LibidoStack —— $49.95 (10 capsules, one month supply)

Dr Dick: For review purposes, the manufacturer of LibidoStack sent me a package containing ten capsules in a tamperproof bubble-pack. The claim is that their all-natural herbal product is supposed to improve one’s sexual health and performance. This is equivalent to 10 doses — one capsule per dose. (My contact at LibidoStack tells me that a 10-pack is a month’s supply; a capsule every three days.)

Being the generous kinda guy that I am, I shared my LibidoStack stash with two of my fellow Dr Dick Review Crew members — Carlos and Mick. I gave my colleagues the lion share of the product. They both got four capsules equaling 4 doses. I used the remaining two myself. We will each take our turn reporting our findings. I’ll go first.

So what is LibidoStack exactly? The manufacturer says it’s a “…proprietary all natural male enhancement blend was researched and developed by our team of highly-acclaimed biochemists, and research analysts.” They claim their product will produce “…increased sexual pleasure, harder and longer lasting erections, and increased sex desire.”

The LibidoStack website list the ingredients, which they claim “consists of herbs, minerals, and amino acids.” They list the ingredients HERE!

I took the time to look up each and every ingredient listed. I found that the health benefits associated with these herbal extracts include — an increase in energy and virility; as well as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. So if nothing else, I figured my LibidoStack experience would not harm me in any way.

My experience — I used LibidoStack on two different occasions and followed the directions on the package each time — Take one capsule with warm water 60 minutes after a meal.

Before I continue, I must confess that I always approach products like this with a healthy dose of skepticism. And I’m always on the lookout for the placebo effect — the suggestion of an effect creates the effect. But I did have two opportunities to test this product over a span of 10 days so I would have had to be very suggestible for the placebo effect to play much of a role on both occasions. And I can tell you; I’m not that suggestible.

I am familiar with the effects of Viagra and its companion drugs, Levitra and Cialis. So I do have a frame of reference when it comes to judging the effects of herbal products, like LibidoStack. I can honesty say I was pleased with this product’s performance. It works by building up in your system as opposed to producing its effect immediately.

LibidoStack had a more gradual effect than the pharmaceuticals I’ve used, but that’s not a bad thing. What amazed me is that LibidoStack is as effective as any the medically prescribed drugs I’ve tested, but it is much kinder to my system. There were no headaches, unsightly flushes, upset stomach, rise in blood pressure or altered vision. This made me very happy indeed.

In doing reviews like this there is the danger of generalizing from one person’s experience. I want to avoid this by stating every human body is unique. Each of us metabolizes what we consume in a slightly different way. Keep this in mind if you try LibidoStack. The degree of erection, as well as the time it takes to get hard on this product (or any such product, including the pharmaceuticals) will depend on one’s age, overall health and the amount of sexual stimulation one is receiving.

Oh, and this is not an aphrodisiac, people! Wood is not gonna miraculously happen on it’s own.

I also want to be clear on another point — LibidoStack is not miracle potion. It will not override an unhealthy lifestyle. But it can positively effect one’s sexual response cycle; making arousal easier, which will make one a more confident lover.

I have a couple more thoughts that I will share at the end of this review. But now I want to bring in Carlos and Mick so that they can share their findings.

