PES Tubular Base Ring and PES Prostate Stimulator

Gina & Kevin introduce us to the PES Tubular Base Ring Electrode and the PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode.

PES Tubular Base Ring Electrode (C086)        $70.00

PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode (C092)        $133.00

Gina:  “When Kevin and I met, I was like this good little Catholic girl.  About as sexually adventurous as I ever got was having sex with the lights on.  I mean it, I must have been a real piece of work.”
Kevin:  “Yeah, it was like she had just escaped from a convent or something.  She was like totally adorable, with this knock-out body, but she was so timid and shy and like completely inexperienced.”
Gina:  “But look at me now!  Thanks to Kevin and our own devious Dr Dick c086.jpgI’ve gotten in touch with my inner ‘Dom’.  Despite my feminist leanings, I thought women were always subservient to men in the bedroom.  I never realized there were ‘Sub’ men.  And anyone who didn’t know Kevin and my little secret would never guess he loves to be dominated.  I mean, it came as a huge surprise to me.”
Kevin:  “It’s true.  Until that fateful first review I did as part of Dr Dick’s Review Crew. I never new I had an inner ‘Sub’ just dying to get out.  I just thought I like things in my ass.”
Gina:  “There’s so much more to this sex stuff than what meets the eye, huh?  I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to wake myself up to the erotic world around me.”
Kevin:  “So we have two electrodes to tell you about.  The Tubular Base Ring is much like the one Glenn and Hank used, only it’s larger and fits down at the base of your cock.  It’s designed to send intense stimulation all over your dick and down into your pelvis.  Because it’s uni-polar, ya have to use it in combination with another electrode. Ya get it?”
Gina:  “To be truthful, we didn’t get it right away either.  We both discovered that a single pole electrode, like the Tubular Base Ring, has to be used in conjunction with another single pole electrode to complete the erotic electro circuit.”
Kevin:  “Doesn’t she sound like Suzie Scientist?”
Gina:  “Shut up!”
Kevin:  “Luckily we had this other electrode, the Prostate Stimulator, (Mmmm, prostate stimulation) to use with the Base Ring.”
Gina:  “Yeah, I mean how lucky was that, butt boy?”
Kevin:  “By the way, the Tubular Ring can be cut to size to allow for a c092.jpgmore individual fit.  The Prostate Stimulator, on the other hand is made up of two basic components:  A flexible T-shaped stem with a chrome plated electro conductive sphere at the tip.”
Gina:  “The flexibility is what makes this thing so special.  It focuses the electro stimulation right where you want it.”
Kevin:  “You can bend the vertical flexible shaft so it lands the conductive sphere smack-dab on your P-spot.  Trust me, this will give you a “hands free” cum shot for damn sure.”
Gina:  “I really got into this e-stim thing this time around.  I confess I was way too anxious about the whole thing last time.”
Kevin:  “Yeah, she really got into it this time.  Her inner ‘Dom’ took over.  She even dressed the part — black stockings and stiletto heals.  She cuffed me, both hands and feet, to the mattress (Thanks Sportsheets!) and teased me with her strap-on.  I got her one for our anniversary.”
Gina:  “Isn’t he romantic?”
Kevin:  “I was helpless, so she had to lube me up and place the electrodes and leads.”
Gina:  “I used latex gloves, so no worries.  By the way, I discovered that latex gloves make a nice smacking sound when you slapping a bad boy’s bare butt.”
Kevin:  “Isn’t SHE romantic?  Oh SNAP!”
Gina:  “I started to really get off on the power I had over him.  I never really felt anything like it in the past.  It’s funny, because I seemed to know exactly what to do right from the start.  Basically, I did what Glenn did to Hank, the whole edging thing, although I didn’t know it was called edging.”
Kevin:  “She was all about teasing me with the juice.  She started real slow, too slow in fact.  I told her she had to turn the damned thing up; I could barely feel it.  She slapped my ass real good and told me pipe down because now she was  in charge.”
Gina:  “I loved it.  I even goosed the power up a bit just to prove my point.  The shock made him stand up and take note, both literally and figuratively.”
Kevin:  “I think I’ve created a monster.”
Gina:  “You love it.  So I kept this up while I turned my strap-on dong vibe on myself.  The more Kevin was writhing in ecstasy and the more he was telling me the dirty things he wanted me to do to him, the closer I got to cuming myself.”
Kevin:  “This was the most intense prostate stimulation I ever felt.  And because the sensations were also all up and down my cock at the same time I could barely stand it.”
Gina:  “We miraculously came at the same time, which like never happens.”
Kevin:  “I know; and I didn’t even touch my dick or Gina for that matter.  It was like this wild sexual energy was passing between us.”
Gina:  “We both recommend Erotic Electro Stimulation to anyone who wants something a little out of the ordinary.”
Kevin:  “And you can quote us on that.”

