Natural Contours Jolie

Natural Contours Waterproof Jolie $16.95


I think you call this a “lipstick” vibe.  (Now that I’m an official member of Dr Dick’s Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew, I figured I would learn some of the industry lingo.) I think they call it that, because it’s not much larger than a lipstick.  But it does have a nice kick to it when the batteries are fresh.

The Jolie only has the one speed, but what do ya want for under $20, right?

I was particularly interested in it being waterproof.  I love using a vibrator in my bath.

I found that it was hard to turn on/off, particularly with wet or soapy hands. I chalked this up to it needing to be watertight.  Here’s something to be aware of — the on/off jolie.jpgswitch also functions as the cap for changing out the batteries.  If you inadvertently turn the cap the wrong way the top pops off instead of turning the thing on.  Directions are printed on the thing, but who pays attention to that when it’s playtime?  😉

The Jolie is pretty quiet for as powerful as it is.  One Saturday afternoon I decided to slip the vibe into the crotch of my jeans.  I figured, what the heck; let’s have a good time while we pick up the apartment.  I got so turned on I attacked my napping boyfriend, Kevin (REVIEW #13).  He was like, “What’s up with you?”  When I showed him my little buddy, he was all like, “Awesome!  Here, let me do it.”  It was wonderful just letting him pleasure me with it.

You know how we were talking a couple of weeks ago about men using these vibes themselves?  Well, I asked Kevin what he thought.  He said the Jolie would be great for external use around his testicles and whatnot, but defiantly not for use in his butt.  The Jolie is just too small for that.  It could easily slip inside and get stuck.