G-TWIST ——  $64.00


I was so excited to be chosen to review this toy.  I’ve wanted to try a Fun Factory toy for ages.  I’ve seen their beautiful toys in the shops and online for years now.

First, I want to compliment Good Vibrations on the modest yet stylish packaging they 12AH85_01chose for G-TWIST.  It’s attractive without being overbearing.  I really don’t like excessive packaging; it all seems so wasteful.

I was delighted to find that G-TWIST comes with two AA batteries.  This is such a thoughtful addition to any battery-operated toy; I simply don’t understand why more manufacturers don’t do likewise. Good Vibrations also includes a small sample package of water-based lube with their toy.  This is, of course, the only kind of lube to use with a beautiful silicone toy like this.

Once out of the package, the G-TWIST is beautiful to the touch.  It’s soft, warm and very flexible.  It is made of medical grade silicone, which makes it hypoallergenic and easy to clean.  That’s because silicone is non-porous.  I really like that feature.  Too many toys nowadays are made with questionable materials that it makes one nervous about using them intimately.  There’s nothing like that to worry about with this vibrator.

The G-TWIST has a lovely ergonomic form.  However, it also has a realistic penis shape, particularly at the head.  When choosing a vibrator for myself, I inevitably avoid ones that have a penis shape.  You see I like incorporating a vibrator in the sex I have with my husband.  He is less likely to welcome a mechanical device if it looks too much like his own equipment, if you know what I mean.  And listen, I don’t blame him.  If the reverse were to happen; if he were to bring a masturbation toy that looked like a vagina to bed for our sex together, I wouldn’t like it very much either.  So I had to reserve my G-TWIST use for my private pleasuring.

But before I could do any pleasuring of any kind I had to insert the batteries.  This became an extremely frustrating chore.  For the life of me, I couldn’t open the battery compartment.  I read the instructions carefully, of course, but still couldn’t open it.  I finally took it to my husband.  At first he just laughed thinking it was a girl thing.  But after struggling with it himself, he lost his sense of humor right quick.  He finally got the compartment open, but not before exerting considerable pressure with his fingertips.  Whoever designed this certainly wasn’t thinking of how much strength the average woman might have in her hands and fingers.

Now that the batteries are finally in place I can easily adjust the vibration up or down using the flower-shaped dial on the base.  Pretty nifty!  The motor is exceptionally quite, which I really appreciate.

I like a little texture to my insertables, but the ridges on the G-TWIST were a bit extreme for me.  However, the girth (1.5” diameter) is just about perfect.  I particularly like the flared base.  The ridges there are perfect for clitoral stimulation.  The vibration isn’t particularly strong, but that’s not a big issue for me.

My major concern was with the clean up.  This toy is not, I repeat, NOT waterproof.  The box says that you can clean this toy under running water, but one must make sure to keep the battery compartment closed and dry.  It goes on to say, “To prevent possible leakage simply avoid submerging the toy in water for an extended period of time.”  I’m afraid that this smacks of trying to have it both ways.  You can call it splash proof or water resistant, but we all know that’s a far cry from actually being waterproof.  As it turns out, it’s a whole lot easier to get water inside the battery compartment than it is to open that compartment to switch out the batteries.  That I just don’t understand.

I successfully enjoyed my G-TWIST, by myself for two weeks.  I was scrupulous about cleaning my toy without submerging it in water.  After about 8 uses the G-TWIST simply stopped working.  At first I thought it was the batteries.  My husband helped me open the battery compartment so I could put in fresh batteries.  But that didn’t bring it back to life.

I have no idea what happened.  I would be hard-pressed to say it was something I did.  But there it is, dead as a doornail.  And I’m just sick about it.  Obviously, I can’t recommend the G-TWIST, which makes me feel even worse.  Because before it went dead, it was a very nice toy.