Luscious Thrill-Her

Sex Fans,

The Dr Dick Review Crew is BACK! We’re all rested and relaxed and ready to tackle whatever cums our way.

We begin 2009 with a bang.  We have three vibes from Synergy Erotic.  They’re a relatively new company with a wonderful corporate philosophy, which includes everything from quality manufacturing to subtle yet effective packaging.  Good for them!

Luscious Thrill-Her, Lavender $18.99

Angie introduces us to Luscious Thrill-Her.

This is a sweet and petite personal vibrator (5 1/2 inch long and 1 1/2 inch in diameter).  It features a small diameter, which is ideal for the novice user.  Luscious Thrill-Her is perfect for both anal stimulation and vaginal stimulation.  It has a solid vibrator core that is encased in a sensual outer skin made of a product called Ultra-Gelle.  It is soft, pliable and very comfortable to use.


I tried to do a little behind the scenes sleuthing to ferret-out what this Ultra-Gelle is composed of, but I wasn’t successful.  I am generally wary of new materials that might contain hazardous or allergenic materials.  I was delighted to see that Ultra-Gelle is Phthalate free.  Thank you for that!  It says so right on the package, which is good for marketing.  I always look for that designation on any soft material, like Ultra-Gelle.  And so should you; especially if the toy is intended for insertion.  I am unable to say if Ultra-Gelle is latex-free or not.  If you have a latex allergy, you might contact the manufacturer for more information before you buy.  That’s always the safest bet.

Luscious Thrill-Her has several features I like very much.  First, it is waterproof, so it’s great to use in the bath.  It also has a rheostat type speed adjustment that allows one to vary the vibration.  This toy should only be used with water-based lube, however.

Clean up is easy; mild soap and warm water does just fine. You can also wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution too.

Luscious Thrill-Her runs on 2 ‘AAA’ Batteries, but the first set of batteries is not included in the package. This is a pet peeve for everyone on Dr Dick’s Review Crew.  We feel as though no one should be creating battery-operated toys without including the first set of batteries in the package.

Luscious Thrill-Her comes in several fetching colors.  I confidently recommend this petite insertable.”


Earthly Body – Body Candle and Massage Candle

Heart-Shaped Massage Body Candle — Naked in the Woods 6 oz. $15.99

Edible Candle — Watermelon 4 oz. $15.99

Angie:  I couldn’t agree more with the Dr D!  I was thrilled when asked to round-massage-med-res.jpgreview these two candles — the Heart-Shaped Massage Body Candle — Naked in the Woods and the Edible Candle — Watermelon.  They are scrumptious.

I have very sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful what products I use.  Initially, I was concerned that fragranced products, like these, would not sit well on my skin.  So I decided to visit the Earthly Body website and do some homework before my first use.  I was delighted to learn that all their products are vegan and nontoxic.

My first use was right after my bath.  I lit a candle, which fragranced the room while I enjoyed my bath.  Naked in the Woods has a light earthy sent with just a hint of pine. the Edible Candle — Watermelon is…well all edible-watermelon-candle-hi-res.jpgwatermelon-y.  Is there such a word?  Depending on my mood, I had a choice between earthy and fruity.  By the time if finished my bath, there was enough liquefied oil to generously moisturize my legs.  This is a much finer oil than what I usually use, so much more silky.

One thing I did not know is that Hemp Seed Oil is known as ‘nature’s most perfectly balanced oil,’ and has the highest concentration of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) of any essential oil.  I guess that explains the rich texture of the melted candle.

As a special treat, I used the Naked in the Woods candle on my husband.  He probably would have resisted had I asked him first.  Scented things are not his bag. He’s such a guy!   But I had the candle lit at our bedside.  (The scent is not overwhelming in any way.)  We were feeling amorous; and I said I wanted to treat him to a little back rub.  He never says no to a massage.  I extinguished the candle and dribbled the warm oil on his back.  I poured it from about one foot above his back, so that by the time it hit him it was only slightly warmer than his skin.  He moaned with delight as I rubbed it in.

