PES Acrylic Anal Plug

PES Acrylic Anal Plug (C072)        $150.00

Glenn & Hank introduce us to the PES Acrylic Anal Plug.  It directs the flow of Erotic Electro Stimulating current right inside your ass.  Since we all have an asshole, none of us will be left wondering what we’re missing, just because we don’t have the right parts.  Hank and Glenn have a limited amount of experience with e-stim.  They use Electro Stimulation as part of their BDSM play.c072.jpg

Glenn:  “The PES Electro Anal Plug is beautiful.  It’s a smooth acrylic plug with conductive surfaces on either side.  These stimulate your sphincter muscle, prostate and all up inside your hole.  If you’re a bottom, you’re gonna love this shit.”
Hank:  “He knows of what he speaks!
Glenn:  “Unlike Joy and Dixie, me and Hank like it nasty.
Hank:  “The nastier the better.”
Glenn:  “Like all butt plugs, the PES Electro Anal Plug slips in your ass allowing your sphincter to close down around the notch in the plug keeping the puppy in place.”
Hank:  “Glenn’s got the tightest ass of any power bottom I’ve ever known.  Must be all those kegels.  When he clamps down on my fingers, it’s enough to snap ‘em in two.”
Glenn:  “Awww shucks, you say the sweetest things, babe.”
Hank:  “We want to reinforce everything that Dixie and Joy said about the importance of lube.  Not only for insertion purposes but to ass-ist in conductivity.”
Glenn:  “So I’m in the sling at our bud’s dungeon.  Hank and our friend, Tad, are workin’ me over real good with some fine rope work.  I have a gag in my mouth.”
Hank:  “That gag provides me the only peace I get all week.”
Glenn:  “BITCH!   Anyhow, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I have a gag in my mouth and a hood over my head and some weights on my balls.  The paddle stings.  The cane raises little welts on my glues. It hurts like hell and I’m in heaven.”
Hank:  “Then comes the ass ass-ult.  We lube up Glenn’s ass and the Electro Anal Plug and drive it home.  This is not a super-sized plug by any means, but it doesn’t have to be.”
Glenn:  “Hee haw!  Slap me and call me names.”
Hank:  “Glenn is such a pain pig.  Tad and I add a blindfold, check the ropes and give Glenn the juice.”
Glenn:  “I can’t feel anything but the sensations in my ass.  I buck as much as I can with pain/pleasure.  My ass is on fire, but I still clamp my sphincter down on the plug for extra measure.”
Hank:  “Precum dribbles from his cock. He writhes as he rides the edge.  Bubbles of saliva encircle the ball gag.  There’s a grimace on his face.  Finally, he raises his middle finger in a “fuck you” salute and we shut down the Power Box.”
Glenn:  “When I’m gagged the “fuck you” salute is my safe word, or better my safe gesture.  Twenty minutes of this and I am completely spent.  I don’t even need to cum, I am that satisfied.”