Mick: “I’m sold on LibidoStack. I’ve been having erections issues since my prostate cancer diagnosis. My doc believes the problem is all in my head. He can’t find any physical reason why the plumbing doesn’t work like it should, although I do have high blood pressure. So I can’t take Viagra because of that.
LibidoStackworked fine the first time, but better the fourth time I tried it. LibidoStack doesn’t come on like a freight train; it’s way more subtle than that. Like Dr Dick said, it really boosted my confidence. And if that’s all I needed, I’m a happy guy.”
Carlos: “I’m impressed too. LibidoStack exceeded my expectations.
I’ve tried several other herbal products in my time, because Viagra is so fuckin’ expensive. But none of the other products matched LibidoStack’s performance.
I do need to say, however, that I didn’t experience the effects of LibidoStack as quickly as did Mick. Of course, I’m a much bigger guy. I also took my first two doses an hour after a full meal, just as the package suggests. I took the other two doses on an empty stomach and it worked better.”
Mick: “I discovered that too. If I take LibidoStack on an empty stomach, the effect is more immediate.
Here’s another thing I noticed. After the second dose I started having nighttime boners, a lot of them. I would wake up from a sound sleep with a raging hardon. It was like it was in my 20’s.”
Carlos: “I had that happen to me too. At first I said, ‘whoa nelly!’ My wife was surprised as hell too. I hadn’t been feeling very randy for the last six months.”
Mick: “Yeah, my partner Chuck, noticed a difference right away too. I’m gonna guess that this stuff builds up in your system and maybe a maintenance dose is all ya ever need.
I was kidding with Chuck about those warnings you see on TV, the ones that say; ‘Warning: If you experience an erection for more than 4 hours, please seek medical assistance immediately.’ I told Chuck that if I had a boner that lasted 4 hours I wouldn’t call a doctor; I’d call a hustler!”
Carlos: “My wife wanted to know if I thought LibidoStack would work for women. I said I had no idea, but I figured, probably. I mean it’s all-natural and it boosts blood circulation in the genital area; so why wouldn’t it be as effective for a woman? Maybe we should test this out. Maybe the LibidoStack folks will send us more product for the woman folk to try.”

This is Dr Dick again. I’m pleased to be able to recommend this product. I think LibidoStack is a far better option than buying dubious “prescription” type meds online. I mean, how could you ever know for sure where these “meds” come from, how they were produced, if they’ve been adulterated, or if they are nothing more than sugar pills.

Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Gel

Intimate Organics Intense – clitoral gel —— $15.60

I thought to myself: Oh goodie, Intimate Organics Intense clitoral gel sounds simply delightful. I can’t wait to give it a whirl. Alas, once I did, I found that it didn’t live up to my, perhaps inflated, expectations.

Allow me to explain. It appears the Intimate Organics people and I have a completely different take on what the word “intense” means. When I think “intense” I think WOW, totally awesome! Intimate Organics Intense didn’t even come close to WOW or awesome. That’s not to say it didn’t work at all; it did. It’s just that it was mild, not wild.

Now, I’m the first one to acknowledge that every woman’s naughty bits are different from every other woman’s naughty bits. A woman’s response to a product like Intimate Organics Intense will be very subjective. What is thrilling to one may not be all that exciting to another. So how this clitoral gel panned out for me may not predict your experience.

Intimate Organics Intense is a clear gel, easy to use and it isn’t runny. I am totally stoked that this product is certified paraben-free, pure vegan and DEA-free. In fact, I couldn’t be more pleased in this regard. I’ll choose an organic product over an alternative every time.

I’m guessing the active ingredient in Intimate Organics Intense is the peppermint oil. It has a slight peppermint taste and the warming/stimulating/cooling effect is probably due to that too. I just wished they had kicked it up a notch.

I used Intimate Organics Intense on myself first. Than Jack and I used it together. I used it on my clit and I dabbed it on my nipples. There was an increase in sensations, but like I said there was nothing intense about it.

It works best when you apply it and then wait about 2 minutes and will last for about 10 minutes or so.

Intimate Organics Intense comes in their attractive signature packaging; it’s sexy, but understated.

Considering that there are a number of similar products on the market. We’ve even reviewed a couple here; you won’t find a more organic alternative. That alone allows me to confidently encourage any woman to try this product. Who knows, you might get off on it more than I did.

