PES Tubular Base Ring and PES Prostate Stimulator

Gina & Kevin introduce us to the PES Tubular Base Ring Electrode and the PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode.

PES Tubular Base Ring Electrode (C086)        $70.00

PES Prostate Stimulator Electrode (C092)        $133.00

Gina:  “When Kevin and I met, I was like this good little Catholic girl.  About as sexually adventurous as I ever got was having sex with the lights on.  I mean it, I must have been a real piece of work.”
Kevin:  “Yeah, it was like she had just escaped from a convent or something.  She was like totally adorable, with this knock-out body, but she was so timid and shy and like completely inexperienced.”
Gina:  “But look at me now!  Thanks to Kevin and our own devious Dr Dick c086.jpgI’ve gotten in touch with my inner ‘Dom’.  Despite my feminist leanings, I thought women were always subservient to men in the bedroom.  I never realized there were ‘Sub’ men.  And anyone who didn’t know Kevin and my little secret would never guess he loves to be dominated.  I mean, it came as a huge surprise to me.”
Kevin:  “It’s true.  Until that fateful first review I did as part of Dr Dick’s Review Crew. I never new I had an inner ‘Sub’ just dying to get out.  I just thought I like things in my ass.”
Gina:  “There’s so much more to this sex stuff than what meets the eye, huh?  I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to wake myself up to the erotic world around me.”
Kevin:  “So we have two electrodes to tell you about.  The Tubular Base Ring is much like the one Glenn and Hank used, only it’s larger and fits down at the base of your cock.  It’s designed to send intense stimulation all over your dick and down into your pelvis.  Because it’s uni-polar, ya have to use it in combination with another electrode. Ya get it?”
Gina:  “To be truthful, we didn’t get it right away either.  We both discovered that a single pole electrode, like the Tubular Base Ring, has to be used in conjunction with another single pole electrode to complete the erotic electro circuit.”
Kevin:  “Doesn’t she sound like Suzie Scientist?”
Gina:  “Shut up!”
Kevin:  “Luckily we had this other electrode, the Prostate Stimulator, (Mmmm, prostate stimulation) to use with the Base Ring.”
Gina:  “Yeah, I mean how lucky was that, butt boy?”
Kevin:  “By the way, the Tubular Ring can be cut to size to allow for a c092.jpgmore individual fit.  The Prostate Stimulator, on the other hand is made up of two basic components:  A flexible T-shaped stem with a chrome plated electro conductive sphere at the tip.”
Gina:  “The flexibility is what makes this thing so special.  It focuses the electro stimulation right where you want it.”
Kevin:  “You can bend the vertical flexible shaft so it lands the conductive sphere smack-dab on your P-spot.  Trust me, this will give you a “hands free” cum shot for damn sure.”
Gina:  “I really got into this e-stim thing this time around.  I confess I was way too anxious about the whole thing last time.”
Kevin:  “Yeah, she really got into it this time.  Her inner ‘Dom’ took over.  She even dressed the part — black stockings and stiletto heals.  She cuffed me, both hands and feet, to the mattress (Thanks Sportsheets!) and teased me with her strap-on.  I got her one for our anniversary.”
Gina:  “Isn’t he romantic?”
Kevin:  “I was helpless, so she had to lube me up and place the electrodes and leads.”
Gina:  “I used latex gloves, so no worries.  By the way, I discovered that latex gloves make a nice smacking sound when you slapping a bad boy’s bare butt.”
Kevin:  “Isn’t SHE romantic?  Oh SNAP!”
Gina:  “I started to really get off on the power I had over him.  I never really felt anything like it in the past.  It’s funny, because I seemed to know exactly what to do right from the start.  Basically, I did what Glenn did to Hank, the whole edging thing, although I didn’t know it was called edging.”
Kevin:  “She was all about teasing me with the juice.  She started real slow, too slow in fact.  I told her she had to turn the damned thing up; I could barely feel it.  She slapped my ass real good and told me pipe down because now she was  in charge.”
Gina:  “I loved it.  I even goosed the power up a bit just to prove my point.  The shock made him stand up and take note, both literally and figuratively.”
Kevin:  “I think I’ve created a monster.”
Gina:  “You love it.  So I kept this up while I turned my strap-on dong vibe on myself.  The more Kevin was writhing in ecstasy and the more he was telling me the dirty things he wanted me to do to him, the closer I got to cuming myself.”
Kevin:  “This was the most intense prostate stimulation I ever felt.  And because the sensations were also all up and down my cock at the same time I could barely stand it.”
Gina:  “We miraculously came at the same time, which like never happens.”
Kevin:  “I know; and I didn’t even touch my dick or Gina for that matter.  It was like this wild sexual energy was passing between us.”
Gina:  “We both recommend Erotic Electro Stimulation to anyone who wants something a little out of the ordinary.”
Kevin:  “And you can quote us on that.”

