Four Seasons Condoms

Four Seasons Nude Tin Pack $5.99

Hot damn! I just got me a whole package of exceptionally fine condoms from the folks at Fournudetin_big.jpg Seasons Condoms and Lube. I’d even go so far as to say these Four Seasons Nude (Latex) Condoms are the Rolls Royce of love-gloves; I like ’em that much.

For all you guys out there who whine about having to wear protection, because it cuts down on your sensitivity or cramps your style — GET OVER IT! These microfine and super sensitive condoms will astound you. They are so sheer you’ll hardly notice ya got one on. Get this, I could actually feel a breath on my willie while I was sportin’ one of this babies. And if you’re tryin’ to wrap your head around why someone would be breathing on my boner; well, you’d just better mind your own damned business.

You can buy these (and all their other condoms) online or look for them in finer stores everywhere. These particular condoms come with a handy pocket/purse tin that’ll keep your condoms safe and fresh. Now you’ll never have to leave home without one. Just remember — No Glove, No Love!


Simply put, I can’t heap enough praise on this amazing Australian company. (They also distribute in America.) Besides the load of fun, safe sex products they have to offer; these folks have a social conscience to boot! I am so impressed. Hurray for them!

Be sure to check out their oh so sexy website. You’re gonna absolutely love the wit and wisdom you’ll find there. You can tell these folks love what they do.