The Review Crew wants to remind everyone of the importance of lubrication when playing with EES.  And make sure it is water based lube.  Shaving the areas where the electrodes will be placed is highly recommended.

Clean up is relatively easy too.  Most of the electrodes can be cleaned up with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and a soft, lint-free towel.  They can also be sanitized using a 10% bleach solution.  But NEVER SOAK your electrodes.  You can also spray your electrodes with isopropyl alcohol before drying and storing.

In closing, we want to say that the PES website was an essential resource for all of us before we started our play as well as in helping us understand how Erotic Electro Stimulation works.  We encourage you to visit their website too.  It’s chock-full of very useful and informative stuff.  They have galleries, safety tips, product information, tons of links and even a fantastic discussion board, where you can interact with other EES connoisseurs.


PES Tubular Mid Ring and PES Testicle Tubular

Hey sex fans,

We’re back with our final installment in this series that focuses on the pleasures of Erotic Electro Stimulation.  And the exceptional products of Paradise Electro Stimulations, PES.

Glenn & Hank introduce us to the PES Tubular Mid Ring Electrode and the PES Testicle Tubular Electrode.

PES Tubular Mid Ring (C087)        $70.00

PES Testicle Tubular (C085)            $60.00

Hank:  “Ya see, the Tubular Mid-Ring is designed to stimulate various c087.jpgpoints along your cock shat.”
Glenn:  “And the Testicle Tubular Electrode
Hank:  “Put these babies together and you have some amazing sensations playing off one another all over your cock and balls.”
Glenn:  “The best thing is the Mid-Ring is completely adjustable.  It’s made of a flexible tubing that you can disconnect from the brass connection and cut to fit any spot on your dick, even right under your dickhead, like the PES Corona Stimulator.  Reconnect the tubing to the brass connection and you’re all set.”
Hank:  “The same is true for the Testicle Tubular Electrode.  So no one has to worry about a ‘one size fits all’ situation.  Because as we all know there is no such thing when it comes to cock and balls.”
Glenn:  “I hope you’re all getting the picture that these electrodes, as well as several other single-pole electrodes, can be use to stimulate multiple areas at one time.”
Hank:  “In fact, the Power Box is so versatile you can even rig up a three-electrode configuration.  For example — one on your dick, one on your balls and one up your ass.”
Glenn:  “O baby, oh baby you make me so hot!”
Hank:  “Sheesh!”
Glenn:  “Hey, I’m just sayin.”
Hank>:  “Ok, so here’s how it went down.  Glenn and I both wanted to try out this cock ‘n balls configuration, but I got to go first this time.  The Mid-Ring was the perfect size for me just as it came out of the package, so I didn’t have to trim it.  It landed just south of my frenulum.  Perfect!  The Testicle Tubular Electrode was a little trickier to get situated, but that wasn’t really much of a problem.”
Glenn:  “Once Hank got himself all strapped in, so to speak, I connected the electrodes to the Power Box using the leads.  We also made a little side wager.  I suggested that Hank trust me with the applying the juice.”
Hank:  “Actually, he’s not telling you the whole story.  He also wanted to restrain my hands and feet.  Glenn takes to the whole bondage thing like a pig to shit, but this was new territory for me.  The one being restrained that is.”
Glenn:  “So I said oh so sweetly, ‘you can trust me, babe’.”
Hank:  “Except he said it with this evil grin on his face.  So I’m thinking it’s payback time for everything I’ve dished out to him over the years.”
Glenn:  “You know that’s not how thing work.  Although the idea of stickin’ it to him real good while he were helpless did cross my mind.  I guess I do have a sadistic streak after all.  Who knew?  And just so you know, I wasn’t talking about a full-on bondage scene anyway.  Just some innocent velcro wrist and ankle restraints.  What a big sissy!”
Hank:  “In the end I gave in and let him have his way. This was a true role reversal for me and it did take some getting used to.  But almost c085.jpgimmediately my mind was distracted by the intense sensations in my groin.  I think not being able to control the sensations myself added to the intensity.  I now know what being a bottom is like.  While I don’t want to bottom every day, it was a very interesting experience.”
Glenn:  “And I like being a bottom more than being a top, but as Hank said, this was fuckin’ hot.  As I started to adjust the knobs on the Power Box, I could read the pleasure on Hank’s face.  His dick swelled to gigantic proportions.  I would have loved to jump on top of him and slide that thing in my ass.  But like a good top, this wasn’t about me.”
Hank:  “Glenn is right; I’ve never seen my dick bigger.  And again, this was a totally ‘hands free’ ride.  It was just the electrodes and my meat and nuts.  Amazing!”
Glenn:  “We didn’t rush anything.  In fact, every time Hank came close to cuming I dialed back the power.  We did this edge play for over 20 minutes until he was beggin’ me for release.  Being in control of his orgasm like this was a complete turn on for me.  I never thought I had it in me.”
Hank:  “It’s true, man, I was practically crying to have him make me cum.  My balls were so full they ached.  And the Testicle Tubular Electrode made them feel like basketballs.  It was so fuckin intense.”
Glenn:  “I finally granted his wish, but not before I shot my wad all over his face.”
Hank:  “The bastard actually shot first while I was still moaning to bust my nut.  Finally, he let me cum.  And I thought I was gonna die right then and there.”
Glenn:  “He let out a growl that came from so far down inside him it was like some wild beast.  The neighbors must have thought, WTF!
Hank:  “I was completely spent.  I could barely move.”
Glenn:  “It was totally awesome.”
Hank:  “Glenn got his chance with these puppies a couple nights later.  But we’ll save that story for another time.” is designed to wrap around your nuts, as well as separating each of your balls to spread the e-stim all over your family jewels. You get to adjust the focus by tightening or loosening the fit of the tubing.