Intimate Teas – My Maple Cookie and Screaming O

My Maple Cookie 12 bags — $32.00

Karen:  “This is so cool.  I’m a big tea drinker.  Never been one for coffee, but I do know my teas.  And since I’m a naturally hyper kinda gal, I try to avoid caffeine as much as possible.  These teas are delicious and they are herbal.”maple-cookie-full-product-page2.jpg
Jack:  “I, on the other hand, am not a big tea drinker, but I agree; these teas are good.  There’s an earthiness to them that I really liked.
Karen:  “First up today is My Maple Cookie.  I love it; what a name. This tea is a unique blend of premium herbs specially formulated to change the female genitalia and male semen to smell and taste like maple cookies.  How fun is that?”
Jack:  “Who would have guessed something like this was even possible.  I have to admit, it’s the damnedest thing.  Karen and I shared the tin of 12 tea bags over a 10 day period.  We both noticed a difference in the way we smelled and tasted.  Don’t get me wrong; I love the natural taste of she and me, but this is way fun.”
Karen:  “Jack’s right.  Although, I sometimes find his cum to be kind of acrid. My Maple Cookie
Jack:  “I like the taste of my own jizz.  I never find it acrid.  But I don’t taste it every day.  So I bow to Karen’s critique.”
Karen:  “The Intimate Teas website suggests pouring 8 ounces of hot water over a tea bag and let steep for 5 minutes.  Then gently squeeze the tea bag to let the active ingredients fully release into the water.  You may remove tea bag or allow to stay in water for stronger tea.”
Jack:  “This tea is not a miracle worker.  It won’t cover a multitude of sins.  Hell, even I know to avoid some foods like onions and garlic, a lot of booze and, of course, smoking, if you want your spunk to taste sweeter.” changed that in just two days.

Screaming O 12 bags — $32.00

Jack:  “Next up we have Screaming O tea.  The Intimate Teas people get high marks for the clever names and the packaging.”
Karen:  “They sure enough do!  This tea is a premium blend of unique herbs made to increase sexual passion in both women and men.  It is supposed to be an aphrodisiac, sexual stimulant and it’s supposed to intensify orgasms.”screaming-o-full-product-page3.jpg
Jack:  “That’s what it says on the website.  I was dubious…at first.  I figured, I already have intense orgasms, do I really need to improve on that…even if it’s possible?”
Karen:  “Things are much different for us gals, but I think you know that already.  I felt like the tea really did stimulate me.  And maybe it was only wishful thinking, but I felt my orgasms intensified too.”
Jack:  “Again, I defer to my lovely wife.  One thing for sure; this tea is a stimulant.  The first time I had this tea was near bedtime.  I thought, a nice cup of warm tea will make me sleep like a baby.  NOT!  I tossed and turned all night long.  But I did have a raging boner in the morning.  I don’t know if those two thing are connected, but they did follow one after the other.”
Karen:  “Kevin and I split the 12 tea bags between us, like the My Maple Cookie tea.  I didn’t drink my tea at bedtime, so I couldn’t corroborate Kevin’s story.”
Jack:  “I say, if you’re feelin’ a little pookie in the libido department, give this tea a try.  I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.
Karen:  “That goes double for the women in our audience.  And these teas come in these charming little tins.  They make perfect gifts any time of the year, but especially during the holidays.”


ROPEX and Biogenica hGH+

Hey sex fans,

I have a couple of swell products to tell you about.  Both come from the good people at New Generation Labs.

Ya’ll know how suspicious I am (and so ought you be) of so many claims being made by some who produce herbal supplements, especially as these products apply to sexual functioning and wellbeing, right?  I mean there is so much crap (some of it even dangerous crap) and so much hype out there that it’s no wonder folks, like me (and hopefully you), often dismiss the entire industry as a bunch of snake oil promoters.

Then out of the blue, miracle of miracles, one happens upon the good stuff amidst the dross.  And it’s like HURRAY!  And my faith is restored.

I’ve had one such (actually two) eureka moment(s) lately that I want to tell you about.  Let’s do these babies one at a time, shall we?

