Jack & Karen are here with another  Jelique product.

Tooshies $8.95

Karen:  “I’m a new-cumer to anal.  Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to this particular activity.”
Jack:  “I love her for trying anal.  She did it just to please me.”
Karen:  “Well, that and it feels great once I get over the first hurtle.”
Jack:  “We were lucky enough to score
Tooshies to review.  It’s a minty flavored Benzocaine based numbing gel formulated to ease the initial discomfort of anal sex.”

Karen:  “We’ve been looking around for such a product, but didn’t know which one to choose.  Or if such gels and or lube worked.”
Jack:  “
Tooshies works!”
Karen:  “It does; that’s for sure.  It’s just the thing I need to boost my confidence and to desensitize my rectum.  I just have to say, Benzocaine is not for everyone.  It’s pretty common for some people to have an allergic reaction to it.  I suggest you try a little dab on the inside of your elbow first to see if you have a reaction or not.  The inside of your elbow is not the same thing as the mucus membranes in you rectum, but you’ll have a better sense of things nonetheless.”
Jack:  “And while we’re pointing out cautions, all you tops out there better wear a condom when your bottom is using
Tooshies.  No, it’s not for safe sex reasons!  It’s because the Benzocaine will get on your dick during the fuck and you’ll experience a numbing sensation on your rod, and that ain’t good.  Or at least it wasn’t for me.”

Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm

Jada is here with a Jelique product.
Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm $10.95

Jada:  “I love this new site, Dr Dick’s Set Toy Reviews; I’m so proud to be part of this effort.

I would like to introduce you to an interesting product — Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm.  It’s a creamy lotion one applies to one’s genitals, or the genitals of a partner to flavor them up and make them tingle.

I should say from the outset that I would have never considered using this product had I seen it in the store.  I would have simply passed it by.  You see, I like the way I taste and smell when I am aroused.

I used Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm first by myself.  It has an intense butter cream scent.  It has a pleasant enough taste with a hint of mint.  I licked some off my finger first before I put some around my labia.  The hint of mint comes from the menthol in the ingredients.  This, I assume, is also what adds the tingling effect.

It tastes like icing on a cake.  It’s sweet to the tongue, but it also has a bit of a chemical aftertaste.  Maybe that’s the mineral oil base; I don’t know.  What I do know for sure is that, because of the mineral oil base, this product is not compatible with latex condoms.  But I believe that Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm is geared toward masturbation and oral sex.

I only used Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm outside my vagina.  Considering the ingredients, I wasn’t comfortable using it inside me.  Saccharin in particular, one of the ingredients in this product, is definitely not for internal use.

I liked the tingly feeling, but I couldn’t say that it intensified my orgasm, as the Jelique website suggested it might.

My partner, Steve, liked Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm more than I did.  He’s kind of a sugar freak, so he liked the sweetness.  I found that Steve spent more time giving me oral pleasure using this product.  I liked that, a lot.  However, I preferred to orally pleasure him without Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm.  Steve did like the tingly effect on his penis though.  He liked when i masturbated him with it.

I’d recommend this product to people just starting out with oral experimentation.  It’s also a fun little thing to surprise a partner with. Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm comes in a couple other flavors besides Butter Cream Icing.  They are — Mint Chocolate Chip and Orange Dreamsicle.

Lubricant Lickeurs by Hathor Aphrodisia

Lubricant Lickeurs — Coconut Orange        4 oz $22.00 CAD

Gina & Kevin introduce us to Lubricant Lickeurs from Hathor Aphrodisia.

