JO Premium Women & JO H2O Women

JO Premium Women —— $22.39
JO H2O Women —— $11.66

Joy & Dixie
Joy: “We’re back with two more amazing products from the System JO people. You probably saw the reviews we did just a couple of weeks ago for their Clitoral Gel, right?”
Dixie: “I should mention from the start of this review that both Joy and I are total lube snobs.  I figure ya gotta be since there is so much questionable stuff on the market these days.”
Joy: “Absolutely! Listen, folks you need some standards when it comes to products that you will use on and IN your body. You certainly don’t want to be at the mercy of unscrupulous manufacturers. Be informed and choose your products wisely; it’s the only way to protect yourself.”
Dixie: “The two products we have today are very similar. The JO Premium Women is a silicone-based lubricant; the JO H2O Women is the water-based product. Both were developed for women by women and contain vegetable-based glycerin as opposed to animal-based glycerin. This should waylay any concerns some might have about yeast infections associated with animal-based glycerin.”
Joy: “While we’re on the topic of ingredients, I should point out that the JO H2O Women product contains parabens. Again, some women may be sensitive to that. Parabens, as you may know, are preservatives and you can’t have a water-based lube without some kind of preservative, because it will go bad.”
Dixie: “What’s so remarkable about both the JO Premium Women and the JO H2O Women is that they both feel so much alike. Both are very slick and slippery. Both feel like silicone. The JO Premium Women for obvious reasons, it is silicone-based after all. But the JO H2O Women is nearly identical in its consistency. And both last and last.”
Joy: “It’s true! I expect that kind of staying power for a silicone-based lube, but I was amazed at the staying power of the water-based one. I never had to use more than two little dollops of either formula for an entire play session and each session included a toy too. By the way, I really love the pump dispenser. There is no waste, no spillage and the plastic cap that fits over the pump keeps everything clean.”
Dixie: “Both products are 100% latex safe, so there’s never an issue with condom use. Both are fragrance free too, which I really appreciate. The JO H2O Women is easier to clean up, because it is water-based. But soap and water is really all you need for both. I found that the anti-bacterial hand soap I have on my vanity is the most effective in cutting the silicone in the JO Premium Women formula. Don’t know why that is, but there ya have it.”
Joy: “Despite the fact that these two product are formulated for women, men can and should use them too. They’re just great!”
Dixie: “I agree. We’re both totally impressed with the System JO company. Kudos to everyone associated with them.”