Erotic Sex Positions DVD

Erotic Sex Positions DVD —— $18.57

I have the pleasure of introducing you to a wonderful educational DVD for couples. This is the very first video of its kind that I’ve ever seen. And I must say, I liked it very much.

I’ve watched some porn in my day. I can’t say that it turns me on all that much, especially the stuff that my husband enjoys. I know it’s all fantasy and I know that most of it is purposely geared to horny straight males, but the women in the movies are almost always characteratures; nothing more than sexual objects and bimbos. I find that annoying and not the least bit sexy.

I know this is going to sound weird coming from a straight married woman of my age, but I really like gay porn. There, I’ve finally said it out loud.

Anyhow, back to the Erotic Sex Positions DVD. This is sure enough sexually explicit, but it definitely isn’t porn. It’s instructional in nature. It’s presented by two women who work in porn — Crystal Lowe and Natasha Ray. This is a big plus in my book. They set a perfect tone for what we see in this DVD. By the way, they also collaborated on another video — ‘Seductive Sex Positions’.

This DVD features 27 erotic techniques and sexual positions. It has an instructional play mode and a lovemaking play mode. So you can use it to learn something new or use it as background sexual enhancement. There are three different couples in the movie, which adds to the interest level. It has what they call a ‘Tantalizing Foreplay Teaser,’ which is also fun. And there are interactive menus too. In other words, this is a pretty elaborate presentation and very professionally produced.

The hosts provide instructions while the couples demonstrate. Some of the positions are for the more adventurous. And frankly, one would need to be very fit, trim, lithe and supple to pull them off. But they were fun to watch nonetheless even if my husband and I could never do them.

This is an ideal sexual enhancement DVD for straight couples, even ones squeamish about nudity and sex. You should also know that there are no intense close-ups of penetration or anything off-putting like that.

Sex Toys & Vibrators

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men

Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men —— $29.95

Jack & Karen
Jack:  “We’re back with another butt sex video.  If you remember, last time we reviewed: The Expert Guide to Anal Sex.  I was all bummed out because that video didn’t include men as the receiving partners in anal sex.  How was I supposed to know that there was an entire video in this series that was all about pegging your guy?”
Karen:  “Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men is just what we’ve been looking for.”DVDVIVID66
Jack:  “The disc starts out with a tutorial on the subject of male anal stimulation and goes from the anatomy itself through the actual processes involved. And our favorite ass-mistress, Tristan Taormino, is the host of this portion of the film.”
Karen:  “Then there are three sex scenes. The first involves Penny Flame and Devin.  Tristan is there in an advisory role for the opening portion of the scene.  Penny uses her fingers, a butt-plug, and a couple of strap-ons on Devin.  This is the part that interested me the most.”
Jack:  “Annie Cruz and Nomad are up next.  She finger fucks her guy with up to four of them at once.  DAMN!  She also uses a bead-like butt-plug, an even large butt-plug, and a strap-on on him.  Nomad fingers and fucks Annie’s ass with a glass dildo while she jills-off with vibrator.  Very Hot!”
Karen:  “I like the give and take between these two performers.”
Jack:  “The third scene features Jandi Lin and Christian. Christian takes Jandi’s fingers, a metal butt-plug, a glass-like butt-plug and a, curved black prostate stimulator in his ass. Jandi rims him a bit, although not convincingly.  Unfortunately there is no strap-on use here.”
Karen:  “There was a bunch of stuff in this scene that I didn’t like.  They had to do with exchanging bodily fluids, if you know what I mean.  I agree with Jack, the connection between the two performers seemed a little contrived.”
Jack:  “There are also tutorials in the bonus section.  They include; Safer Sex, How to Choose & Wear A Strap-On, Solo Prostate Stimulation—involving the guys from the movie, and Anal Hygiene and Enemas—featuring the gals.  This was just the stuff I had been looking for.  Some may find the tutorials a bit dry, especially if you’re watching this for the porn value.  But I think it’s important stuff to know, particularly for men, like me, who about to make the anal plunge.”
Karen:  “I agree; this is a terrific resource for the novice and the proficient alike.”
Jack:  “Like the last video we reviewed, Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men, is a co-production with one of porn’s biggest companies, Vivid.  So you know it’s gonna be hot.  But it also goes a long way in helping demystify what is often a taboo subject for most straight couples.”
Karen:  “I like how fingers and toys, particularly plugs were used as a warm-up.  I know from my own experiences with anal sex that this king of play is essential.”
Jack:  “We recommend this DVD as a good place to start for couples considering anal sex where the man is on the receiving end.  Thank you Tristan for thinking of us guys!”

