Bsoft Skyblue Rechargeable Massager

Bsoft Skyblue Rechargeable Massager

I could hardly wait to get home after Dr Dick handed off the Bsoft Skyblue Rechargeable Massager to me. As he and I talked about the weather, I kept fiddling with the attractive package in my lap. I have to admit, I was completely distracted. Luckily Dr Dick was kind enough to notice and he sent me on my way.

I set the package on the passenger seat as I drove home. I would catch a glimpse of the image of the Bsoft Skyblue on the package and imagine all the fun I would soon be having.

Once home I opened the tasteful package. I discovered an instruction manual, the lovely Bsoft Skyblue with it’s space-aged design and the recharger nestled in a formed plastic holder inside a black carton. As I gingerly removed the vibe from its resting place I inadvertently pressed the power-on button. It immediately sprang to life. Glory be; the Bsoft Skyblue comes already charged. How delightful and thoughtful!

There are two other buttons on the face of the vibe; one marked + and one marked -. These regulate the multifunction and multispeed. The unit itself is about 6” long, made of a hard plastic, which is phthalates free, hypoallergenic and latex free. So far, so good.

A serious problem arose moments after I took the Bsoft Skyblue from its package. You see, there is a small rubbery plug that covers (or is supposed to cover) the recharge port. And this plug absolutely will not stay in place. I don’t know if this is a design flaw on all the units, or if I’m the only unlucky consumer. Either way, it is very distressing.

I always apply at least some lube to whatever toy I am using on or around my vulva. I will not compromise on that. The fact that this dang plug won’t stay in place gave me pause about using the vibe. If I get lube, during use, or water, during cleanup, in the port it will probably won’t recharge.

I gingerly use the vibe by softly placing it on my vulva. I love the sensations. The vibrations are very strong, which I really like. I would have moved the vibe around more than I did if I used lube, but I didn’t. This is a huge drawback.

When it’s time for cleanup I wipe it down with a lint-free cloth and my anti-bacterial toy cleaner. I dare not get this near soapy water; again another huge drawback in my estimation. I simply don’t trust a toy I can’t completely clean and sanitize. And could we please stop using the ridiculous designation — splash-proof? That is the dumbest thing I ever did hear. It’s either waterproof or it’s not. Simple! There is no in between. Period!

There is so much I like about the Bsoft Skyblue Rechargeable Massager, I really do. But the port plug issue is a fatal flaw for me. The only way I could recommend this toy is if the customer could actually handle the toy before she bought it. If the unit you hold has the same flaw as mine; simply walk away.

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