The economy being what it is, I believe more and more of us will be turning to simple, inexpensive pleasures that can be enjoyed at home.  These Earthly Body candles have only whet my appetite to try some of their other products.  (Hubby dear, if you’re reading this, as I know you are, the New Year will be a whole lot more sensual if I find a big gift pack of Earthly Body goodies under the tree.  Hint, hint!)

One final thing, and I know that Dr Dick agrees with me on this, we are both delighted to see that Earthly Body, besides being an earth-friendly, totally GREEN company, it also has a much bigger social conscience.  The founders of the company have created a charitable foundation called The Get Together Foundation. How fantastic is that?

Natural Contours Liberte Vibrator

Some of the more illustrious members of Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew showed up for a little confab on the beautiful line of Natural Contours products I have for review.  The usual suspects were there — Joy, Gina, Angie and Jada. Surprisingly, Ken and Glenn also joined us.  In fact it was Ken who christened us The Ladies Auxiliary.   Maybe it was the wine, but we all got a kick out of that.  So the name stuck.  Political correctness be damned!

As we passed around the products to be reviewed the women were discussing size, shape, design and functionality of the five products I have for review. The Natural Contours line of products is designed by women and made with natural curves to contour to their bodies. They are tasteful, elegant, discreet, stylish and ergonomic.

The boys were feeling totally left out.  Glenn finally spoke up; “What are we, chopped liver?  I don’t see why any one of these things couldn’t be used by a guy.”  Ken nodded his head in agreement.  I added:  “A lot of ‘female oriented products’ are used by men.  In fact, if some of the packaging for these products were a bit more generic, there’d probably be a whole lot more cross-over marketing and purchasing being done.”

The women thought the packaging for the Natural Contours line was pretty neutral; as compared to some “female oriented products” they’ve seen.  But there’s no mistaking the feminine slant.  None of women present were put off by the suggestion that the men folk might enjoy Natural Contours products too.  Jada asked; “But what about the G-Plus Attachment?  Men don’t have a G-Spot.”  Gina, who is now very familiar with her BF’s butt play said: “Yeah, but they do have a P-Spot.  And Ken added; “And we all have a PC muscle so the Energie could be used by everyone!”

I am so proud of my Review Crew.  They are such a clever lot.  We distributed the products and set a date for our debriefing session.  I convened the follow up meeting of The Ladies Auxiliary a couple of weeks later to discuss our findings.

(Each product has its own posting.

Search for Natural Contours to find them all.)

Natural Contours Liberte Vibrator $29.70


I love the shape, size and feel.  Even the color is perfect in my estimation. I was very impressed with the stylish packaging.  I thought the price was right too.  So many toys these days are prohibitively expensive.

The Liberte is very smooth, lightweight and fits comfortably in my hand.  It has an easy to manipulate control button. The one button runs through the vibe speeds starting at high-speed.  Here’s one thing I didn’t understand.  Wouldn’t it have been better to have the vibrator start on a slower speed first and then progress to higher liberte.jpgspeeds instead of the other way around?

Anyhow, you have to toggle through all the speeds — high, medium, low and pulse — to get to off.  This took some getting used to.

When I was by myself, I preferred the pulse action.  Oh, and its really quiet.

I introduced the Liberte to my husband.  We discovered it to be a very nice addition to our playtime together.  I think my husband warmed to it more easily because it doesn’t have that traditional dildo “penis shape.”  But he’s such a mechanic he was immediately frustrated with the one button control design.  I had to gently remind him that he wasn’t in the machine shop now, but in the bedroom.  So I asked him to please just let go of all that for now.

Overall, I was very impressed with this toy and would recommend it to anyone wanting a sleek, nontraditional looking vibrator.

Pjur Personal Lubricants

What luck, sex fans! A load of Pjur (pronounced “pure”) products came my way. So I thought I’d spread the wealth, so to speak. I got 5 different Pjur lubes here; enough to share with some of my product review pals and keep one for myself, don’t cha know!

Before I report the findings of Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew, I want to introduce ya’ll to the Pjur label. I’ve tested a vast array of lubes over the years. And while some people have a personal favorite, any connoisseur of personal lubricants will know that the Pjur line of products has an unrivaled international reputation. That’s why I was so jazzed to receive so many different Pjur products to review. And this represents just a fraction of their complete line.

