Sportsheets Chest Harness with Dildo

Sportsheets Chest Harness with Dildo ——  $59.00

Give your partner a front row seat with this fun harness and dildo set. It’ll spice up your sex life with a little tease and pleasure right in front of your face.

Jack & Karen

Jack:  “We had some fun with this, I can tell ya.”chest_harness.jpg
Karen:  “Yes we did!”
Jack:  “I can eat out my darling wife and bugger her senseless all at the same time.”
Karen:  “Yes he can!  OMG, am I being too frivolous?”
Jack:  “No, my love, you are being just the right amount of frivolous.”
Karen:  “OK, I’ll behave.
So now you know my other little kink.  I love to have my ass played with.”
Jack:  “And I am only too happy to oblige!
In the past it was either ass play or pussy lickin’, never both at the same time.  Now she can punish her ass and I can please her cunt without missing a beat.”
Karen:  “I wanted to switch out the dildo that comes with this harness for a bigger one, but the ring in the harness doesn’t allow for that.  Bummer.”
Jack:  “A word to the wise.  If your partner really gets into this thing, like you know who over here, be prepared to cum away from the experience with a bruised sternum.  I did!”

The Penetration Station

The Penetration Station by Sportsheets ——   $54.00

When you use the Penetration Station you can fully realize deeper penetration and thrust in a wide array of positions (from doggy to missionary to cowgirl and others). The straps are highly adjustable to fit any mattress and once you and your partner hold on, then the ride will begin. The product consists of one 12′ center strap, four 7′ leverage straps and 4 neoprene attachments. Each of these pieces can fit easily underneath the mattress for discreet storage.

Jack & Karen

Karen:  “This is our first appearance as members of Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew.  So maybe a little introduction is in order.  Jack and I are Swingers.  We’ve been in the lifestyle, as it’s called, for 6 years.  We’re both on the kinky side of the spectrum and are very fond of light bondage and the associated discipline.  We are both bisexuals, me more so than Jack, but we play with same and other sex partners.”
Jack:  “Karen and I were so stoked when Dr Dick invited us to join his crew, so we hope to do him and our fellow reviewers proud.  So here’s a shout out to all the pervs in our audience.  We’re here for ya baby!”penetration_station.jpg
Karen:  “The Penetration Station setup is a snap (literally and figuratively).  All we had to do is loop the straps under our mattress, as shown in the instructions, so that two straps come up from the head of the bed and two come up from the foot of the bed.  Neoprene and nylon attachments easily snap in place and work as handgrips, foot stirrups or thigh straps.”
Jack:  “And you can use this on any sized bed.  Once the basic set up is complete, you get to choose from a variety of possible uses.  This thing is so damned versatile.”
Karen:  “The straps detach from the loops with clips and the whole thing can be tucked under the mattress when not in use.”
Jack:  “We had to be patient as we fumbled around trying to get the hang of things.  Karen and I had to keep referring to the illustrations to get into the positions we wanted.  We kept cracking up over our awkwardness.  This didn’t add to the passion, but we had a good time nonetheless.”
Karen:  “At first, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I was getting more tangled up in the straps than anything.  Laughing at ourselves kept the frustration level down. But boy-oh-boy, once we figured it out, it became like second nature to us.”
Jack:  “I’m like Kevin; doggie style is my favorite position. The Penetration Station allows Karen to grasp the straps from the foot of the bed while I grab the ones from the head of the bed.  This brings us tight in on each other, more so than one could do without the Penetration Station.  We both get balance and stability and the deepest fuck ever thanks to this little wonder.”
Karen:  “Jack’s right!  I no longer have to worry about getting my face smooched into the mattress or stressing my elbows as I brace myself against Jack’s thrusts.  Gina mentioned the same thing in her review.  I’m so glad I’m not alone in this.”
I can now actually press back against Jack for an even deeper thrust and G-spot stimulation.”
Jack:  “Neither one of us is exhausted by trying to hold one position or another.  The fuck, however, is sure enough exhausting, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be, huh?”
Karen:  “I like that the Penetration Station is so portable.  We’ve already taken it to several play parties.  I love introducing our swinger friends to this amazing device.  It immediately becomes the life of the party.
The neoprene cuffs are very comfortable on both hands and feet.
Jack:  “I’m in charge of clean-up after play and so I like how easily the Penetration Station can be discreetly stored under the mattress.
You can wipe off any lube residue on the straps or cuffs with a damp cloth and you’re favorite spray cleaner.  It’s also machine washable!”