PES Acrylic Anal Plug

PES Acrylic Anal Plug (C072)        $150.00

Glenn & Hank introduce us to the PES Acrylic Anal Plug.  It directs the flow of Erotic Electro Stimulating current right inside your ass.  Since we all have an asshole, none of us will be left wondering what we’re missing, just because we don’t have the right parts.  Hank and Glenn have a limited amount of experience with e-stim.  They use Electro Stimulation as part of their BDSM play.c072.jpg

Glenn:  “The PES Electro Anal Plug is beautiful.  It’s a smooth acrylic plug with conductive surfaces on either side.  These stimulate your sphincter muscle, prostate and all up inside your hole.  If you’re a bottom, you’re gonna love this shit.”
Hank:  “He knows of what he speaks!
Glenn:  “Unlike Joy and Dixie, me and Hank like it nasty.
Hank:  “The nastier the better.”
Glenn:  “Like all butt plugs, the PES Electro Anal Plug slips in your ass allowing your sphincter to close down around the notch in the plug keeping the puppy in place.”
Hank:  “Glenn’s got the tightest ass of any power bottom I’ve ever known.  Must be all those kegels.  When he clamps down on my fingers, it’s enough to snap ‘em in two.”
Glenn:  “Awww shucks, you say the sweetest things, babe.”
Hank:  “We want to reinforce everything that Dixie and Joy said about the importance of lube.  Not only for insertion purposes but to ass-ist in conductivity.”
Glenn:  “So I’m in the sling at our bud’s dungeon.  Hank and our friend, Tad, are workin’ me over real good with some fine rope work.  I have a gag in my mouth.”
Hank:  “That gag provides me the only peace I get all week.”
Glenn:  “BITCH!   Anyhow, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I have a gag in my mouth and a hood over my head and some weights on my balls.  The paddle stings.  The cane raises little welts on my glues. It hurts like hell and I’m in heaven.”
Hank:  “Then comes the ass ass-ult.  We lube up Glenn’s ass and the Electro Anal Plug and drive it home.  This is not a super-sized plug by any means, but it doesn’t have to be.”
Glenn:  “Hee haw!  Slap me and call me names.”
Hank:  “Glenn is such a pain pig.  Tad and I add a blindfold, check the ropes and give Glenn the juice.”
Glenn:  “I can’t feel anything but the sensations in my ass.  I buck as much as I can with pain/pleasure.  My ass is on fire, but I still clamp my sphincter down on the plug for extra measure.”
Hank:  “Precum dribbles from his cock. He writhes as he rides the edge.  Bubbles of saliva encircle the ball gag.  There’s a grimace on his face.  Finally, he raises his middle finger in a “fuck you” salute and we shut down the Power Box.”
Glenn:  “When I’m gagged the “fuck you” salute is my safe word, or better my safe gesture.  Twenty minutes of this and I am completely spent.  I don’t even need to cum, I am that satisfied.”

PES Corona Stimulator

PES Corona Stimulator (C082)        $79.00

Hank & Glenn introduce us to the PES Corona Stimulator.  It’s one three corona focused PES Electrodes that target the Erotic Electro Stimulation to a your cockhead.  Pity the dick-less among us who’ll never know the ecstasy of this kind of erotic charge.

