MONA Red —— $139

I’ve been watching for and reading about how many of my fellow Review Crew members have been enjoying their LELO toys. I don’t mind telling you that I have been more than a little envious of my friends, their toys and all the fun they’ve had. But now I finally have my very own LELO to tell you about.

This beautiful Pleasure Object is called MONA. And she is all LELO. By that I mean she comes in her own LELO signature packaging. Actually there are layers and layers of packaging. Inside the bright red glossy outer package there is a black matte finish inner box with a lift-off lid. Inside that there is an embossed lift-out carton that contains the vibe itself. Under that there are two separate compartments; one containing a satin drawstring storage bag and the recharging unit and the other containing a warranty pamphlet, an elaborate multi-language user manual and a glossy mini catalog of some of their products. Is this too much packaging? I’m sure many will think so. But it is a beautiful presentation for those lucky enough to be receiving MONA as a gift.

Once inside the box I am surprised to discover that MONA is considerably smaller than the packaging suggests. It’s just less than 8″ long, with an insertable length of no more than 4″. The insertable end is flared; a bulbous oval that is actually a very modest size. The thickest part being only about 4.5″, which slims down the curved shaft to down to about 2.75”. This makes it great for G-spot stimulation.

The vibrations can be used for clitoral stimulation as well. The insertable part of MONA has a soft and luscious red silicone skin (it also comes in purple) that is hypoallergenic. She sports a sweetly quiet motor that delivers the multi-speed and multi-pulsations. And the best part is she’s rechargeable! I love that I’ll never have to feed her batteries to make me happy. And when she’s happy; she make me VERY happy!

You must only use a water based lube with this silicone beauty. And you must keep your hands free of lubricant in order to adjust the controller. This wasn’t always easy to do. In fact, if I had to nitpick, I’d have to say that the controller was more difficult to use than I would have ever imagined. I wonder if others have a similar experience?

Like I noticed that the pulsations didn’t always change when I pressed the up button. In fact, I was certain I had broken MONA at one point, because nothing happened when I pressed the buttons. Maybe I just needed to apply more pressure or be more patient or something. But the indicator light in the controller went on, so I assumed that was all that needed to make things happen. In my estimation, the controller is the weakest part of the LELO design.

MONA comes already charged, which is very thoughtful. And it is so easy to charge. Just plug in the adapter and let it juice itself up. But be mindful that MONA should not be charged for more than 24 hours, as she will overheat. Here’s something else I noticed, when I used the highest speed and the steady vibration, I noticed a “singing” sound that concerned me a bit. I thought perhaps I was overly stressing MONA. As I precaution, I decided to dial her down, so to speak. I didn’t want to knock her out.

Here’s something really important you should know; MONA is splash proof, not waterproof. There is little rubber cover that protects the charging port from moisture. But if you somehow get water in there, which is very easy to do; or worse lube, be sure to let the thing dry completely before you try to recharge.

Clean up is easy with mild soap and warm water. You can also wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution.

MONA sleeps in her satin storage bag, where she waits for me to arouse her. And she is always glad to see me. MONA comes with a 1-year warranty that covers her working parts. Her 10 year guarantee states that if anything goes wrong with MONA at any time in the 10 years you own her, you can return her for disposal, and LELO will give you 50% off your next order from their web store. So there’s that.

MONA is definitely for the high-end consumer. I am so glad to have her in my life, but I don’t see how I could ever justify the hefty price tag if I were buying her for myself. I know that LELO is a quality name brand; I believe with all my heart that we consumers should be buying quality, but my meager salary makes that kind of extravagance impossible. However, I will always gladly accept LELO as a gift. Hint, hint!

Erotic Sex Positions DVD

Erotic Sex Positions DVD —— $18.57

I have the pleasure of introducing you to a wonderful educational DVD for couples. This is the very first video of its kind that I’ve ever seen. And I must say, I liked it very much.

I’ve watched some porn in my day. I can’t say that it turns me on all that much, especially the stuff that my husband enjoys. I know it’s all fantasy and I know that most of it is purposely geared to horny straight males, but the women in the movies are almost always characteratures; nothing more than sexual objects and bimbos. I find that annoying and not the least bit sexy.

I know this is going to sound weird coming from a straight married woman of my age, but I really like gay porn. There, I’ve finally said it out loud.

Anyhow, back to the Erotic Sex Positions DVD. This is sure enough sexually explicit, but it definitely isn’t porn. It’s instructional in nature. It’s presented by two women who work in porn — Crystal Lowe and Natasha Ray. This is a big plus in my book. They set a perfect tone for what we see in this DVD. By the way, they also collaborated on another video — ‘Seductive Sex Positions’.

This DVD features 27 erotic techniques and sexual positions. It has an instructional play mode and a lovemaking play mode. So you can use it to learn something new or use it as background sexual enhancement. There are three different couples in the movie, which adds to the interest level. It has what they call a ‘Tantalizing Foreplay Teaser,’ which is also fun. And there are interactive menus too. In other words, this is a pretty elaborate presentation and very professionally produced.