Biogenica hGH+ — (30 ml) $34.95

For review purposes, the manufacturer sent me two bottles of Biogenica hGH+. By the way, it’s the only hGH formulation which carries an FDA Certification.  That, I can tell you, helped calm some of my initial misgivings.  The product delivery system is an (sublingual) oral spray.  I liked this feature a lot.  It sure beats skarffing down a bunch of pills.  Besides the absorption rate is much higher with this sort of delivery system.  So there’s a real big plus right there.

Unfamiliar with human Growth Hormone (GH) and its benefits, are ya?  Let me try to explain as best as I can, using layman’s terms. Growth Hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth and cell reproduction in humans and other animals.  It is secreted by our pituitary gland, which is located deep in our brain. GH is essential to healthy bones, muscles and organs.  Unfortunately, as we age GH secretion diminishes. (Damn the bad luck!)

In fact, clinical research found that GH concentration diminishes by 80% between the ages of 20 and 60.  (And when you are as ancient as I am you know the natural font of this stuff is pert-near dry!)  This lessening of output accounts for some of the more familiar side effects of aging, including a higher proportion of fat and a less lean body mass.  It also affects our skin and can impact on our libido and mood, among other things.

Some age related deterioration, of course, is best attributed to the unhealthy lifestyle most of us live.  It can’t all be blamed on our decreasing hormone production.  I mean, how many of us can actually claim we are scrupulous abut proper nutrition and exercise, which keeps our bodies and minds in peak condition while fighting the onset of aging?  (I know I try, but life is always getting in the way, don’t cha know.)

So ok, I did the recommended dose of Biogenica hGH+ — three sprays, under the tongue twice a day for as long as my supply lasted (approximately 6 weeks).  This was plenty of time to diminish any residual concern I may have had about a placebo effect.

I am happy to report that I was very pleased with the results.  I had a discernable increase in exercise tolerance and endurance.  My workouts were above normal. (And that’s saying something for someone at my seriously advanced age.)  I can’t honestly say that I lost body fat, but I wasn’t really working at that either.  I did notice an increase in my day-to-day energy level, as well as an improvement in my overall mood.  And that made everyone in my life a little bit happier.

And the icing on the cake, so to speak was a noticable increase in my libido.  So yea for that!  (I can’t tell if that made anyone else in my life happier, but it sure did me.)

I caution anyone from thinking that this is the fountain of youth.  It is not.  I also want to dissuade anyone from believing an herbal supplement, even a really terrific one like Biogenica hGH+,  will supplant the need for a healthy lifestyle.  It won’t.

That being said, I am pleased to recommend this product to any one (woman or man) who might be feeling a bit droopy lately.

Life got ya down?  Not much zip in your step?  Do ya need to get some lead in your pencil, as it were?  Well look no further sex fans; help is near to hand.  (Say, I wonder if we should send a boat-load of this stuff to John McCain?  God knows he needs something.)

Next we have ROPEX; a sexual support formula for men.

ROPEX $39.95

For review purposes, the manufacturer sent me three bottles of ROPEX, each containing 30 tablets.  This translates to roughly a 23-day supply (4 tablets twice a day for four days — The Loading Phase; and 3 tablets a day there after — The Maintenance Dose).

ropex-bottle.JPGROPEX is the granddaddy of sexual enhancement products.  It’s been around since the mid-1960’s.  (I suppose one might rightly conclude that the product’s longevity in the marketplace has something to do with its efficacy.)  It was formulated in Sweden as a means of invigorating the workings of one’s epididymides, vas deferens, Cowper’s gland and prostate. This is, as I hope ya’ll know, the part of the male reproductive system responsible for the lion share of our jizz production.

If, as the manufacturer claims, ROPEX increases spooge volume, it would naturally follow that it would also increase the number of ejaculatory contractions.  More spunk necessitates more contractions to expel it, right?  And that, sex fans, is a highly sought after effect for most men.

