LELO BO $79.00

Glenn & Hank

Hank:  “This is the fanciest cockring I ever did see!”
Glenn:  “Pretty damned expensive too.”
Hank:  “Yeah, but hardly the most expensive one I own.  That honor goes to my Silver Tongue Cock Ring.”
Glenn:  “Yeah, but that one doesn’t vibrate like
BO does.  And the BO is rechargeable; so you can’t beat that!”
Hank:  “LELO calls
BO a gentleman’s pleasure object.  I call it a vibrating cockring.  I mean, please!”
Glenn:  “Ya got no class, Hank!  I like the pleasure object concept; it’s so elegant.”
Hank:  “You weren’t thinking about elegant the other day when I had my cock buried up to the hilt in your bung and the
BO was shiverin’ your ass lips.”
Glenn:  “True!  I was thinking; ‘Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found you!’”
Hank:  “You are such a freak!”
Glenn:  “Well when it comes to my hole, you know I am.”
Hank:  “Let’s get back to the review, shall we?
BO actually has two parts — the ring itself and the vibrating attachment.  The ring is made of a soft, flexible material.  The small print on the LELO site says this material is Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).  Will this be an issue for someone who has an allergy to rubber or latex-based products?  It beats the hell out of me.
The vibrating attachment is encased in a sturdy plastic material.  Sliding the attachment onto the ring activates the vibe.  There is no on/off switch.”
Glenn:  “I thought that part was odd.  Why there’s no on/off switch is like totally beyond me.  Because it’s not so easy sliding the vibe attachment onto, or off of the ring.  So once ya have the ring on your johnson, it’ll be thrilling the wearer till he takes it off.”
Hank:  “I tried
BO first in a little solo JO session.  I was happy to discover that the relatively modestly sized ring stretched to fit my dick.  Then I had Glenn give me some head while I was wearing BO.  That was pretty mind blowing.”
Glenn:  “My husband has got a really big one, ladies and gentleman!  And I have no gag reflex!”
Hank:  “Well, it’s big enough.  At any rate,
BO comfortably hugged my boner and delivered some great vibe action that I could feel all the way in my ass.
And guys with a smaller unit can stretch
BO over their cock and balls.  You can also position the vibe so that it’s on the top of your dick or behind your balls.  So there’s that!”
Glenn:  “And one day while I was all alone, I slipped
BO on my new glass dildo and brought myself to paradise all by myself! BO is that versatile.”
Hank:  “The motor is super quiet, not that you could hear it at all if your partner is a screamer, like Glenn.”
Glenn:  “I prefer to think of myself as expressive during sex; not a screamer.”
Hank:  “Whatever!”
Glenn:  “
BO comes with a handy-dandy plastic case that kinda looks like an oversized contact lens case.  BTW, this is how you charge BO.  It’s about as clever as clever gets.”
Hank:  “I found the plastic storage case a bitch to open at first.  But once it was opened and closed a few times it got easier.
Oh, and cleanup is easy.  Detach the vibe unit, wipe that down with a damp towel.  Make sure you don’t get moisture in the recharger hole.  The stretchy ring can be cleaned in soapy water or even in the dishwasher. ”
Glenn:  “
BO comes in a nice gift box.  It includes everything — charger and storage unit and manual.”
Hank:  “
BO also comes with a 1-year LELO warranty.”