard of erotic electro stimulation.  What the hell is that?”  Ok, so here’s where my sexual enrichment/education tutorial will come in handy.

Electro stimulation is basically the administration of shocks of electricity in nonconvulsive doses.  The medical industry has been using e-stim for decades mostly for the alleviation of pain and to enhance muscle function.  (TENS unit)  Leave it to the truly creative perverts among us to repurpose this concept to deliver excruciating erotic pleasure and/or delicious erotic pain. And even the most vanilla among us already know that there is often only a very fine line, if there is a line at all, between pleasure and pain.

Electro stimulation enhances nerve impulses providing very different sensations from those produced by a vibrator.  Vibrators can only stimulate the surface.  Electro stimulation merges with one’s natural electrical body impulses to nerve endings.  This triggers enhanced arousal and intense orgasmic response. Ya simply can’t match this intensification using a regular vibrator.

The primary product we well be reviewing over the next few weeks is the PES Power Box (C063) ——  $260.00

Optimally designed to enhance your body’s natural erotic response, the PES Power Boxc063.jpg delivers low frequency electrical stimulation to the nerve and muscle tissue in your genital area through a the use of an extensive line of PES Electrodes.

The PES Power Box also allows one to adjust the frequency and pulse rate to attain precisely the desired stimulation.

The PES Power Box can be used with up to four single, or two double PES Electrodes.  Push-button switches allow for a momentary pause of stimulation. Adjustments are further controlled through the use of two POWER knobs, a PULSE knob, and two FREQUENCY knobs — one on the face of the box and a fine adjustment on the side. If this is beginning to sound like a page from the mad scientist’s diary, you wouldn’t be alone with that thought.  This is not everyone’s cup of tea, as it were.  Even some of my most stouthearted members of the Review Crew decided to pass on the opportunity.

The PES Power Box comes with an A/C Adapter and two pair of low profile leads to attach to your choice of electrodes.  It will also operate one electrode with a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included).

As you can tell from the price tag on just the PES Power Box alone, this area of play takes a substantial financial commitment.  But as you will see with our reviews, the investment is worth it.  Especially if you’re looking for something really out of the ordinary and edgy.

There is also a significant learning curve involved with this type of play.  Safety must be your primary concern.   That’s why the people at Paradise Electro Stimulations go out of their way to walk you through the process every step of the way.  Here are some of the most important things you should know before you begin play.

  • Never apply any electrical stimulation above the waist, especially near the heart.
  • Never use the PES Power Box in or near water.  (Like duh!)
  • Turn the Power Box off when moving, re-adjusting, or applying electrodes. And if contact is lost, immediately turn off the power to the power source before reapplying or reinserting the electrode.
  • Use latex gloves when adjusting, removing, or re-inserting the electrodes. Even with the power off, this is a sensible safety precaution. It is critically important for those who use manual stimulation in addition to erotic electro stimulation.
  • Wear latex gloves when touching the person attached to the Power Box.
  • Never use an anal stimulator anywhere else on the body.  While electrodes can be cleaned and disinfected, there is a possibility of infection. PES also suggests that anal and urethral electrodes not be shared.

PES recommends the use of a proper lubricant with all PES electrodes.

electrolube1A good lubricant not only lubricates but also decreases the possibility of hot spots.  The Dr Dick Review Crew used the PES ElectroLube that was included in our review package.  But PES also suggests that one can use, get this — olive oil, with most of their electrodes.  It won’t increase conductivity like a water-based lube, but it will smooth the sensation and it won’t dry out as quickly as water-based lube. Water-based lubricants can be used with most of the electrodes.

DON’T ever use silicone-based lubricants. Silicone is an insulator and can reduce conductivity.  It will also degrade the silicone-based electrodes.

We found that adjusting the amount of lube we used allowed us to further regulate the stimulation.

Now that we have this tutorial out of the way, the Dr Dick Review Crew will turn their attention to the individual electrodes we have for review next time.

Stay tuned!