The Expert Guide to Anal Sex, DVD

The Expert Guide to Anal Sex ——  $29.95

Jack & Karen
Jack:  “So ya’ll know I’m real new at the whole butt sex thing, right?  I’m still discovering the pleasures that lie within.”
Karen:  “I’ve been dying to strap on one and give this boy a pegging he will not forget.”
Jack:  “It’s talk like that that give me pause.”
Karen:  “Sorry, honey, I was just making a little joke.”DVDVIVID1277
Jack:  “What my foray into anal sex has done for me is give me a greater sensitivity toward women and the invasive sex they have all the time.  I mean, if someone were to fuck me in the ass like I have fucked some women in the pussy, without even so much as a warm-up, I’d fuckin kill them.”
Karen:  “That is an awakening that I wish all men would come to sooner rather than later.”
Jack:  “Anyhow, not to veer too far off topic; I was glad we got this DVD to review.  It really opened my eyes to the pleasures to be had in butt fucking.”
Karen:  “This is a terrific resource for the novice as well as the proficient alan sex practitioners.  International sex expert, Tristan Taormino, talks to a group of (straight) couples about anal anatomy, as well as delvers tips, and techniques of anal pleasure. Her co-hosts, Lorelei and Ariel, demonstrate various techniques as Tristan narrates what they are doing.  There’s even a Q&A period.”
Jack:  “It is both super arousing and very informative.  This is a co-production with one of porn’s biggest companies, Vivid.  So you know it’s gonna be hot.  Unfortunately, and this is a huge disappointment for me; it’s only about women receiving anal.  What, they couldn’t have included some men on the receiving end?  Bummer.”
Karen:  “That is so true!  But that doesn’t diminish the information imparted.  For example, Tristan talks about lubes and desensitizing agents; and that’s applicable to both women and men.”
Jack:  “You get comments from Tristan as well as pop-up tips about the action throughout the feature.  I also liked the way the performers talked about anal sex and why they like it.  This goes a long way in helping demystify what is often a taboo subject for most couples.”
Karen:  “I like how toys, particularly plugs were used as a warm-up to cock penetration.  I know from my own experiences with anal sex that foreplay is essential.”
Jack:  “I was also kind of surprised that there was little mention of the increased risks of sexually transmitted diseases with anal sex.  NO CONDOMS WERE USED IN THIS MOVIE!  What’s up with that?  Maybe they didn’t want to scare people who may be considering including anal in their monogamous couple sex.  There is a safer sex mini-feature included on the DVD, but I thought there could have been more in the feature itself.”
Karen:  “There’s also a featurette on anal hygiene, which I found informative.”
Jack:  “I really got off on the hot, hot, hot girl-on-girl bonus scene.  Finally a little strap-on action!”
Karen:  “We recommend this DVD as a good place to start for women considering anal sex.  Guys who are interested in exploring their bottom need to look elsewhere.”

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Threesomes

One of the more common questions I get at Dr Dick Sex Advice is about how to navigate opening a previously sexually exclusive relationship to include another or others.  It’s generally hard to offer advice to a couple that I don’t know.  So I often wind up suggesting some general guidelines — how the couple could begin the discussion, set some ground rules, find a compatible partner(s), enjoy the ride, and debrief afterward.

Unfortunately, this approach can make the idea of a threesome, group sex or swinging pretty mundane.  And believe you me; they are hardly ever that.  That’s why I’m grateful that my colleague, author, columnist, editor, and sex educator, Tristan Taormino, brings to life the joys of a ménage à trois.

