Chandra by Emotional Bliss

We’re back with Part 2 of Jada’s show and tell of the Emotional Bliss massagers from the UK.

Did you some how miss last week’s presentation?  Not to worry!  Look for it HERE!

Chandra $49.95


This little lovely is the Chandra by Emotional Bliss.   Where last week’s offering, Femblossom, was a powerful, multi-speed handful; Chandra is a cute, discreet, single-speed vibe that you wear on your finger.  It’s so adorable and petite; at first I thought it was some kind of novelty item.  I soon discovered that the Chandra is decidedly not that.  This is a fully functional personal massager that has been shrunk down to the size of your thumb (2.75 X .75 in).  It is designed to direct stimulation directly to those yummy places on your body, like nipples, clit and labia.

When I masturbate, I use my fingers; as I assume most women do.  I’m not one for vaginal insertions when I pleasure myself.  But rather I concentrate on my clitoris.  The Chandra is absolutely perfect for this purpose.  You simply attach the massager to one of the three finger clips (each clip is a different size), and that’s it.  Since it’s rechargeable, there are no cords to fuss with.  I absolutely love it.

I can direct as much stimulation I like to the precise area I want.  The Chandra certainly can be used in conjunction with a dildo if that’s what you’re into, but it’s perfect on its own.

My husband loves the Chandra, not only what it does for me but what it does for him.  To be perfectly frank, I’m only orgasmic with clitoral stimulation.  So even in intercourse, I must stimulate myself.  Sometimes this can get tiring.  Introducing a regular sized vibe can be intrusive to the intimate moment.  But there’s nothing invasive with the Chandra.  You see, wherever my finger goes, so goes my Chandra.  I can easily move from my clit to my nipples, to my husband’s nipples and then to his scrotum, then back to my clit.  My orgasms are amazingly strong, yet effortless.  It’s like I now have a bionic finger.

The Chandra is surprisingly quiet for as powerful as it is.  You can immediately tell this is a quality vibe.  Like it’s big sister, the Femblossom, the Chandra is made of non-porous medical grade TPE plastic.  It also has the same antibacterial agent incorporated in it during the manufacturing process.

The Chandra come with:

  • 3 Finger Clips
  • AC Adapter
  • Water-based lube sample
  • Silicone-based lube sample
  • Instruction Booklet

Like the Femblossom, cleaning the Chandra can be tricky.  All you basically need is mild soap and water, but you have to be very careful not to get water (or worse lube) in the recharging port.  Because the Chandra is so small, that can be a real challenge.  I used a piece of tape to cover the port while I cleaned it.

Oh and you’ll need to charge the vibe for 12 hours before your first use.

Again, my husband and I both wholeheartedly endorse Chandra.


Emotional Bliss – Femblossom

We’ve got some goodies for ya, sex fans, two blissful massagers from the UK.  Emotional Bliss is a new company with exceptional credentials.  Their approach to product development is simple; maximize pleasure.  And in the process they’ve come up with revolutionary designs, which has form following function.

These products are specifically designed with a woman’s body in mind.  However, that doesn’t mean that a man can’t enjoy them, on the contrary.  But let’s let Jada of the Dr Dick Review Crew take over from here.

Femblossom $99.95


Form does indeed follow function in the two vibes I have before me.  (Each will have its own posting)  First up is Femblossom.

I had to giggle at the name.  Femblossom, what kind of name is Femblossom?  Perhaps it’s a British term, I don’t know.  All I can say for sure is, I immediately rechristened it SATISFY.  And you want to know why?  Because, in my book, name should also follow function.

Femblossom is unique, no question about it.  It is a hand-held massager, but it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.   It is constructed of a hard plastic with non-slip surfaces on the control pad and on its underside.  I really liked the non-slip feature on the control pad.  The same on the underside of the vibe, however, made gliding it along delicate skin difficult without the use of lube.  Luckily, the package included samples of water-based lube and silicon-based lube.  Both can be used on this toy.  By the way, that’s a very thoughtful addition, Emotional Bliss; thank you and good marketing!

The stylized shell shape of this vibe is an ideal fit to lie astride my vaginal mound.  The pointed tip easily slips between my vaginal lips to nuzzle my clit.  The vibe is powerful enough to create intense stimulation throughout my whole pelvic area.  I hate a wimpy vibe!

I discovered that if I prop myself up against some pillows, place Femblossom on my vulva, and close my thighs on the vibe, I’m able to send amazing sensations all over my genitals.  The harder I squeeze my thighs together the more intense the sensations.  I can even do kegel exercises this way.  And what could be  better for sexual health and wellbeing?  I found that I don’t really need to use my hands at all, except to reposition the vibe from time to time. It’s brilliant!

