Ophoria Bliss #5

Ophoria Bliss #5 ——  $60.00

Joy:  “Here we have a very nice high-end vibe.  It’s your standard issue bullet shape — straight and smooth.  There are no ruffles or ridges, so to speak.”
Dixie:  “There are no twists or turns, either.  And I’m partial to at least some texture to my insertables.  Give me some bumps or ribs for goddess sake.”
Joy:  “I’m with Dixie on that.  But we both know that some gals prefer their pleasure wands to be a more conventional shape and texture.  And if you are one such gal, then you’ll love
Ophoria Bliss #5 a lot.”bliss05-img01
Dixie:  “It’s just short of 8” in length and just over an inch and a half at its thickest.”
Joy:  “The velvety smooth skin is 100% pure Japanese silicone, which is like totally top of the line.  When you buy quality like this you can be assured that it will be phthalate-free and hypoallergenic too.  So you can’t go wrong there.”
Dixie:  “The very best thing about
Ophoria Bliss #5 is it has five vibration modes and it is super quiet.  And that too signifies quality to me.
Joy:  “So here I was all ready to take a bath with my new friend.  I mean who among us doesn’t love a little thrill in the tub, right?  Well, good thing I read the fine print.
Ophoria Bliss #5 is splash proof, not waterproof.  Oh ok!  That was close.”
Dixie:  “I guess that means there isn’t a watertight seal on the battery compartment.  See how it pays to read the instructions before ya take your new toys for a ride.”
Joy:  “Speaking of taking your first ride; be warned, the first set of batteries are not included in the package.  As you all know, this is a pet peeve for all the Dr Dick Review Crew.  Would it kill the manufacturers to supply the first set of batteries?  We all think that would show you really care about your customers.”
Dixie:  “That’s for damn sure!  And while we’re on this subject of batteries; a word to the Ophoria Toy people.  Folks, you don’t say what size battery is needed for your product on its box.  That’s a bit of a marketing faux pas, wouldn’t you say?  I mean, if I had to stock up on batteries for this baby when I was making the purchase; how would I know what size to buy?
Joy:  “Not including batteries is one thing, but making your customers guess the battery size needed is another thing all together.  As it turns out, the
Ophoria Bliss #5 takes two double-A batteries.
Dixie:  “I did like the simple one button operation, which toggles through the 5 pulse patterns.  And pleasurable patterns they are too!  Oh and you should know that instead of having to rotate through all the patterns to get to the “off” position, like most multi-speed vibes; on the
Ophoria Bliss #5 all you have to do is hold the button down to turn it off.  I like that.”
Joy:  “Like all fine silicone toys, you can only use a water-based lube with this toy.  But you know that already, huh?”
Dixie:  “Clean up is easy with mild soap and warm water. You can also wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution.”
Joy:  “I sure hope the Ophoria Toy people send us some of their other products.  I would love to get my hands on one or both of their Rapture Probes.”
Dixie:  “Or how about Bliss #8, #12 or #3!  And don’t the K-Balls look yummy?  I want me some of them.”
Joy:  “And I know several boys on the Review Crew who would love to review a Beyond #3.  It says it’s for G-spot stimulation, but I’ll wager it’s just as delicious on a guy’s P-spot.”