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Threesomes $29.95

This video is a collaboration between Tristan and the mammoth porn production expert guidecompany, Vivid.  In fact, it’s hard to tell their educational programming from their porn productions.  There are very high production values, as one would expect.  There is none of the awkwardness one might find in an amateur production.  The performers are uniformly beautiful and the sex is hot.

There is a down side to this; however.  It all seems a little too slick and studied; the porn influence, I’d guess.  The performers don’t really discuss what they what to do with each other and everything appears effortless.  This isn’t an accurate representation of any three-way I’ve even known.  And for someone wanting to figure out how to approach this kind of coupling, there’s precious little nuts ‘n bolts kind of information.

But maybe that’s the point, after all.  Does educational and enrichment programming have to be clinical or pedantic?  I don’t think so.  And let’s face it; a whole lot more people fantasize about threesomes than will actually participate in one.  So this is the ideal material for that group.  It’s fun, it’s pretty, it’s full of sex and no one has a care in the world.  Fantasy material indeed!

Oh, and you should know that this presentation has a decidedly heterosexual bent.  There’s girl-on-girl action, no surprise there; but no guy-on-guy action.  Was a teachable moment missed?  I think so, but I wouldn’t have expected anything different from a Vivid production.

I have one major bone to pick with this project; no condoms were used during any of the sex scenes.  This is a HUGE no-no in my book, particularly since this is billed as an educational video.  Would it have killed them to tip their hat to the necessity of safe sex when multiple sex partners are involved?  I gotta tell you I was really disappointed by this.

Tristan opens the DVD with some basics. She talks about some of the reasons why people have a 3-way and the sexual opportunities they present.  She outlines the two kinds of threesomes — The Triangle:  in which everyone is sexual with everyone, and The V: in which two people have sex with a third person, but not each other.

The DVD has, appropriately enough, three scenes.

Scene 1:  We meet India Summer, Hailey James, and Jack Lawrence; they get together for a steamy ménage a trios. Both India and Haileey are hot for some girl-on-girl action, and now they can pig out.  So yeah for that!  There is also some nice toy use in this scene.

Scene 2:  Shows us an example of The “V” type of threesome.  Daisy Marie gets it on with both Derrick Pierce and his friend Christian.  The men do not interact sexually with one another, which was a bummer for me.  But everyone has a good gooey time anyway.

Scene 3: Here we have a wide-open threesome; everyone is into everyone.  Penny Flame and Justice Young make out while Harmony is jillin-off on the bed.  The gals get it on with each other as well as turn their attention to Justice.  A big old vibe is introduced and everyone gets off big time.

Here’s a tip: if you’re can buy materials like this, you can rent this DVD as a whole or by the scene in my How To Video Library.

I liked this DVD a lot.  It is not without it’s shortcoming, as I mentioned above, but I believe it serves its intended audience very well.  I’d recommend Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Threesomes to any straight couple that might be considering a 3-way.  Viewing it together with your partner would be an excellent way to open a discussion with your partner about spicing things up with another to your lovemaking.


My Three Way, Amazing Sex For Women

Hey sex fans!

I have two more outstanding DVD reviews for you.  My Three Way
and Amazing Sex For Women.

On several occasions I’ve called my audience’s attention to the fantastic video work my friend and colleague, Dr Michael Perry, is been doing over at AIM (Access Instructional Media).  And for good reason too, because Michael is a master of the sexual enrichment genre.  (See  The Previous REVIEW Here!)

As an aside, Michael was my guest for a couple of podcasts chats — #61 and #62.  During our conversation, Michael discusses his work and the astounding success he is having with his video line.  Be sure to check out these podcasts.

Just for the record, Michael’s DVDs knock me out.  In terms of sex education and sexual enrichment the AIM titles are unparalleled.

Let’s take a look at each of these DVDs each in turn.

We start with My Three Way — Approx 120 minutes $19.95

The promotional copy on the DVD box reads:  “How is it possible for couples to bring a third person into their intimate relationship? Many have thought about it. Lots of people fantasize about it. Some couples are actually practitioners in Open Relationship lifestyles.
• Find out why couples do it.
• See what they dare to do…to supercharge their relationship!
• Be tempted to arrange your own three way…at least in your fantasies!dvd_507

The DVD begins with a quick overview of the entire Intimacy Guide Series.