The Review Crew wants to remind everyone of the importance of lubrication when playing with EES.  And make sure it is water based lube.  Shaving the areas where the electrodes will be placed is highly recommended.

Clean up is relatively easy too.  Most of the electrodes can be cleaned up with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and a soft, lint-free towel.  They can also be sanitized using a 10% bleach solution.  But NEVER SOAK your electrodes.  You can also spray your electrodes with isopropyl alcohol before drying and storing.

In closing, we want to say that the PES website was an essential resource for all of us before we started our play as well as in helping us understand how Erotic Electro Stimulation works.  We encourage you to visit their website too.  It’s chock-full of very useful and informative stuff.  They have galleries, safety tips, product information, tons of links and even a fantastic discussion board, where you can interact with other EES connoisseurs.


PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug

PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug (C071)        $196.00

Gina & Kevin introduce us to the PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug.  It directs the flow of Erotic Electro Stimulating current right inside your ass. Again, since we all have an asshole, none of us have to miss out on all the fun just because we don’t have the right parts.  Kevin and Gina are e-stim virgins.

Gina:  “Look everybody, we’re back with yet another butt toy for my sweet little Kevie’s booty.”
Kevin:  “It does look like I’m getting all the attention, huh?
Gina:  “It’s ok, because this Electro stuff scares me.  I mean I know it’s safe and all, but like Dixie I have this natural aversion to wires and my private parts.  I admit; I’m old fashioned that way.”
Kevin:  “LOL!  Yeah she’s just like the gal that married dear old dad.  NOT!”c071.jpg
Gina:  “Shut up!”
Kevin:  “Moving right along, the PES Electro-Flex Anal Plug
Gina:  “I have to admit; it is pretty harmless looking.  And it’s flexible to a degree. You can even bend it a bit to an angle and it will hold its shape. I would consider using it myself, as a pussy plug, but not with it plugged in.”
Kevin:  “The plug has two separate electro pads, neither one is as obvious as Glenn’s.  Both are positioned on the plug to stimulate precise areas. One pad runs the entire length of the plug, for contact with my sphincter muscle.  The second, smaller pad is positioned opposite the first, along the plug’s head where it stimulated my prostate. We used plenty of the ElectroLube that came with the plug, both inside my ass and on the plug itself.”
Gina:  “By the way, we learned that you can use this electrode alone or in conjunction with another electrode, like the one that would go on your penis.  But more about that later.”
Kevin:  “Yeah ok so, here I am all lubed up and ready to go and then I get cold feet.  I know, what a pussy, huh?
Gina:  “I think that was my fault.  I was all nervous and I’m sure that my anxiety made him nervous.  Then finally I just said, ‘Go for it.  How bad could it be?’”
Kevin:  “I began to turn up the juice, as Hank put it.  It was like so friggin amazing.  The first thing I felt was involuntary muscle contractions in my sphincter.  This made the plug kinda dance rhythmically in my hole.  I almost shot my wad right then and there.”
Gina:  “OMG, you should have seen his face.  It was like he saw the heavens open.  He kept trying to grab my hand and guide it to his penis.  But I was afraid I was gonna get a shock.”
Kevin:  “I kept telling her it would be ok.  I certainly could feel the sensations in my cock and balls, but not in my hands when I touched myself.”
Gina:  “Finally I relented and let him eat me out while this thing was working his butt.  I know, generous of me, huh?  He devoured my pussy with an unexpected hunger.  I guess I need to feed his bottom like this more often.”
Kevin:  “I know; I was like some sex craved maniac.  She loved it.  So did I.  We even came together, and I didn’t even touch my dick.  That was like a total first for me.
Guys, if you’re into your ass, like me, there is nothing like Erotic Electro Stimulation.  Period.” is totally different from the plug that Glenn had in his talented ass.  Instead of being made of acrylic, like his, mine is made of a conductive silicone elastomer.  This makes it kinda soft as opposed to rigid, like Glenn’s.