The hosts provide instructions while the couples demonstrate. Some of the positions are for the more adventurous. And frankly, one would need to be very fit, trim, lithe and supple to pull them off. But they were fun to watch nonetheless even if my husband and I could never do them.

This is an ideal sexual enhancement DVD for straight couples, even ones squeamish about nudity and sex. You should also know that there are no intense close-ups of penetration or anything off-putting like that.

Sex Toys & Vibrators

Doc Johnson’s Alumination

Alumination — Pink  —— $29.90

Hello everyone!  So glad to be with you again.  I have the pleasure, both literally and figuratively, of introducing you to Alumination.  It is my first metallic vibe and I like it very much.

It’s about as simple and straightforward a pleasure instrument as possible.  It’s very slim and sleek; it’s made of aluminum; it’s waterproof; and it’s a 3-speed vibrator.  It runs on two AAA-batteries (not included in the package).  It’s not gonna knock your socks off in the power department, but it does get the job done.31iAhYUq8iL._AA280_

One of the best features of an aluminum toy is that it is so heat sensitive.  You can add additional sensations to the vibration by chilling and/or warming the toy.  My favorite is chilling it by dipping it in a dish of ice water for a few moments.  Oh MY!

It’s just 6″ long, maybe 3/4” in diameter.  Like I said, slim and sleek.  It’s very quiet too, which I really appreciate.

Those of you who follow my reviews know that I love a waterproof vibe more than anything.  Bath time is my time and my Alumination has been my companion for several weeks now.  Only had to replace the batteries once.  The battery compartment is easy to open and close, which is a huge plus in my book.

Aluminum is nonporous and hypoallergenic.  Cleanup with mild soap and water; wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution or peroxide.  You can even sterilize it in boiling water for a couple minutes.

The packaging is minimal, but very pretty nonetheless.

Alumination comes in black and gold beside the pink that I have.  If you are considering trying a metallic vibe, I think this is a great place to start.  And considering the under $30 price tag it makes a very nice gift that won’t break the bank.


G-TWIST ——  $64.00


I was so excited to be chosen to review this toy.  I’ve wanted to try a Fun Factory toy for ages.  I’ve seen their beautiful toys in the shops and online for years now.

First, I want to compliment Good Vibrations on the modest yet stylish packaging they 12AH85_01chose for G-TWIST.  It’s attractive without being overbearing.  I really don’t like excessive packaging; it all seems so wasteful.

I was delighted to find that G-TWIST comes with two AA batteries.  This is such a thoughtful addition to any battery-operated toy; I simply don’t understand why more manufacturers don’t do likewise. Good Vibrations also includes a small sample package of water-based lube with their toy.  This is, of course, the only kind of lube to use with a beautiful silicone toy like this.

Once out of the package, the G-TWIST is beautiful to the touch.  It’s soft, warm and very flexible.  It is made of medical grade silicone, which makes it hypoallergenic and easy to clean.  That’s because silicone is non-porous.  I really like that feature.  Too many toys nowadays are made with questionable materials that it makes one nervous about using them intimately.  There’s nothing like that to worry about with this vibrator.

The G-TWIST has a lovely ergonomic form.  However, it also has a realistic penis shape, particularly at the head.  When choosing a vibrator for myself, I inevitably avoid ones that have a penis shape.  You see I like incorporating a vibrator in the sex I have with my husband.  He is less likely to welcome a mechanical device if it looks too much like his own equipment, if you know what I mean.  And listen, I don’t blame him.  If the reverse were to happen; if he were to bring a masturbation toy that looked like a vagina to bed for our sex together, I wouldn’t like it very much either.  So I had to reserve my G-TWIST use for my private pleasuring.

But before I could do any pleasuring of any kind I had to insert the batteries.  This became an extremely frustrating chore.  For the life of me, I couldn’t open the battery compartment.  I read the instructions carefully, of course, but still couldn’t open it.  I finally took it to my husband.  At first he just laughed thinking it was a girl thing.  But after struggling with it himself, he lost his sense of humor right quick.  He finally got the compartment open, but not before exerting considerable pressure with his fingertips.  Whoever designed this certainly wasn’t thinking of how much strength the average woman might have in her hands and fingers.

Now that the batteries are finally in place I can easily adjust the vibration up or down using the flower-shaped dial on the base.  Pretty nifty!  The motor is exceptionally quite, which I really appreciate.

I like a little texture to my insertables, but the ridges on the G-TWIST were a bit extreme for me.  However, the girth (1.5” diameter) is just about perfect.  I particularly like the flared base.  The ridges there are perfect for clitoral stimulation.  The vibration isn’t particularly strong, but that’s not a big issue for me.

My major concern was with the clean up.  This toy is not, I repeat, NOT waterproof.  The box says that you can clean this toy under running water, but one must make sure to keep the battery compartment closed and dry.  It goes on to say, “To prevent possible leakage simply avoid submerging the toy in water for an extended period of time.”  I’m afraid that this smacks of trying to have it both ways.  You can call it splash proof or water resistant, but we all know that’s a far cry from actually being waterproof.  As it turns out, it’s a whole lot easier to get water inside the battery compartment than it is to open that compartment to switch out the batteries.  That I just don’t understand.