Guys get it in their head that the volume of cum and the velocity of their money shot is somehow associated with virility.  I’m not sure I buy that logic, but who among us doesn’t like a nice puddle of dickwad to play with and admire?

Before we get to my findings, there are a few things I’d like to point out.

  • ROPEX is 100% natural; made from non-allergenic pollen.  Lots of similar products are laced with knock-off pharmaceuticals, ya know.  And that’s never a good thing.
  • ROPEX is not a libido enhancer either.  You might want to look to Biogenica hGH+ for that.
  • ROPEX is not a Viagra substitute.

The claim is that ROPEX will boost the volume one’s ejaculate and increase one’s orgasmic contractions.

So does it live up to its claims, you ask?  Well yeah, it does.  I did notice an obvious pearl jam volume increase.  But this has never been something I’ve been overly consumed with.  I guess I’ve always been blessed with a big load.  Maybe that’s a genetic thing; who knows.

However, I certainly will recommend ROPEX to all the men who write to me with their worries about puny spunk production.  For all the guys out there who lament their dribble when they really want to shoot; why not give this product a whirl.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

Here’s a tip:  the makers of these two products, New Generation Labs, offers a special — Order 2 Get 1 Free Option.  They also have a convenient auto-billing/auto-shipping option available for those who want a regular supply of their products (at an additional 10% discount) sent to them without the bother of going online to reorder.  Pretty cool, huh?


Onkor Energy – For Men

Onkor Energy — For Men $24.95

Are you like me, sex fans?  Always looking to squeeze one more productive hour out of each day?  Well if you are, I know where you can go for the help you need to make this happen.  And I’m not suggesting a furtive visit to your local drug dealer either.

Before I continue; I need to confess that I’ve probably tried every sort of “energy” drink, bar, additive, powder, pill, potion, concoction, mixture, brew or what have you on the market in my search for the illusive energy boost to tide me through the day.

For the most part, I’ve been terribly disappointed by everything I tried.  That’s not to say that one doesn’t get a jolt from some of these products.  After all many of them contain enough caffeine and/or sugar to get an elephant buzzed.  But there is always that huge let down after the high.  It’s like the ingredients would shift my body into high gear; only to have it slammed into reverse when the additives deplete themselves in my system.  No thank you!

I stopped using any sort of “energy boost” product a long time ago.  I just couldn’t tolerate the shock to my system when one or another of these products actually worked.  That’s why I was so skeptical about this new item.

To tell the truth, Onkor Energy — For Men wasn’t anything I actually requested to review.  It just sorta came in the package, along with several other products, from the people at Oceanus Naturals.  (I will be reviewing the other, more sex related items; lubes and the like, in upcoming weeks.)  But for now, I want to turn my attention to this amazing stuff, because it has turned my opinion of energy “supplements” on its head.  (Look for the Onkor Energy — For Women review HERE.)

Here’s the crazy thing.  I was so convinced that this stuff wasn’t gonna work that I wasn’t really paying all that close onkormenattention to the incremental boost in energy I was experiencing.  A week into the “program” I had an opportunity to chat by phone with my contact, David, over at Oceanus Naturals.  He asked for my feedback on Onkor Energy.   I told him point-blank that I wasn’t feeling any effects, no buzz, no nothin’.  He explained that Onkor Energy will not give me a bump like I get from caffeine and/or sugar; that’s why it’s so revolutionary.  At the same time, I won’t slump or crash like I do from caffeine and/or sugar laced produces either.  This part was definitely true.  There were no debilitating side effects to Onkor Energy — For Men.

David went on to say that Onkor Energy is all about a linear release, not a jolt.  That’s why it takes a while to notice the subtle changes. The topical cream is absorbed into your body through your skin, which won’t tax your kidneys or adrenal glands.  That really appealed to me.

As luck would have it, the day after my phone chat with David, I was working with my colleague Jada on a presentation we were preparing.  We were buzzin’ through our “to do list” when Jada commented; “You are like a house on fire today.  What’s up with that?  Are you mainlining the coffee thing?”