First off, we meet couple #1 in a cocktail lounge gettin all lovey-dovey.  Another woman, an acquaintance of the male partner winds up getting involved.  (Surprise!)  Before things get all hot and heavy though there is a brief spliced-in interview with the couple about why and how they do what they do.  Curiously enough, this is not a distraction from the action, but it actually adds to the story telling.  What follows is a beautiful 2-gal and 1-guy 3-way.  The sexual interaction in this piece is nicely shared between all the players, including gal-on-gal play.

There’s another interview snippet followed by a sweet gal-on-gal segment.

This is followed by yet another brief interview segment and a very sexy 2-guy and 1-gal 3-way.  All the sexual interaction in this piece is focused on the woman; the men do not interact sexually.  This may appeal to some, but it will be disappointing to others.

There is a bonus featurette on this DVD called My Birthday Surprise, which is another fine example of a 2-gal and 1-guy 3-way.

There is ample and diverse sexual expression in all the scenes.  And there is some nice use of sex toys too, which really adds to the production.

This is a wonderful primer on the ins and outs (no pun intended) of initiating and successfully executing a 3-way.  Like the promotional copy on the box suggests, if you are actually looking to open your relationship to include a 3rd or just think the 3-way idea is hot fantasy material, this is the DVD for you.

Here’s a tip:  for those of you who can’t, for whatever reason, buy this DVD you can rent it HERE for viewing online in Dr Dick’s How To Video Library.

Remember, this is not porn.  While the content is sexually explicit, the material is presented in a tasteful and romantic manner. Kudos to Michael Perry for producing this delightful and informative female oriented video.

Next we have — Amazing Sex For Women — 90 minutes $19.95

The promotional copy on the DVD box reads:  “The Bonk’er Spring is a truly revolutionary sex toy invented with the women’s pleasure in mind. This video shows you sex techniques not possible with any other sex gear. See our fun loving couples bounce weightlessly towards powerful orgasm after orgasm!”


What we have here is basically an infomercial for a rather amazing sex innovation from Bonkum, a company that develops sexual furniture.  It’s part spring, part swing and part sling.  Try to say that three times fast!

With the help of a few adventuresome couples (and one 2-gal, one guy threesome) this video shows how easy and enjoyable it is to have a very athletic and versatile sex life.  The Bonkum swing is really interesting and amazingly adaptable.  Makes creative sex play not only enjoyable, but also effortless.

This video is full of wonderful eye candy of the heterosexual variety.  Too bad there’s not any man on man action to please the rest of us.  (Perhaps that will happen in another video.)  But there is a very nice light BDSM scene that will get your motor racing.

For those of you who can’t buy this DVD, for whatever reason, you can rent it HERE for viewing online in Dr Dick’s How To Video Library.

Again, I want to emphasize something about all the AIM titles.  Each is very sexy and sensual; most are sexually explicit; but none of them can rightly be called porn.  This is an important distinction, because the tone and focus of the AIM titles is completely different from the tone and focus of porn.  And even people who are put off by the notion of porn will have no objection to these videos.


Couples Masturbation, Every Couple Can

You’ve heard me talk about ’em. You’ve known me direct your attention to ’em. You’ve noticed that they sponsor some of my podcasts. Could there still be a doubt in your mind as to what I think of the AIM (Access Instructional Media) Video Catalog? If there is, you’re simply not paying attention.

OK, let’s eliminate any remaining doubt. These DVDs knock me out. In terms of sex education and sexual enrichment the AIM titles are unparalleled. Over the next few months I’ll be taking an in-depth look at each title in the catalogue. That’s a whole lotta video to review, but I think I’m UP for it…if ya catch my drift.

This week we have two great titles: COUPLES MASTURBATION — and — EVERY COUPLE CAN.

First up is one of the 10 titles from The Ultimate Sex Toy and Masturbation Series. COUPLESdvd517.jpg MASTURBATION ; Phone Sex, Internet Sex and More! — 70 minutes: $19.95

The DVD begins with a quick overview of the entire Toy and Masturbation series. We get a tantalizing taste of what each video has to offer. These explicit mini-trailers will surely get your motor running and prep you for the main event.