Gina:  “I’ve never been one for flavored lubes.  The whole concept seems silly to me.  But I also don’t like the taste of regular lubes.  They taste funny.  Basically, I just avoid, as much as possible, coming in oral contact with any lube.  So when we were asked to review Lubricant Lickeurs I said to myself, ‘Oh ick!”3-lubricant-lickeurs-sm.jpg
Kevin:  “I was of the same mind as Gina.  I mean, how juvenile?  By the way, I love the natural taste of Gina’s pussy, like fresh out of her panties.  I suppose it helps that she vegan.  Her juices are naturally sweet and I can eat her all day long.”
Gina:  “He sure is talented in the department, I must say.  There was a time that I was uncomfortable with him doing oral on me, but now I love it.  It helps that it isn’t a chore for him.  It’s taken me probably as long to warm to the idea of giving oral to Kevin too.  But now I’m such a bad girl that I don’t even give it a second thought.”
Kevin:  “Actually, she’s a natural-born cocksucker.  She just needed to liberate herself from all the Catholic school repression.”
Gina:  “But enough about us; back to the Lubricant Lickeurs.  Neither one of us wanted to disappoint the good Dr, so we agreed to try it.”
Kevin:  “And damn if we both don’t absolutely love this stuff.”
Gina:  “Yeah, so much for our natural prejudices, huh?  But I must say, Lubricant Lickeurs is a grown-ups version of flavored lubes.”
Kevin:  “It’s like Hathor Aphrodisia didn’t simply make a lube and then try to flavor it as an afterthought with some artificial flavoring.”
Gina:  “Lubricant Lickeurs come in three organic flavors.  The one we have is Coconut Orange.  Think macaroons with a hint of citrus.  Yummmmy!  Oh, and the packaging get high marks too.  I love the heart/vagina/flower/sperm logo”
Kevin:  “This is a water-based lube, so it’s condom safe.”
Gina:  “Because there’s a sweetness to it I was concerned that it might be unhealthy for my vagina.  Sugar is  not a good thing to introduce into a vagina.  So I went to the Hathor Aphrodisia website and discovered, to my great delight, that this product is sweetened with stevia, an herb belonging to the Sunflower family; not a sugar.  This means not only is it safe to be used in and around a vagina, diabetics can use it too.
Kevin:  “This stuff rocks!  Like Dr Dick said, it makes a great stocking stuffer.”

Lubricant Pure by Hathor Aphrodisia

Keeping with today’s GREEN theme we’ve got a couple of delicious products from a little company in Vancouver, BC called Hathor Aphrodisia.

Lubricant Pure 4 oz $18.00 CAD

I, Dr Dick, have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to Lubricant Pure. I am so fond of this mighty-mite of a company from right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  What a joy it is to bring their products to your attention.


Ya’ll know my passion for GREEN adult products, right? Hathor Aphrodisia is a boutique company that brings us only a few choice products, but each one is a work of love.

Lubricant Pure is an exceptionally fine personal lube.  It contains pure botanical emollients including Horny Goat Weed, Jujube Zizyphus and Siberian Ginseng, which are supposed to have aphrodisiacal properties.  Can’t honestly say I noticed any difference in my sexual response cycle.  But as my granny used to say, ‘It couldn’t hurt!’

Lubricant Pure is water-based, so it’s condom compatible. It’s slippery, non-sticky and there’s no fragrance, which really appealed to me.  I hate when lubes have an odor.

And as you would guess from a company like this, Lubricant Pure even tastes nice.  I mean don’t you just hate getting some lubes in your mouth?  I know I do. They taste all chemically?

Sex fans, if you want your sex to be GREEN?  Here’s a way to do that and support a fantastic little company that is doing the right thing.  Lubricant Pure makes a great stocking stuffer too.

Pjur Analyse Me!

Pjur Analyse Me! Silicone Anal Glide

Long-lasting silicone personal lubricant designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of ass fucking. Jojoba extracts help soften the skin and anal sphincter enhancing the experience of anal sex. Unlike other such products, Analyse Me is Benzocaine free!

Mick and Chuck —

“This stuff worked great…a little too great, in fact.

You know that I’ve been having some problems with my butt since the surgery. Anyhow, I haven’t been as confident a bottom as I once was. Chuck’s pretty big and with his PA…well, I’ve just not been able to accommodate him.

I’ve tried relaxing exercises and whatnot, but nothing seemed to work. We were both pretty frustrated and ready to call the whole thing off till you shared the Analyse Me with us.

This was just what I needed to regain my confidence in my skill as a bottom. I started in using the lube on myself; you know, kinda like getting myself all warmed up. I could feel the difference right away. Noting dramatic, mind you, but the effect was noticeable.

Once I thought I was ready for Chuck, I asked him to try and put it in. It was like it was pre-surgery. I was able to relax and things were flawless. That is until Chuck noticed that he had lost some of the sensitivity in his dick.

Well, duh! If Analyse Me is good enough to decrease the sensitivity in my butt, it just stands to reason that it would have the same effect on Chuck’s dick. Unfortunately, neither one of us thought about this till it was too late for that first session. When I use this stuff now, Chuck uses a rubber.”

Pjur Personal Lubricants

What luck, sex fans! A load of Pjur (pronounced “pure”) products came my way. So I thought I’d spread the wealth, so to speak. I got 5 different Pjur lubes here; enough to share with some of my product review pals and keep one for myself, don’t cha know!