I thought about it for a second and realized she was right.  I was definitely firin’ on all cylinders that morning…and after coming off a very respectable workout at the gym too.  But it wasn’t coffee.  In fact, I had had one less cup that morning, because I left that house so early.  Finally, it dawned on me.  It had to be the Onkor Energy.  Nothing else had changed in my lifestyle to account for this surprising revitalization.

All this occurred over a month ago and I am still at the top of my game.  I am more alert and experience very little fatigue during the day, even after lunch.  My gym workouts are commendable; my cardio workouts with the dog are less taxing; I’m not so groggy in the morning; and I sleep well at night.

Could Onkor Energy be the Holy Grail I’ve been searching for all this time?  Well, without becoming overly dramatic about it all; I will say without reservation — Onkor Energy has yet to let me down…so to speak.

Each morning all I gotta do is pump a little of this concoction (the color and texture of chocolate mousse) onto my fingertips and then rub that into the skin on my upper thigh or inner arm.  It takes 15 seconds tops!

Ya’ll should probably also know that this stuff has a very distinctive fragrance.  It smells just like chocolate and coconut.  It’s not in any way an unpleasant smell, but it is a curious scent to emanate from one’s skin.  I smell like a big giant chocolate macaroon for at least 20 minutes after putting this stuff on.  This won’t be a problem unless of course you planned on wearing another fragrance like eau de tuna fish salad or eau de pepperoni pizza.  😉

All you people out there who live your life like there is no tomorrow, burning your candle at both ends, this product might be just what you are looking for.  Instead of the vicious cycle of jacking yourself up with caffeine (or worse), or winding down with several cocktails (or worse) you could be experiencing an energy boost that is way more natural and more sustainable.  In doing so, you will also be doing your sex life a great big favor.

Just so that we’re clear — this product is not miraculous.  It will not override a pathologically unhealthy lifestyle.  But I do believe Onkor Energy could help wean us off of some of the more harmful food related stimulants and depressants we regularly consume to manage the roller coaster ride that is modern life.  This would give our body a chance to recoup and renew itself.  We would also diminish the negative impact caffeine, artificial additives and sugar has on our sexual response cycle.  And this in turn, would make us better, hornier and more energetic lovers.  That is if you ask me!


ExtenZe, XploZion and Sweeten69

Three products have cum my way, so to speak, from the folks at (They get extra credit for the clever name.) The three products are ExtenZe, XploZion and Sweeten69. Let’s talk about these “supplements” one at a time.

ExtenZe — one week supply — $16.99

For review purposes, I received a two-week supply (14 capsules) of ExtenZe. Theextenze.jpg manufacturer claims that: “ExtenZe is a powerful 100% natural male herbal enhancement pill that is safe, effective, and it is made with high quality ingredients known to aid in improving the health of the genital region.”

Roughly translated, this strongly suggests that the consumer will get a bigger boner by using this supplement. I realize the manufacturer is careful not to come right out and say that, but the wording they use, along with the attendant media that proliferates on the net and TV about this product, leaves little room for doubt about what they are selling.

Here’s a quote from a website that sells ExtenZe: “Having a larger penis and enjoying a more fulfilling sex life is possible and attainable. With today’s technical advancements in chemistry and medicine, there is no reason for a man not to have a larger, healthier penis and a better love life. A man with a larger, harder penis may be more confident and experience greater pleasure from sex.”

  • My experience — I scrupulously followed the directions for use presented by the manufacturer. I experienced no penis growth. Can’t rightly say my cock was any healthier. Nor did my love life improve. But I didn’t experience any adverse side effects either.

When I spoke with a company representative by phone to discuss my findings, she told me the manufacturer recommends an eight-week regime before one can begin to experience the full effect of ExtenZe. WOW! By my calculations that’s a $135 commitment just to get up to a baseline. I didn’t have an 8-week supply to test, so the jury is still out on that claim for me.