I successfully enjoyed my G-TWIST, by myself for two weeks.  I was scrupulous about cleaning my toy without submerging it in water.  After about 8 uses the G-TWIST simply stopped working.  At first I thought it was the batteries.  My husband helped me open the battery compartment so I could put in fresh batteries.  But that didn’t bring it back to life.

I have no idea what happened.  I would be hard-pressed to say it was something I did.  But there it is, dead as a doornail.  And I’m just sick about it.  Obviously, I can’t recommend the G-TWIST, which makes me feel even worse.  Because before it went dead, it was a very nice toy.

Pjur MyGlide Lubricant & Stimulation Spray

Pjur MyGlide Stimulating & Warming Lubricant $22.95
Water based personal lubricant and sexual enhancement product designed for women who desire more pleasure. Ginseng provides a natural stimulating and warming effect 31lu06xkuLL._SS500_thus maximizing her sexual experience. Perfect for use in combination with Pjur MyGlide Stimulation Spray.

Pjur MySpray Stimulation Spray $22.95
A refreshingly different intimacy spray for women. This new formulation contains a unique blend of ingredients designed to stimulate vaginal blood circulation for ultimate arousal, enhancing the sexual experience. Only a few sprays needed per application.

I turned 48 this past May.  For the last year or so, I’ve been looking into a variety of things that I hoped would assist me in regaining my libido.  I’m chalking this libido loss to growing older and the onset of menopause.  I realize that I’m experiencing menopause somewhat earlier than most of my friends, which make the event all the more worrisome.

My husband is kind and generous and will often treat me to a backrub when I’m not in the mood.  But I know he would rather be more intimate than that.  I often feel bad putting him off as frequently as I do; that’s why I’ve been engaged in this search for libido enhancing products.

Like Carlos, I too used both products — MyGlide Stimulating & Warming Lubricant and MySpray Stimulation Spray separately as well as together.  For me the ideal is using them together.  Although I too will say that if I had to choose just one, I’d go with the MyGlide Stimulating & Warming Lubricant.  The spray is an added and appreciated bonus.

The lubricant has a double effect; it both arouses and warms. And it does so with out harsh chemicals that would irritate sensitive skin like mine.  I’ve tried other “warming” lubes and gels, but couldn’t tolerate any of them. MyGlide Stimulating & Warming Lubricant is water-based, which is my lubricant of choice.  It’s so much easier to clean up than silicone-based lubes.

Like all the Pjur products, MyGlide Stimulating & Warming Lubricant is dermatologically tested and extremely gentle to your skin.

Using a personal lubricant is all the more important now that I’m menopausal.  I never used to have to worry about dryness all that much in the past.  So I figure, why not use a stimulating lube since I have to use a lube anyway. MyGlide Stimulating & Warming Lubricant provides just that, a wonderful tingly and warming sensation throughout my genitals.

The MySpray Stimulation Spray works in a different way than does the lubricant.  It also provides a tingly sensation that feel like champagne bubbles on my skin.  It’s really fun, I must confess.  The combination of the lubricant and spray improves blood flow and circulation in my genitals and assists me with sexual arousal.

These products are not aphrodisiacs, but they don’t claim to be either.  They do help me feel better about being intimate with my husband when I know it’s important to him.  They also help me feel a bit more seductive myself, which is never a bad thing.  And for this I am grateful, but probably not as grateful as my husband.  You see, I told him that I though the products were a little pricey.  He responded, “I’d be happy to keep you supplied with these things for as long as your little heart desires!”


Elite Silicone Supple Bunny

Elite Silicone Supple Bunny Lavender $54.45

There are a lot of things I really like about this 8 1/2 inch silicone bunny vibe.  First and foremost, it’s silicone.  Second, it’s waterproof.  It’s modestly priced and it is attractive.

When I shop for a vibe for myself, I pretty much always choose silicone.  And since I more often than not use the vibe in the tub, waterproof is at the top of my list of “must-haves”.

Bath time is my private time.  And as often as possible I leisurely soak away the day’s tensions while my husband is busy preparing dinner in the kitchen.  I know, I am so lucky and he’s such a treasure.  I help myself to a glass of wine, fill the tub with a bubble bath and climb in.  It is about the most hedonistic think I can think of, but it also keeps me sane.

The Elite Silicone Supple Bunny has an easy to use Polyurethane coated control unit in the handle.  Even in a bubble bath it is easy to manipulate.  That’s a big plus in my book.  Who wants to struggle with slippery controls when things are just getting interesting just below the surface of the water.

It has a 2-speed vibrating bunny tickler that really delivers a substantial sustained vibration.  This is by far the best part of the toy.   There is also something that rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise beneath the silicone skin on the shaft.  The head of the toy rotates slightly too, but these sensations are very subtle.  Unfortunately, way too subtle for me.  It’s the bunny tickler that is this device’s best stimulation feature.

Like all medical-grade silicone, it is hypoallergenic skin and phthalate free!   It requires 4 AAA batteries.  Sadly, batteries are not included, but at least the package is clearly marked with the battery size needed.

I recommend the Elite Silicone Supple Bunny.