The Right Position Sex Pillow Combo

The Right Position Sex Pillow Combo ——  $89.00

Karen:  “I’m just wild about The Right Position Sex Pillow.  Until the day Jack and I picked up the Pleasure Pack Combo at Dr Dick’s, I hadn’t given much thought to how exceptionally useful a specialized cushion like this could be.”
Jack:  “I totally agree.  Ya see the sex pillow is wedge shaped (about 6” at sex_pillow.jpgits widest), which allows us to position our bodies for a more accommodating and comfortable fuck.”
Karen:  “But it’s not just for fucking, although I must say it is ideal for anal sex, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  What I like most is that it raises my pelvis just enough so that Jack can pleasure me orally.  And The Right Position Sex Pillow is so comfortable too”
Jack:  “In the past, we had to fumble around with traditional pillows to place under Karen’s ass to raise it to just the right height for me to effortlessly eat her out.  But now with The Right Position Sex Pillow I can crawl between her legs and find her pussy at precisely the right height for me to dig in.”
Karen:  “My man has the most talented tongue around.  I’m totally down with anything that makes him more comfortable while he works, if ya know what I mean..”
Jack:  “Karen mention ass fucking.  When I bottom for her I love her to peg me while we’re face to face.”
Karen:  “Before we got The Right Position Sex Pillow I found face-to-face pegging a real chore.  Jack is a lot bigger and heaver than I, and even though he tries to keep his legs up during the peg, it’s exhausting and when he tires they crash down around my shoulders.  It’s difficult for me to help him keep his legs up so it’s kind of frustrating.”
wrap.jpgJack:  “Yeah, but now all I have to do is position the Sex Pillow under my back so that the widest part of the wedge is just slightly above my waist.  This allows me to throw my legs up and back and keep them there with ease.  It’s really great.”
Karen:  “It really has made all the difference in the world.  How we did without one of these for so long is beyond me.”
Jack:  “I like the fact that Sex Pillow cleans up easily with just a little soap and water.  It’s made of soft latex free foam that resists lube stains. Thank you very much!  And it has a built in handle, so it’s easy to adjust.”
Karen:  “The Right Position Sex Pillow even comes with its own lovely satin drawstring bag.”
Jack:  “Tell ‘em about the other thing.”
Karen:  “He’s referring to The Pleasure Wrap.  It’s very sweet sexy little throw with a soft furry fleece side and silky satin side. It’s ideal for cuddling after a romp.  I often get chilled afterward, even on the warmest days.  So this is perfect for me.  Oh, and machine washable too.  They’ve thought of everything!”
Jack:  “In case you haven’t noticed, we love these products.  You can buy the pillow and wrap separately.  But the combo is so reasonably priced; why not splurge?  It will make the perfect holiday gift for all you lovers out there.”