Certainly the list of herbal ingredients (and you can get a full list on their website) may improve blood circulation to the genital area. Which may, in turn, assist in achieving maximum erection potential. But will it add inches? Jeez, I seriously doubt that! But better blood flow will surely do wonders for one’s stamina, wellbeing and all-round genital health. Hey, it may even make you a bit more horny.

XploZion — 1 Single Package — $4.99

For review purposes I received two packets containing two capsules each of XploZion, whichxplozion.jpg equals two doses. The manufacturer claims that: “XploZion naturally improves the health of body systems that make the male orgasm happen. You’ll begin to notice results within one hour of your first use. XploZion is based on the same science as ExtenZe, the leading male enhancement supplement now endorsed by the top 12 male porn stars in America.”

Being a porn producer myself, I doubt if I’d ever put any credence in the testimony of any porn star, top tier or not. But it probably doesn’t hurt the ad campaign to use such a claim. 😉

  • My experience — I followed the directions for use presented by the manufacturer of XploZion. I experienced no orgasmic improvement even after two uses. But I also didn’t experience any adverse side effects either.

Again, when speaking the company representative by phone to discuss my findings, she told me the company recommends an eight-week regime to begin to experience the full effect of XploZion. YIKES! By my calculations (60 capsule at $49.95) that’s around $125. I didn’t have an 8-week supply to test, so I can’t comment further on that claim.

As with the previous product, the list of ingredients (and you can get a full list on their website) may improve blood circulation to the genital area, which may assist in the production of more ejaculate. But staying well hydrated will accomplish that too. However, better blood flow will do wonders for one’s libido and all-round genital health. Again, no quarrel with that.

Sweeten69 — 1 Single Package — $4.99

For review purposes I received two packets containing two tablets each of Sweeten69. Whichsweeten69.jpg equals four doses. The manufacturer claims that: “Sweeten69 works with your body’s natural processes to improve the way you taste to your partner when you’re getting really close!” (How’s that for a swell euphemism for cocksucking and pussy-lickin’?) They go on to say; “Using Sweeten69 as a daily dietary supplement, you can actually improve the way your secretions taste during sex.”

  • My experience — I followed the directions for use presented by the manufacturer of Sweeten69. I did notice an improvement in the taste of my own cum with just one use. (But my spooge wasn’t bad tasting to begin with, don’t cha know!) It was noticeably sweeter after using Sweeten69.

Unlike the products above, I couldn’t find a complete list of the proprietary blend of pharmaceutical-grade herbal ingredients. I don’t know why that is.

You may say; “Wait a minute, Dr Dick. Haven’t you mentioned on your site that a guy can sweeten his spooge simply by avoiding junk foods and eating lots of fruits and greens? Didn’t you say that fruit juices like pineapple and cranberry are known to make a dude’s cum taste sweeter? That fruits like melon, mango, apple, or grape, will sweeter your jizz? Didn’t you also say that vegetables like parsley and celery would also sweeten your spunk?” Well, aren’t you clever! Indeed, I did say all of those things at one time or another.

The problem is; unless your eating habits reflect the guidelines above, it’s gonna be difficult to carry around a melon, a jug of fruit juice and/or a bunch of celery or parsley to use on the spare of the moment. That’s why Sweeten69 is a nice alternative. Unlike raw fruits and vegetables, Sweeten69 will easily slip into the smallest purse or the tightest hip pocket…right next to your condoms. 😉

To conclude, it’ll be up to each prospective consumer to determine if the outlay of cash for these products is worth the uncertain benefits. If you do choose to buy, even just enough product to see if it works for you; be sure to buy only from the manufacturer’s website or a reputable online retailer. Be a conscientious consumer! Avoid any auto-billing schemes. There are all kinds of con-job operations out there that will offer free samples of these and other such products, or deep discounts for first time buyers. Once they have your credit card they run up exorbitant monthly charges. So, beware!