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs ——  $18.95

Just lay the weighted straps over door, close it shut.  Turn any room into a playground for kinky bondage play!  Tease or please, control or be controlled –– now it’s easy!  Each thick nylon strap is connected to a detachable and adjustable velour-lined Velcro cuff.  You get 2 cuffs in a package.  Buy 2 pairs for total control!

Gina & Kevin

Gina:  “Kevin and I had a ball with this.”
Kevin:  “First off, we are both virgins to the bondage thing.”
Gina:  “I have to say I was more than a little intimidated by the concept of being restrained.  So I agreed to go first only when Kevin agreed to go next.”
Kevin:  “I was like totally up for that.  I even offered to go first.  Except Gina didn’t have a clue what to do once I was in the cuffs.”
Gina:  “I guess I need to watch more kinky porn, huh?”
Kevin:  “So here’s what ya do. Just loop the straps over the top of the door doorjamcuffs.jpgwith these bars on the outside and the cuffs on the inside.  Then close the door.  What could be easier?”
Gina:  “I didn’t think the Velcro on the cuffs would be strong enough to secure me especially if I struggled against them.  I was oh so wrong.  I was like totally helpless.”
Kevin:  “I could see that Gina was really leery about doing this, so I wanted to make this first experience really enjoyable.  First, I had her face out with her back against the door.  This gave me access to her front.  I undid her bra and sucked on he nipples.  She loves when I do this.”
Gina:  “I do love it.  Strangely enough, I don’t ever recall experienced this while standing.  I’m always laying down when he plays with my nipples.  With my hands suspended above my head in the cuffs, I actually found myself buckling my knees and dangling my body weight from my wrists, which added a whole new dimension to the sensations in my breasts.”
Kevin:  “I then pulled down her panties, spread her thighs and held them tight.  (This is where a second set of these cuffs would have come in handy.) Then I proceeded to lick and nibble at her clit and pussy lips.  I gave her a mighty fine tongue fucking too.  I drove her fuckin crazy doin that.”
Gina:  “It’s true.  Suspended as I was and with his hands holding my legs, I really couldn’t escape his mouth.  I had to adjust to being helpless like this.  But once I let go, I was thrashing about with waves of orgasmic pleasure.  I wonder what the neighbors thought.”
Kevin:  “Yeah, she was totally out of control.  I was pretty worked up myself.  So I decided to throw her a fuck right then and there, up against the door.”
Gina:  “When he entered me I was able to lift my legs off the floor and wrap them around him.  And I did it all while being suspended by my wrists.  All this was totally new territory for me.”
Kevin:  “We had to wait for another day for me to get cuffed.  Gina was just too worn out by her time in the cuffs.”
Gina:  “When it was Kevin’s turn two days later, I decided to cuff him facing the door.  I added a silk scarf blindfold.  He was mine, all mine!”
Kevin:  “I was completely surprised by how Gina took to being a dominant top.  She apparently has a real sadistic streak that was just waiting to be released.”
Gina:  “He’s right, I became like this other person.  I loved telling him what to do — spread your legs — and things like that.
I went to work on his butt.  Teasing it at first with little scratches, but then I could see he wanted more.  So by-god I gave it to him.  Open handed slaps and even whacks with one of my hairbrushes make his cheeks glow crimson.”
Kevin:  “She was yankin on my nuts like crazy while she was tanning my ass.  I loved it.  I believe I’ve created a novice dominatrix.”
Gina:  “I know, who would have guessed I’d get into this as much as I did?  These little Door Jam Cuffs open a whole new world to me and us.  These will be a big part of our play together in the future.  And we definitely need that second pair for our feet.”