The Femblossom also warms up with use; not so much so that you’ll feel uncomfortable or have a sense that the unit is over heating.  I was trying to concentrate on the warming sensation, but I couldn’t really discern if the warmth of the Femblossom was due to the heating element or my own body temperature.  What can I say; I’m hot blooded!  But then again, I wasn’t using the vibe on high speed.

After using Femblossom on my own several times and liking it a whole lot, I thought it would be nice to introduce it to partner play.  My husband took to it right away.  He’s not one for vibes that look like a penis.  I don’t suppose I can fault him for that.  And, I’m not one of those gals that get off on vibe penetration.  That’s why we like the Femblossom so much.

My husband liked how the massager fit in his hand.  The controls are very easy to manipulate, even with lubed up femblossom2fingers.  Femblossom has nine distinct massage modes.  I think that’s the greatest variety of pulsation I’ve ever seen in a vibe.

During our play together, my husband also used the vibe on himself.  He placed the Femblossom tip on his perineum and cupped his testicles in the shell form.  The handle reached up and touched the root of his penis.  He was surprised by the intensity of the sensations and he really liked the warming sensations. He was running it on high speed.  This thing has a very powerful motor.  And the hard plastic material seems to conduct the vibrations more effectively than do my silicone vibes.

Femblossom is rechargeable, which is really great.  It’ll run for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the speed you’re running it, before it needs recharging.  The universal charger is included in the package.  It also comes with a beautifully designed and very informative instructional booklet.

The cleaning instructions included in the package state that one ought only use a mild soap and water to clean Femblossom.  Here’s a tip:  you must be very careful not to get water (or worse lube) in the recharging socket.  Frankly, that is a real concern to me in terms of use as well as cleanup.  Let’s face it; sex play can be messy.  If one is concentrating on not getting lube all over the vibe that could easily ruin the mood.  Too bad the vibe doesn’t come with a cover for the recharging port.

The instructions also state that there is an antibacterial agent incorporated in the manufacturing process.  They are the first to use silver ion technology for antibacterial purposes.  Ok, I like the sound of that.  But is that enough to put my mind at ease about sharing my toy?  Maybe we’ll be hearing more from Emotional Bliss about this in the future.

In the meantime, my husband and I both wholeheartedly endorse Femblossom.

One final word, I encourage you to shop at the Emotional Bliss online store for this product.  Searching the web I discovered, to my great dismay, that some stores are charging up to $50 per unit than the price on the Emotional Blisssite.  What’s up with that?

Next week:  Emotional BlissChandra


Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm

Jada is here with a Jelique product.
Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm $10.95

Jada:  “I love this new site, Dr Dick’s Set Toy Reviews; I’m so proud to be part of this effort.

I would like to introduce you to an interesting product — Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm.  It’s a creamy lotion one applies to one’s genitals, or the genitals of a partner to flavor them up and make them tingle.

I should say from the outset that I would have never considered using this product had I seen it in the store.  I would have simply passed it by.  You see, I like the way I taste and smell when I am aroused.

I used Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm first by myself.  It has an intense butter cream scent.  It has a pleasant enough taste with a hint of mint.  I licked some off my finger first before I put some around my labia.  The hint of mint comes from the menthol in the ingredients.  This, I assume, is also what adds the tingling effect.

It tastes like icing on a cake.  It’s sweet to the tongue, but it also has a bit of a chemical aftertaste.  Maybe that’s the mineral oil base; I don’t know.  What I do know for sure is that, because of the mineral oil base, this product is not compatible with latex condoms.  But I believe that Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm is geared toward masturbation and oral sex.

I only used Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm outside my vagina.  Considering the ingredients, I wasn’t comfortable using it inside me.  Saccharin in particular, one of the ingredients in this product, is definitely not for internal use.

I liked the tingly feeling, but I couldn’t say that it intensified my orgasm, as the Jelique website suggested it might.

My partner, Steve, liked Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm more than I did.  He’s kind of a sugar freak, so he liked the sweetness.  I found that Steve spent more time giving me oral pleasure using this product.  I liked that, a lot.  However, I preferred to orally pleasure him without Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm.  Steve did like the tingly effect on his penis though.  He liked when i masturbated him with it.

I’d recommend this product to people just starting out with oral experimentation.  It’s also a fun little thing to surprise a partner with. Tasty Twist Oral-Sex Balm comes in a couple other flavors besides Butter Cream Icing.  They are — Mint Chocolate Chip and Orange Dreamsicle.