Pjur products are German made. And that, sex fans, means quality. Unlike many similar products, they are clinically and dermatologist tested, approved safe for internal use and certified latex condom compatible. And they never use animal testing.

They come in three different formulas too — Water-based, the type least likely to irritate bodily surfaces. Silicone-based, which is super-slippery and lasts longer than the water-based variety. And a Combination, which is a blend of water-based and silicone. And here’s a tip: when choosing a lube know that the thicker the lube the less friction you’ll experience; thinner lubes will allow for more friction.

For those purists (no pun intended) among us, the people at Pjur maintain a complete list of Ingredients for all their products here.

  • And here’s some news I just learned. Because Pjur uses only the highest-grade silicone in their products, they claim it is safe to use with 90% of all silicone toys. They do not, however, recommend their silicone-based lubes to be used on soft cyberskin or other spongy silicone toys and inserts.

Pjur Eros Bodyglide Originalpjur-original.jpg

Smooth, fragrance free, and doesn’t get ropy or sticky. It’s highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way.

Dr Dick —

“I love this lube. I keep returning to this brand year after year. I’m never disappointed. Oh, and did you know that it doubles as a swell massage lotion. In these tough economic times, wise consumers choose quality products. And when these quality products are also multi-functional, well then you know you’ve struck gold.

I’ve had the pleasure of introducing this particular lube to several men who have worked on and in one or another of my Daddy Oohhh! Productions. Studio lights and long filming sessions tend to dry out water-based lubes. But Eros Bodyglide always withstands the rigors of a porn shoot. If you have the kind of sex that would make a porn star blush, this is the lube for you. 😉

And get this, one of my featured performers, a guy who is heavy into latex and rubber told me that he uses Eros Bodyglide to help him get into his skin tight outfits. He also claims that Eros Bodyglide keeps his gear nice and shiny. All I could say is, ‘I did not know that!’”

Pjur Woman Bodyglide

Pjur Woman line of products is designed especially for the soft and sensitive skin of women.pjur-woman.jpg Woman Bodyglide contains conditioners and moisturizers, but no oils, fats, preservatives or animal byproducts.

Joy —

“I’m a big fan of Pjur products, I’ve been using Eros Bodyglide for years. It’s my lube of choice. This is the first time I’ve used one of the products from their Woman line. I didn’t think I would change my mind about my favorite lube, but Woman Bodyglide is totally amazing. It has a lighter feel to it than the Eros product I’m used to. It feels really natural, like what my own body makes. I’m totally impressed.

And this stuff lasts and lasts, which makes it really economical. And who doesn’t need to be cost conscious these days?

I also like the fact that it is scent free and has no discernible taste. I just hate it when the lube I’m using tastes like cooking oil…or worse. The fact that it’s nontoxic and non allergenic is a big plus.

I’m sold!”

Pjur Superhero Energizin Ginkgo Lubricantsuperhero.jpg

Water-based personal lubricant designed for men who want a little boost. The key ingredient, Ginkgo, provides a natural, safe, viagra-like source of energy and growth thus providing maximum endurance and enjoyment. The special ingredients reduce hypersensitivity.

Ideal for use with all silicone toys.

Tag and his Play Partner —

“The label says ginkgo stands for expansion, power and energy. My play partner and I felt nothing. We, however, normally get rock hard and already have plenty of energy for sex. The label does say that it is ‘ideal for use in combination with Pjur Superhero Performance Spray for Men.’ Maybe I would have noticed some benefit had I also had the spray.

Or maybe this product is just marketed at someone other than me.”

Pjur Eros BASIC Bodyglideeros-basic.jpg

An inexpensive alternative silicone-based Bodyglide. Non-toxic, non-pore blocking, with no taste or odor, and latex safe.

Angie and her husband —

“This is a fine lube. You need very little for it to last a long time. My husband and I both liked this product very much. We didn’t have to interrupt our lovemaking to reapply. So that was a big plus in our book.

I understand that they have a water-based version of this product. I want to try that sometime. I can’t use this particular lube with my silicone vibe; and that’s just a darn shame.”