Sportsheets Doggie Style Position Strap

Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew has been busy as all get-out all summer long testing a load of intriguing and oh so practical novelties from the pleasure-oriented folks over at Sportsheets.

Don’t know Sportsheets from a hole in your head?  Stick around, sex fans, and let the Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew introduce you to a swell lineup of sexy fun products that will liven up even the most ho-hum sex life.

(We hwve separate postings for each product.  Simply search for Sportsheets to find them all.)

Sportsheets Doggie Style Position Strap $14.50

A soft pad with a sturdy nylon strap lifts the pelvis for more control and deeper penetration.  It’s designeddoggie_style.jpg to enable and enhance doggie style sex. Comfortable and easy to use, the strap has a handle with an adjustable buckle at each end. Machine washable.

Gina & Kevin

Kevin:  “Doggie style is my favorite, but it is not as easy as it looks.”
Gina:  “You can say that again!”
Kevin:  “This strap takes some of the effort out of this great position and actually makes for much better fuck.”
Gina:  “Using this strap, Kevin has more control and can penetrate deeper.  The pad on my lower abdomen positions my G-spot perfectly for his thrusts.  I don’t have to strain my arms and wrists pushing back against him, because he is able to hold me close using the straps.  And the Doggie Style Position Strap
Kevin:  “And there’s less strain on my lower back.  Getting the proper grip on the straps takes some practice, however.  But I learned that it’s like pulling on the reins of a horse’s bridle.  In fact, I was able to control Gina using this same principle.
Gina:  “Isn’t he romantic? The a big lug!”
Kevin:  “Well it’s true.  I do have more control.  I can rock and tilt your pelvis, which gives you more pleasure, right?  At least that’s what you said the first time we used it.  Do you remember?”
Gina:  “I do remember.  And it was more pleasurable for sure.  I was simply reacting to the horse comment.
Anyhow, we both liked Doggie Style Position Strap very much.”
Kevin:  “It’s become an indispensable part of our play sessions.  We highly recommend this to any doggie style lover.  And the freakin thing is under $20, so you can’t go wrong.”
Gina:  “Our next adventure with this thing will be me using it on Kevin.  I’m finally going to take the plunge and strap one on for him and peg his sweet bottom.”
Kevin:  “I can’t hardly wait!  Maybe tonight will be my lucky night.” spares my face from being shoved into the pillows, mattress or carpet.  That alone makes the thing worth having.

Natural Contours Jolie

Natural Contours Waterproof Jolie $16.95


I think you call this a “lipstick” vibe.  (Now that I’m an official member of Dr Dick’s Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew, I figured I would learn some of the industry lingo.) I think they call it that, because it’s not much larger than a lipstick.  But it does have a nice kick to it when the batteries are fresh.

The Jolie only has the one speed, but what do ya want for under $20, right?

I was particularly interested in it being waterproof.  I love using a vibrator in my bath.

I found that it was hard to turn on/off, particularly with wet or soapy hands. I chalked this up to it needing to be watertight.  Here’s something to be aware of — the on/off jolie.jpgswitch also functions as the cap for changing out the batteries.  If you inadvertently turn the cap the wrong way the top pops off instead of turning the thing on.  Directions are printed on the thing, but who pays attention to that when it’s playtime?  😉

The Jolie is pretty quiet for as powerful as it is.  One Saturday afternoon I decided to slip the vibe into the crotch of my jeans.  I figured, what the heck; let’s have a good time while we pick up the apartment.  I got so turned on I attacked my napping boyfriend, Kevin (REVIEW #13).  He was like, “What’s up with you?”  When I showed him my little buddy, he was all like, “Awesome!  Here, let me do it.”  It was wonderful just letting him pleasure me with it.

