Doc Johnson’s Alumination

Alumination — Pink  —— $29.90

Hello everyone!  So glad to be with you again.  I have the pleasure, both literally and figuratively, of introducing you to Alumination.  It is my first metallic vibe and I like it very much.

It’s about as simple and straightforward a pleasure instrument as possible.  It’s very slim and sleek; it’s made of aluminum; it’s waterproof; and it’s a 3-speed vibrator.  It runs on two AAA-batteries (not included in the package).  It’s not gonna knock your socks off in the power department, but it does get the job done.31iAhYUq8iL._AA280_

One of the best features of an aluminum toy is that it is so heat sensitive.  You can add additional sensations to the vibration by chilling and/or warming the toy.  My favorite is chilling it by dipping it in a dish of ice water for a few moments.  Oh MY!

It’s just 6″ long, maybe 3/4” in diameter.  Like I said, slim and sleek.  It’s very quiet too, which I really appreciate.

Those of you who follow my reviews know that I love a waterproof vibe more than anything.  Bath time is my time and my Alumination has been my companion for several weeks now.  Only had to replace the batteries once.  The battery compartment is easy to open and close, which is a huge plus in my book.

Aluminum is nonporous and hypoallergenic.  Cleanup with mild soap and water; wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution or peroxide.  You can even sterilize it in boiling water for a couple minutes.

The packaging is minimal, but very pretty nonetheless.

Alumination comes in black and gold beside the pink that I have.  If you are considering trying a metallic vibe, I think this is a great place to start.  And considering the under $30 price tag it makes a very nice gift that won’t break the bank.