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing more fundamental to a happy and healthy sex life than masturbation. Dr. Michael Perry. Ph.D., ACS, the producer of these fine movies, introduces the concept of masturbating with and for your partner. He says this video is all about enticing and informing your partner with your self-pleasuring. If you stop to think about it, there is so much to learn about what gets our partner off; and so much to demonstrate about what gets us off by simply watching and showing our masturbation technique. Think of it as a sexy game of “Show and Tell!”

The sexually experienced couples we meet in this movie bring themselves and each other to shuddering waves of pleasure. First we are treated to a man and a woman masturbating separately. We get some tips on how to vary our self-pleasuring to maximize the joy. Ya know most people are curious about how their partner masturbates, and what may go through his/her mind as he/she diddles. Too bad we don’t often take the time to ask to watch, or even discuss the topic.

Next we visit with a woman who uses several different kinds of vibrators while masturbating with her male partner. Then there’s an example of a beautiful couple manually masturbating each another. Then two more couples pattern their shared masturbation with vibrators. It’s a beautifully filmed celebration of sex.

You can masturbate together despite being apart by using a private internet chat room. See how phone sex can spice up your sex life. Women can learn the joys of toy masturbation with each other. Even learn how to overcome any hesitation or reservation to masturbate with and for your partner in a few easy steps.

This is wonderful tutorial for every couple, but particularly those new to sex, or who want to spice things up a bit. I hasten to add that this video is geared to a heterosexual audience. There’s precious little here that will appeal to same sex couples.

Remember sex fans, this is not porn. While the DVD is sexually explicit, the material is presented in a tasteful, romantic and non-pornographic manner. Kudos to Michael Perry for producing this delightful, female oriented video. And here’s the best part; you get all of this for only $19.95. You simply can’t find a better sex-positive bargain anywhere.

Here’s a tip: for those of you who can’t, for whatever reason, buy this DVD you can rent it for viewing online in Dr Dick’s How To Video Library.

Next we have a selection from the 4-DVD Sex Surrogate Series. EVERY COUPLE CAN; New Sexual Secrets for Improved Intimacy and Overcoming Sexual Problems. — 90 Minutes $19.95

d306.jpgThe DVD begins with a quick overview of the entire Sex Surrogate Series. We get a tantalizing taste of what each video has to offer. These explicit teasers will turn you on and get you ready you for the feature presentation.

This R-rated video has much more of a story line than the previous one. First we meet Sam and Marie, a sexually frustrated couple. Sam turns to a sex surrogate to learn how to overcome his sexual problems in the hopes he’ll be able to save his marriage. Sam’s friend Trevor and his wife are having sexual difficulties too. What a surprise! 😉

This video introduces the viewer to a wealth of sex-positive information. It’s like getting the basics of sex therapy on a thoroughly enjoyable and non-threatening DVD. The viewer learns right along with Sam and Trevor. Some of the topics covered are — sensate focus, lasting longer, female and male genital anatomy, effective communication, overcoming erection problems and becoming more easily orgasmic.

Basically this video shows how easily and enjoyable it is for everyone to lean how to be a better lover. That’s right sex fans; great sex can be learned.

This is an exceptional tutorial for any person, coupled or not, who is interested in learning the fundamentals of human sexual interaction. While this video is geared to a heterosexual audience, there is plenty of sound information that transcends sexual orientation. I highly recommend this title to my straight, bi and gay audience.

I want to underscore what I said at the beginning of this review; this movie is R-rated. The sexual material is presented in a frank, up front manner, but the visuals are decidedly soft and non-confrontational. This is the ideal starting point for someone, or couple, who is unfamiliar, or perhaps uncomfortable, with sexually explicit material.

My hat is off to Michael Perry for producing this thoughtful, female oriented video. And here’s the kicker, you get thousands of dollars worth of sex therapy for only $19.95. How does he do it?

Here’s a tip: for those of you who can’t buy this DVD, for whatever reason, you can rent it for viewing online in Dr Dick’s How To Video Library.