You know how we were talking a couple of weeks ago about men using these vibes themselves?  Well, I asked Kevin what he thought.  He said the Jolie would be great for external use around his testicles and whatnot, but defiantly not for use in his butt.  The Jolie is just too small for that.  It could easily slip inside and get stuck.


WE-Vibe ——  $129.95

Hey Sex Fans,

Allow me to introduce you to Gina, the newest member of Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew. She’s 24,d232.jpg she’s smart as a whip and she’s working on her master’s degree in social work. She’s vivacious, outgoing, fun loving and charming as all get-out. She describes herself as a sex-positive feminist, but she also confesses to being somewhat shy and not all that knowledgeable about sexual things.” “I guess I’m your average recovering Catholic girl who knows there a whole world out there just waiting to be discover.”

Gina comes to us by way of my friend Kevin. Do you remember Kevin? He helped me review the Aneros products some weeks back. (Look for “Kevin” in the Category Section) In fact, that’s how Gina and I first met. She was totally blown away when Kevin, rather nonchalantly, turned her on to my site and the review. Unbeknownst to her, her straight-as-an-arrow BF lost his ass cherry the day he helped me with that review. Apparently, this was his way of signaling Gina that he was up for trying new things, so to speak. Well, I guess that’s one way of doing it!

Gina told me she was floored when she read the review. She knew Kevin was more sexually adventurous than she, but this came as a complete surprise nonetheless. She also confessed to being a bit envious of his daring and more than a little turned on by his newly found pleasure center in his bum.

Once I knew Gina was game for a little experimentation herself, I knew I had found just the right person (couple) to review the ever-so-popular WE-Vibe. She and Kevin graciously accepted my invitation and off they went to “work” on their review.

Before we hear back from the two lovebirds, let’s take a closer look at this amazing device.

To say the WE-Vibe is unique is an understatement. It’s downright revolutionary. This insertable vibrator, crafted of medical grade silicone (no phthalates), is the first of its kind G-spot stimulator that can actually be used while fucking. That’s right, you heard me! The WE-Vibe is hands free, strap free and wireless! Once in place this discreet little wonder (3.25 inches long and 1 inch wide, weighing only 2 ounces) creates both internal and external stimulation during partner play; so both partners will experience the thrill, don’t cha know.

we-vibe-hands-free-dual-vibrator.jpgThis is such a big deal for Dr Dick because I am forever hearing from women who are not receiving nearly enough stimulation during the old in and out. Their partners, of course, get off big time; but they are often left unsatisfied. They’re timid about stimulating themselves during the hump and they would never think of incorporating a traditional sized vibrator for fear it might alienate their man. It breaks my heart to hear stuff like that, but I do understand their predicament.

Now, thanks to the WE-Vibe, women folk don’t have to settle for less than the stimulation they want and need. Nor will they need to incorporate an invasive vibrator to get it. The We-Vibe is soft, waterproof and conforms to the female shape, making it comfortable and easy to use. It also has two speeds. And like I said, the men folk will really get off on it too. It’s a win-win situation all-round!

There’s one more terrific feature I want to point out before we get back to Gina and Kevin. The We-Vibe is rechargeable! I don’t know about you, but I await the day when all toys are rechargeable. Since I’ve started doing these reviews, my battery budget has gone through the roof. Naturally I am worried about the expense, but my overriding concern is for the environment. All these dead batteries are downright wasteful, as well as being a pollutant. It’s enough to give Al Gore (and me) a freakin coronary. A word to all toy manufactures — DO THE GREEN THING; make your products rechargeable!

I next see Gina and Kevin a week after our last meeting. Both of them sport one of those goofy freshly-fucked smiles. They can’t keep their hands off one another as they squirm and coo to each other on my couch. I’d like to just slap them both! One look at their faces and I know the We-Vibe played a big part in putting those ridiculous grins on their faces.