Hank:  “While Glenn was taking a smoke break over in the corner.  Tad and I had the Power Box to ourselves.  I was eager to try the PES Corona Stimulator.”
Glenn:  “I’m actually surprised Hank was up for this.  I’m the edgy pervert one in the family.
Hank:  “Part of being on the Review Crew is expanding our limits, right?  And I’m into my dick the way Glenn is into his ass.  That’s why the PES c082.jpgCorona Stimulator interested me.  So I thought I would take it for a little test drive.
Glenn:  “This, of course, aroused my attention right away.  Hank has the most beautiful, big, fat uncut dick in town.  I get all moist just seein it flop around when he’s strollin’ around the house in the buff.  So I mozied on over to where Tad and he are hookin’ him up to PES Corona Stimulator.”
Hank:  “I skinned back my foreskin and slipped the electrode over my dickhead.  I confess to being a little nervous, which actually turned out to be a good thing.  It would have been really uncomfortable trying to slip the head of my cock into this thing if I was hard.”
Glenn:  “I told you he had a big dick.”
Hank:  “I adjusted the PES Corona Stimulator
Glenn:  “Ya gotta use a lot of lube for this.”
Hank:  “I used the Corona Stimulator with the Tubular Mid-Ring, which promised to pretty much carry the stimulation through my entire shaft.  Once I had everything in place and wired up I was ready to go for it.
Glenn:  “Hank was still a little tentative, so I decided to put on a little show for him.  I got down on my knees and started to deep throat Tad’s meat.  This got Hank’s dick to swell.”
Hank:  “I really couldn’t jerk myself, like I normally would, so I started to fiddle with the knobs on the Power Box.  I began to feel a tingle as I tuned up the juice.  In moments I was rock hard.  The sensations were incredible.  Before that night I had never experienced a “hands free” orgasm. It was fuckin fantastic.  I thought I was gonna cum my guts out.
Glenn:  “It was pretty, alright.
Hank:  “Here’s a tip:  be sure shave any hair you might have off your shaft.  You don’t want hot spots, so that the top part laid over my piss slit. The ring goes around the head and connection doohickey hits me at my frenulum.”

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug (C071)        $196.00

Gina & Kevin introduce us to the PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug.  It directs the flow of Erotic Electro Stimulating current right inside your ass. Again, since we all have an asshole, none of us have to miss out on all the fun just because we don’t have the right parts.  Kevin and Gina are e-stim virgins.

Gina:  “Look everybody, we’re back with yet another butt toy for my sweet little Kevie’s booty.”
Kevin:  “It does look like I’m getting all the attention, huh?
Gina:  “It’s ok, because this Electro stuff scares me.  I mean I know it’s safe and all, but like Dixie I have this natural aversion to wires and my private parts.  I admit; I’m old fashioned that way.”
Kevin:  “LOL!  Yeah she’s just like the gal that married dear old dad.  NOT!”c071.jpg
Gina:  “Shut up!”
Kevin:  “Moving right along, the PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug
Gina:  “I have to admit; it is pretty harmless looking.  And it’s flexible to a degree. You can even bend it a bit to an angle and it will hold its shape. I would consider using it myself, as a pussy plug, but not with it plugged in.”
Kevin:  “The plug has two separate electro pads, neither one is as obvious as Glenn’s.  Both are positioned on the plug to stimulate precise areas. One pad runs the entire length of the plug, for contact with my sphincter muscle.  The second, smaller pad is positioned opposite the first, along the plug’s head where it stimulated my prostate. We used plenty of the ElectroLube that came with the plug, both inside my ass and on the plug itself.”
Gina:  “By the way, we learned that you can use this electrode alone or in conjunction with another electrode, like the one that would go on your penis.  But more about that later.”
Kevin:  “Yeah ok so, here I am all lubed up and ready to go and then I get cold feet.  I know, what a pussy, huh?
Gina:  “I think that was my fault.  I was all nervous and I’m sure that my anxiety made him nervous.  Then finally I just said, ‘Go for it.  How bad could it be?’”
Kevin:  “I began to turn up the juice, as Hank put it.  It was like so friggin amazing.  The first thing I felt was involuntary muscle contractions in my sphincter.  This made the plug kinda dance rhythmically in my hole.  I almost shot my wad right then and there.”
Gina:  “OMG, you should have seen his face.  It was like he saw the heavens open.  He kept trying to grab my hand and guide it to his penis.  But I was afraid I was gonna get a shock.”
Kevin:  “I kept telling her it would be ok.  I certainly could feel the sensations in my cock and balls, but not in my hands when I touched myself.”
Gina:  “Finally I relented and let him eat me out while this thing was working his butt.  I know, generous of me, huh?  He devoured my pussy with an unexpected hunger.  I guess I need to feed his bottom like this more often.”
Kevin:  “I know; I was like some sex craved maniac.  She loved it.  So did I.  We even came together, and I didn’t even touch my dick.  That was like a total first for me.
Guys, if you’re into your ass, like me, there is nothing like Erotic Electro Stimulation.  Period.” is totally different from the plug that Glenn had in his talented ass.  Instead of being made of acrylic, like his, mine is made of a conductive silicone elastomer.  This makes it kinda soft as opposed to rigid, like Glenn’s.

