Sportsheets Sex Sling

Sportsheets Sex Sling $36.00

This is the perfect sex sling for oral stimulation, vaginal and/or anal sex, and G-spot penetration and stimulation. Using the Sex Sling you can keep your legs and hips comfortably raised for prolonged periods of time, making access incredibly simple. The tension on the straps is easily adjusted using the black plastic buckle adjusters. These adjusters also make quick-release of the legs simple.

Joy & Dixiesex_sling.jpg

Joy:  “I want to reiterate and underscore what Hank was saying about the packaging.  Now I know I’m never gonna see a picture of a couple of hot chicks using whatever toy, but some diversity would be appreciated.  Even some people of color would add interest.”
Dixie:  “I’d like to see some packaging that reflects actual users too, but that’s probably never gonna happen.  So let’s move on.”
Joy:  “Dixie and I compared this Sex Sling with the one Glenn and Hank have — the Super Sex Sling.  Ours is basically the same concept as theirs, only ours is the stripped down model.  There isn’t as much comfortable support on our neck pad as they have on theirs.
Dixie:  “I agree, this Sex Sling does what the Sportsheets people say it will — keeps my legs elevated and apart for when Joy’s bangin’ me or eatin’ me out.”
Joy:  “And because it’s adjustable, I can use it as well as Dixie.  And as you can see, I’m a much bigger gal.”  😉
Dixie:  “Both of us agree with what Glenn said about increased muscle tension in our legs and butt.  This increased muscle tension really does increase the intensity of our orgasms.
Joy:  “Yep, I knew about this secret for better orgasms long  before we tried the Sex Sling.  It’s just that I never used anything like this before and so I didn’t realize how effective something as simple as a sling would be at increasing the level of pleasure I experience.”
Dixie:  “When Joy is in the Sex Sling I don’t have to worry about trying to support the weight of her legs.  Not that I would be able to do that even if I wanted.  And when I’m in the Sex Sling it’s much easier for Joy to hit my G-spot with our SHARE (review HERE).
Joy:  “We both recommend this item as a starter sling.  However, if this concept really appeals to you, as it does us.  We suggest you go for the Super Sex Sling.  It’s thirty bucks more, but worth it!”