Vibe-Me Massager

Vibe-Me Massager, Luster Blue    $11.99

Isn’t this a beauty?  It’s so shiny and sleek.  It looks like it’s made of metal, but it’s not.  The Vibe-Me Massager is an 8-inch hard plastic bodied waterproof vibrator.  There’s nothing soft of squishy here.  It contains a powerful motor, yet it is very quiet.  I really appreciate that.  I hate it when toys are loud enough to wake the dead.


The Vibe-Me Massager has several features I liked very much.  Like the two other vibes that we are featuring today, mine is also waterproof.  Angie, Glenn and I agree that a waterproof vibe is so convenient to use when one is already naked…like in the bath.  It also has a rheostat type speed adjustment that allows one to vary the vibration, just like the one Angie showed you.

Because the Vibe-Me Massager is non-porous, you can use any sort of personal lube you’d like with this toy.   I’m partial to silicone-based lube, so that’s what I use.  But water-based lube works equally well. The Vibe-Me Massager will stay slick either way.

Clean up is easy — mild soap and warm water works fine.  But you can sanitize more fully with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution.  This is a highly recommended procedure if you will be sharing your toys.

The bullet shape makes insertion effortless.  And I must say I love the metallic blue color, it’s so pretty.

Unlike my friend Glenn here, I have a preference for a less penis identifiable shape to my dildos.  So does my husband.  I’m sure I would feel the same way he does if I were a man using an insertable on a woman.  Who needs the obvious comparison between the dildo and the real thing?

And just to make it unanimous, I concur with everyone else on the battery issue.”


Fun Finger

Jada gives us the finger, as it were.  This is a clever first offering from a new Canadian company — Fun To Have.

Fun Finger $20.00

Jada:  At first I thought this was some kind of gag.  I mean Fun Finger looks like something you’d funfinger-016.jpgfind on one of those prank websites.  It’s basically a big golden thumb. Fun Finger is soft and flexible.  It has a multi-speed vibrator that is adjusted on the base of the finger. It’s made in China of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), which is non-toxic, but anyone allergic to latex will not be able use this.  I’m not a big fan of Chinese made products, especially nowadays, but this one seems harmless enough.

I did like the unique shape — the cocked thumb.  It’s perfect for G-spot stimulation.  I wouldn’t, however, recommend it for prostate stimulation.  There’s nothing to hold on to at the base and it could easily slip in your bum and disappear.  And that would very unpleasant indeed.

Fun Finger would make a fun stocking stuffer for the light-hearted person on your list.

Happy holidays everyone!

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator $44.95


I was so delighted to be chosen to do this review.  I’ve been the proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand for over 10 years.  It has been my personal favorite for all that time.  I was eager for an opportunity to ideal.jpgcompare the Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator with the one I’ve loved so much for so long.

Both vibrators are the hand held type with a flexible spring ball head.  Each has the same oscillating movement.  The Ideal Vibrator is not as quite as the Hitachi, but it is as powerful on both speeds. The Ideal is lighter than the Hitachi model I have.  I like that a lot.

The thing I like the most about the Ideal is always ready to go and there is no cord to tangle with.  I can’t tell you how much I love that. is that is cordless.  It doesn’t run on batteries either.  It’s rechargeable.  I know this may sound petty, but there have been plenty of times in the past when I probably would have used my trusty Hitachi Magic Wand on the spare of the moment.  But I wound up putting it off, because I didn’t want to move furniture to plug it in or deal with an extension cord.  Now I’ll never have to postpone my pleasure, because the

The Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator is head and shoulders above the Hitachi in terms of its design too.  It’s really very pretty and much more elegant than the Hitachi.  The grip on the Ideal fits naturally in my hand.  It’s as comfortable in my right hand as it is in my left.

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator is my brand new favorite.

Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment $16.95


I feel as though I’ve fallen into a pot of jam.  The one thing I always thought was lacking in my wand vibrator is that it was for external use only.  Now with this inexpensive Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment I can change all that.It’s so simple and practical; I can’t believe no one thought of this before now.  The attachment fits on either my


Hitachi wand or my new Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator.  It has two prongs for G-spot and clitoral stimulation.  It is beautifully flexible and yet it is latex-free.  (I am allergic to latex.)  And I’m delighted to learn that it is also phthalate-free.  (Thanks to Dr Dick, I’m becoming a more discerning, conscientious and health wise consumer.)

One last thing, I was struck by something Angie said about her husband’s response to her vibrators.  She said something like he is less put off by the Liberte because it didn’t have a “penis shape.”  I never realized that my husband had similar reservations.  He’s never said anything, but he only likes using my Hitachi wand on me, none of my other insertables.  But now with this G-Plus Attachment I get the best of both worlds — external and internal stimulation — and my husband likes it just fine.