PES Vaginal Plug

Hey sex fans,

We’re back with Part 2 in this series that will focus on the exceptional products from the pervy and oh so edgy folks at Paradise Electro Stimulations, PES.

This week the Review Crew will introduce you to some of the PES Electrodes that attach to the PES Power Box.  These are the thingies and that actually deliver the stimulation.  You’ll notice that some of these products are gender specific, others are can be used by either sex.

This week’s Review Crew include:

  • Glenn & Hank
  • Gina & Kevin
  • Joy & Dixie

PES Vaginal Plug (C066)        $190.00

Joy & Dixie introduce us to the newly redesigned PES Vaginal Plug.  It directs the flow of Erotic Electro Stimulating current right inside your pussy.  You lucky Ladies!  All us pussy-less folk can only guess at the bliss we’re missing.  By the way, neither Joy nor Dixie had ever played with Erotic Electro Stimulation before.c066.jpg

Joy:  “This plug has two conductive surfaces, one on each side of the beautifully sleek acrylic shaft. We discovered that the plug works best when fully inserted in my pussy before we turned on the Power Box.“
Dixie:  “Also, be aware that shifting the plug once it’s in place will redirect the stimulation, which just makes sense, right?”

(Like we learned last week, it’s always advisable to lower power levels before shifting the position of any of the PES Electrodes. And when adjusting the levels, the higher the pulse and frequency, the more intense the stimulation.)

Joy:  “Once I inserted the plug and took a few deep breaths to relax, I slowly began to adjust the pulse and frequency knobs upward.  I began to feel involuntary muscle contractions inside my pussy.  This was a totally new sensation for me.  It was completely unlike what I experience with an insertable vibrator.  In record time I had my first orgasm.  I was like, ‘holy shit, I am in love!”
Dixie:  “It was so amazing to watch.  Joy didn’t do a thing, but lean back against a pillow and manipulate the knobs on the Power Box.  The PES Vaginal Plug did all the work.  When Joy uses one of her dildos, even one of the vibrating ones, she always has to manually pump it in and out.”
Joy:  “I can safely say that this was my very first hands-free orgasm ever.  It was completely effortless.  I could feel the electro stimulation in my clit too.  It was totally wild.  Like Dixie said, it wasn’t friction that was causing the sensations, because there was no in and out movement.  Over the next 15 or 20 minutes I had multiple orgasms.  But there was none of that ‘raw’ feeling in my pussy afterward, like I often get when I use my vibes.”
Dixie:  “I was way more nervous about using this thing than Joy.  I had to talk myself down from connecting the dots, as it were.  Here is this thing, the Power Box plugged into an outlet in the wall and wires from it were attached to the Vaginal Plug.  And that was now inside my cunt.  Good thing Joy went first, or I wouldn’t have been able to get past the whole electrocution scene playing out in my head.  Joy held my hand and I adjusted the knobs on the Power Box.  It was such an unfamiliar sensation that it took me a while to decide if I liked it or not.  I did notice that adjusting the Vaginal Plug placement and depth in my cunt stimulated different nerve paths, which produced a variety of sensations.  Once I could relax and give myself the space to experience the tingly feelings, I too had a whopper of an orgasm.  Relaxation is key, at least at first.”
Joy:  “There a round opening in the base that allows access to one’s clit for manual stimulation.  Not that I needed that necessarily. It also comes with these dainty latex straps to hold the thing in place.  Dixie like the straps more than I did.”
Dixie:  “Lubrication is a must!  I mean, that seems obvious but lube is important for more than just making insertion easier.  It also plays an essential role in the effectiveness of the electrode. We used ElectroLube; and recommend it highly.”
Joy:  “We both realize that these are very expensive toys, but boy are they worth it.”
Dixie:  “Getting past the wires was more difficult for me.  But I agree with Joy, this is amazing stuff.”