Before I report the findings of Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew, I want to introduce ya’ll to the Pjur label. I’ve tested a vast array of lubes over the years. And while some people have a personal favorite, any connoisseur of personal lubricants will know that the Pjur line of products has an unrivaled international reputation. That’s why I was so jazzed to receive so many different Pjur products to review. And this represents just a fraction of their complete line.

Pjur products are German made. And that, sex fans, means quality. Unlike many similar products, they are clinically and dermatologist tested, approved safe for internal use and certified latex condom compatible. And they never use animal testing.

They come in three different formulas too — Water-based, the type least likely to irritate bodily surfaces. Silicone-based, which is super-slippery and lasts longer than the water-based variety. And a Combination, which is a blend of water-based and silicone. And here’s a tip: when choosing a lube know that the thicker the lube the less friction you’ll experience; thinner lubes will allow for more friction.

For those purists (no pun intended) among us, the people at Pjur maintain a complete list of Ingredients for all their products here.

  • And here’s some news I just learned. Because Pjur uses only the highest-grade silicone in their products, they claim it is safe to use with 90% of all silicone toys. They do not, however, recommend their silicone-based lubes to be used on soft cyberskin or other spongy silicone toys and inserts.

Pjur Eros Bodyglide Originalpjur-original.jpg

Smooth, fragrance free, and doesn’t get ropy or sticky. It’s highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Dr Dick —

“I love this lube. I keep returning to this brand year after year. I’m never disappointed. Oh, and did you know that it doubles as a swell massage lotion. In these tough economic times, wise consumers choose quality products. And when these quality products are also multi-functional, well then you know you’ve struck gold.

I’ve had the pleasure of introducing this particular lube to several men who have worked on and in one or another of my Daddy Oohhh! Productions. Studio lights and long filming sessions tend to dry out water-based lubes. But Eros Bodyglide always withstands the rigors of a porn shoot. If you have the kind of sex that would make a porn star blush, this is the lube for you. 😉

And get this, one of my featured performers, a guy who is heavy into latex and rubber told me that he uses Eros Bodyglide to help him get into his skin tight outfits. He also claims that Eros Bodyglide keeps his gear nice and shiny. All I could say is, ‘I did not know that!’”

Pjur Woman Bodyglide

Pjur Woman line of products is designed especially for the soft and sensitive skin of women.pjur-woman.jpg Woman Bodyglide contains conditioners and moisturizers, but no oils, fats, preservatives or animal byproducts.

Joy —

“I’m a big fan of Pjur products, I’ve been using Eros Bodyglide for years. It’s my lube of choice. This is the first time I’ve used one of the products from their Woman line. I didn’t think I would change my mind about my favorite lube, but Woman Bodyglide is totally amazing. It has a lighter feel to it than the Eros product I’m used to. It feels really natural, like what my own body makes. I’m totally impressed.

And this stuff lasts and lasts, which makes it really economical. And who doesn’t need to be cost conscious these days?

I also like the fact that it is scent free and has no discernible taste. I just hate it when the lube I’m using tastes like cooking oil…or worse. The fact that it’s nontoxic and non allergenic is a big plus.

I’m sold!”

Pjur Superhero Energizin Ginkgo Lubricantsuperhero.jpg

Water-based personal lubricant designed for men who want a little boost. The key ingredient, Ginkgo, provides a natural, safe, viagra-like source of energy and growth thus providing maximum endurance and enjoyment. The special ingredients reduce hypersensitivity.

Ideal for use with all silicone toys.

Tag and his Play Partner —

“The label says ginkgo stands for expansion, power and energy. My play partner and I felt nothing. We, however, normally get rock hard and already have plenty of energy for sex. The label does say that it is ‘ideal for use in combination with Pjur Superhero Performance Spray for Men.’ Maybe I would have noticed some benefit had I also had the spray.

Or maybe this product is just marketed at someone other than me.”

Pjur Eros BASIC Bodyglideeros-basic.jpg

An inexpensive alternative silicone-based Bodyglide. Non-toxic, non-pore blocking, with no taste or odor, and latex safe.

Angie and her husband —

“This is a fine lube. You need very little for it to last a long time. My husband and I both liked this product very much. We didn’t have to interrupt our lovemaking to reapply. So that was a big plus in our book.

I understand that they have a water-based version of this product. I want to try that sometime. I can’t use this particular lube with my silicone vibe; and that’s just a darn shame.”