Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs ——  $18.95

Just lay the weighted straps over door, close it shut.  Turn any room into a playground for kinky bondage play!  Tease or please, control or be controlled –– now it’s easy!  Each thick nylon strap is connected to a detachable and adjustable velour-lined Velcro cuff.  You get 2 cuffs in a package.  Buy 2 pairs for total control!

Gina & Kevin

Gina:  “Kevin and I had a ball with this.”
Kevin:  “First off, we are both virgins to the bondage thing.”
Gina:  “I have to say I was more than a little intimidated by the concept of being restrained.  So I agreed to go first only when Kevin agreed to go next.”
Kevin:  “I was like totally up for that.  I even offered to go first.  Except Gina didn’t have a clue what to do once I was in the cuffs.”
Gina:  “I guess I need to watch more kinky porn, huh?”
Kevin:  “So here’s what ya do. Just loop the straps over the top of the door doorjamcuffs.jpgwith these bars on the outside and the cuffs on the inside.  Then close the door.  What could be easier?”
Gina:  “I didn’t think the Velcro on the cuffs would be strong enough to secure me especially if I struggled against them.  I was oh so wrong.  I was like totally helpless.”
Kevin:  “I could see that Gina was really leery about doing this, so I wanted to make this first experience really enjoyable.  First, I had her face out with her back against the door.  This gave me access to her front.  I undid her bra and sucked on he nipples.  She loves when I do this.”
Gina:  “I do love it.  Strangely enough, I don’t ever recall experienced this while standing.  I’m always laying down when he plays with my nipples.  With my hands suspended above my head in the cuffs, I actually found myself buckling my knees and dangling my body weight from my wrists, which added a whole new dimension to the sensations in my breasts.”
Kevin:  “I then pulled down her panties, spread her thighs and held them tight.  (This is where a second set of these cuffs would have come in handy.) Then I proceeded to lick and nibble at her clit and pussy lips.  I gave her a mighty fine tongue fucking too.  I drove her fuckin crazy doin that.”
Gina:  “It’s true.  Suspended as I was and with his hands holding my legs, I really couldn’t escape his mouth.  I had to adjust to being helpless like this.  But once I let go, I was thrashing about with waves of orgasmic pleasure.  I wonder what the neighbors thought.”
Kevin:  “Yeah, she was totally out of control.  I was pretty worked up myself.  So I decided to throw her a fuck right then and there, up against the door.”
Gina:  “When he entered me I was able to lift my legs off the floor and wrap them around him.  And I did it all while being suspended by my wrists.  All this was totally new territory for me.”
Kevin:  “We had to wait for another day for me to get cuffed.  Gina was just too worn out by her time in the cuffs.”
Gina:  “When it was Kevin’s turn two days later, I decided to cuff him facing the door.  I added a silk scarf blindfold.  He was mine, all mine!”
Kevin:  “I was completely surprised by how Gina took to being a dominant top.  She apparently has a real sadistic streak that was just waiting to be released.”
Gina:  “He’s right, I became like this other person.  I loved telling him what to do — spread your legs — and things like that.
I went to work on his butt.  Teasing it at first with little scratches, but then I could see he wanted more.  So by-god I gave it to him.  Open handed slaps and even whacks with one of my hairbrushes make his cheeks glow crimson.”
Kevin:  “She was yankin on my nuts like crazy while she was tanning my ass.  I loved it.  I believe I’ve created a novice dominatrix.”
Gina:  “I know, who would have guessed I’d get into this as much as I did?  These little Door Jam Cuffs open a whole new world to me and us.  These will be a big part of our play together in the future.  And we definitely need that second pair for our feet.”