Dr Dick: “So kids, how was it? Or do I even need to ask?”
Gina: “It was great, Dr Dick! We had a ball. We used the WE-Vibe several times. And each time was wonderful.”
Dr Dick: Ya don’t say! “Ok, then walk me through it, as it were.”
Kevin: “We wanted to jump right in there just as soon as we got home after you gave us the toy.”
Gina: “Yeah, but then we read the instructions and discovered you have to charge the internal battery for 24 hrs first.”
Dr Dick: “That must have been a let down.” I add. They both agree.

Apparently this 24 hr hiatus only stoked the fires of their youthful ardor. Cum the next day, there was no holding back.

Gina: “We also learned another important lesson in our rush to get the fun started. You see these little dimples on the bottom here? They are the on/off/2-speed switches. We discovered that they are almost impossible to manipulate once the WE-Vibe is lubed up and in place.”
Dr Dick: “Ahhh, good point! So what did you do?”
Kevin: “Basically, we had to start over. I have to tell you; this wasn’t doing anything for my hardon. Gina removed the thing from her vagina; we wiped off the lube, turned the thing on; added more lube and reinserted.”
Dr Dick: “You guys are fuckin’ rocket scientists! So then what?”
Gina: “We had great sex!” Some of the best sex ever. I know we were like all primed for a real good go, but the WE-Vibe was amazing. I was more easily orgasmic with this thing inside me. And it’s so quiet; even on the high speed.”
Kevin: “I really got off on it too.” It was such a unique sensation. My cock was being stimulated while inside Gina. “I could feel it all the way in my balls. It was awesome!”
Dr Dick: Never fear, my dear, you secrets are safe with me. I mean, who would I tell anyway?”
Gina: “Since the WE-Vibe is waterproof we tried it another time in the bath.”
Kevin: “Yeah, that was hot.”
Dr Dick: “Ya don’t say!”
Kevin: “Yeah, I really got off on doin’ it doggie style. That was the best for me!”
Gina: “Hey, I thought we weren’t going to get too specific.”

We were winding up our debriefing session when Kevin spoke up.we-vibe-flexible-dual-action-vibrator.jpg

Kevin: “Actually we have one more thing to report.”
Dr Dick: “Really? Do tell.”
Gina: “This is so embarrassing.”
Kevin: “It is not. It’s perfectly normal.”
Dr Dick: “OK kids, out with it!”
Gina: “After our third use together, Kevin rolled over on his side and asked me if I would mind him using the WE-Vibe himself. At first I didn’t get it. I thought he wanted to share OUR toy with someone else. I think he noticed the disappointed look on my face and said; ‘What?’”
Kevin: “Yeah, it was at that moment that I realized Gina didn’t have a clue. So I had to spell it out for her. I told her that I wanted to use the WE-Vibe in my ass.”
Gina: “I didn’t know what to say. I was flabbergasted. He told me that he never had anything that vibrated in his bottom and he wanted to see how that felt.”
Kevin: “I’m sure I said my ass; not my ‘bottom’.”
Gina: “Whatever! At any rate, I stammered my way to ‘OK, I guess so!’ And that’s all it took. In a flash Kevin disappeared into the bathroom with the WE-Vibe. He cleaned it up with some soap and water and was back in bed before I knew it. You want me to stay while you do it?”
Kevin: “Of course I did! I wanted her to stay; in fact I wanted her to join in. This took some negotiation, but I finally got my way.”
Dr Dick: “You men are all alike!”
Gina: “As it turns out, I wasn’t freaked out at all. In fact, I got so turned on by watching him squirm with pleasure. He wanted me to stick a finger in his bottom. And I even did that. I don’t think we had ever been closer.”
Kevin: “While I was laying on my back with the WE-Vibe in my ass, I had a raging boner. Gina was right there fingering me and she was wet like crazy. So I told her to get on top of me. She rode my cock like there was no tomorrow.”
Gina: “It’s true; it was totally wild. I swear I could feel the vibration with him inside me.”
Kevin: I love her for helping me out, for being so understanding, for indulging me my little kink.”

Well there you have it, sex fans. Thanks to Gina and Kevin we discover that the WE-Vibe is a whole lot more versatile than we first thought. Kudos to both my reviewers for being so creative, open-minded and for their ability to see pleasurable potential where no one had looked before.