Sportsheets G-Spot Link

Sportsheets G-Spot Link $29.95

A black nylon strap with neoprene ankle cuffs that makes hitting the G-spot easier and more accurate than ever before. You can use this to tilt the hips and enter the vaginal canal or anus from a new angle making penetration deeper and more satisfying for everyone.

Joy & Dixieg-spotlink.jpg

Dixie:  “I didn’t get this at all.  And we even watched the little video on the Sportsheets site to figure out how this thing works.”
Joy:  “Maybe it’s a lesbian thing.”
Dixie:  “I mean I understand the concept.  You lie face up and wrap your legs around your partner’s back. Your partner can then reach around and fasten the cuffs to hold your legs in place.”
Joy:  “This was totally awkward for me, on top, and not comfortable for Dixie on the bottom.  The problem may be that I’m bigger around and her legs are pretty short.”
Dixie:  “Exactly.  This may work for a couple better matched in size than Joy and I.  I think this is designed for the fit and trim crowd.  Anyhow, they say the cuffs can be adjusted using one hand. We didn’t find that to be true.  And while I was on the bottom, I didn’t find this position comfortable at all.  My legs were supposed to be relaxed while wrapped around my partner.  But that didn’t happen for me.  Again the size difference between Joy and I probably accounted for this.”
Joy:  “There is another way to use the G-Spot Link, however.  And this was only slightly more successful for us. Dixie had her legs in front of her with her knees to her chest, while I put the cuffs on her ankles. I was then able to use the strap like a handle to move her legs from side-to-side.”
Dixie:  “So, OK I liked that Joy was able to swing my legs from side to side.  This really made my clit stand up and take notice, mostly because my knees were pressed so tightly against my chest.  That part was nice.”
Joy:  “But we didn’t get the whole deeper penetration thing.”
Dixie:  “This position did make for some very fine oral sex though.”
Joy:  “Yeah, I got her off several times that way.  Like I said, we just didn’t get the G-spot connection thing.  Sorry!”