Emotional Bliss – Femblossom

We’ve got some goodies for ya, sex fans, two blissful massagers from the UK.  Emotional Bliss is a new company with exceptional credentials.  Their approach to product development is simple; maximize pleasure.  And in the process they’ve come up with revolutionary designs, which has form following function.

These products are specifically designed with a woman’s body in mind.  However, that doesn’t mean that a man can’t enjoy them, on the contrary.  But let’s let Jada of the Dr Dick Review Crew take over from here.

Femblossom $99.95


Form does indeed follow function in the two vibes I have before me.  (Each will have its own posting)  First up is Femblossom.

I had to giggle at the name.  Femblossom, what kind of name is Femblossom?  Perhaps it’s a British term, I don’t know.  All I can say for sure is, I immediately rechristened it SATISFY.  And you want to know why?  Because, in my book, name should also follow function.

Femblossom is unique, no question about it.  It is a hand-held massager, but it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever seen.   It is constructed of a hard plastic with non-slip surfaces on the control pad and on its underside.  I really liked the non-slip feature on the control pad.  The same on the underside of the vibe, however, made gliding it along delicate skin difficult without the use of lube.  Luckily, the package included samples of water-based lube and silicon-based lube.  Both can be used on this toy.  By the way, that’s a very thoughtful addition, Emotional Bliss; thank you and good marketing!

The stylized shell shape of this vibe is an ideal fit to lie astride my vaginal mound.  The pointed tip easily slips between my vaginal lips to nuzzle my clit.  The vibe is powerful enough to create intense stimulation throughout my whole pelvic area.  I hate a wimpy vibe!

I discovered that if I prop myself up against some pillows, place Femblossom on my vulva, and close my thighs on the vibe, I’m able to send amazing sensations all over my genitals.  The harder I squeeze my thighs together the more intense the sensations.  I can even do kegel exercises this way.  And what could be  better for sexual health and wellbeing?  I found that I don’t really need to use my hands at all, except to reposition the vibe from time to time. It’s brilliant!

The Femblossom also warms up with use; not so much so that you’ll feel uncomfortable or have a sense that the unit is over heating.  I was trying to concentrate on the warming sensation, but I couldn’t really discern if the warmth of the Femblossom was due to the heating element or my own body temperature.  What can I say; I’m hot blooded!  But then again, I wasn’t using the vibe on high speed.

After using Femblossom on my own several times and liking it a whole lot, I thought it would be nice to introduce it to partner play.  My husband took to it right away.  He’s not one for vibes that look like a penis.  I don’t suppose I can fault him for that.  And, I’m not one of those gals that get off on vibe penetration.  That’s why we like the Femblossom so much.

My husband liked how the massager fit in his hand.  The controls are very easy to manipulate, even with lubed up femblossom2fingers.  Femblossom has nine distinct massage modes.  I think that’s the greatest variety of pulsation I’ve ever seen in a vibe.

During our play together, my husband also used the vibe on himself.  He placed the Femblossom tip on his perineum and cupped his testicles in the shell form.  The handle reached up and touched the root of his penis.  He was surprised by the intensity of the sensations and he really liked the warming sensations. He was running it on high speed.  This thing has a very powerful motor.  And the hard plastic material seems to conduct the vibrations more effectively than do my silicone vibes.

Femblossom is rechargeable, which is really great.  It’ll run for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the speed you’re running it, before it needs recharging.  The universal charger is included in the package.  It also comes with a beautifully designed and very informative instructional booklet.

The cleaning instructions included in the package state that one ought only use a mild soap and water to clean Femblossom.  Here’s a tip:  you must be very careful not to get water (or worse lube) in the recharging socket.  Frankly, that is a real concern to me in terms of use as well as cleanup.  Let’s face it; sex play can be messy.  If one is concentrating on not getting lube all over the vibe that could easily ruin the mood.  Too bad the vibe doesn’t come with a cover for the recharging port.

The instructions also state that there is an antibacterial agent incorporated in the manufacturing process.  They are the first to use silver ion technology for antibacterial purposes.  Ok, I like the sound of that.  But is that enough to put my mind at ease about sharing my toy?  Maybe we’ll be hearing more from Emotional Bliss about this in the future.

In the meantime, my husband and I both wholeheartedly endorse Femblossom.

One final word, I encourage you to shop at the Emotional Bliss online store for this product.  Searching the web I discovered, to my great dismay, that some stores are charging up to $50 per unit than the price on the Emotional Blisssite.  What’s up with that?

Next week:  Emotional BlissChandra



Hey sex fans,

The Dr Dick Review Crew has been in a complete tizzy lately.  Even these hardened veterans of the adult product review trenches were totally gaga when I put out the word that I had a slew of LELO products to review.  Everyone on the crew couldn’t wait to get their grubby little hands all over these top of the line sex toys…I mean Pleasure Objects.

That”s right, sex fans, LELO not only reinvented the sex toy; they’ve evolved it into an object of pleasure. And trust me, it’s not just semantics.  LELO products are indeed in a class of their own.

The Dr Dick Review Crew will be spending several weeks putting the LELO line through its paces.  Whatever you do, don’t miss a single installment!

Today, we feature the G-spot LELO Pleasure Object — GIGI.

Review Crew members, Gina & Kevin, do the honors

GIGI $109

Gina:  “I’ve been salivating over the LELO line for ages.  I’ve seen them online, in magazine ads and I’ve even handled a couple of them at Babeland, Seattle.  But I never expected to actually own one.”
Kevin:  “I’m totally blown away too.  These babies are stunning.”
Gina:  “I never thought I’d own a LELO because they are kinda pricey.  But after using
GIGI for a few weeks I can say that they are worth every cent.  First off, they are rechargeable; so right away you save on the cost of battery replacement.  Which, to my mind, not only makes LELO price competitive, but a bargain in the long run.”
Kevin:  “
GIGI is a sensual work of art; it’s creatively innovative and it is GREEN! Anyone who reads our reviews on a regular basis knows that the Review Crew gives extra points for toys that are rechargeable.”
Gina:  “GREEN is IN, fellow consumers!”
Kevin:  “Also anyone who reads our reviews on a regular basis knows that I am like totally into my ass and gigi_deep_rose_mv1prostate.  I know that
GIGI is marketed exclusively as a G-spot vibe, but I’m here to tell you (and the LELO people) that GIGI is dyn-O-mite on a dude’s P-spot too.”
Gina:  “Kevin knows of what he speaks!  Over the last year or so we’ve tried numerous insertables in his butt.  Most were packaged as “women only” toys, but we didn’t care.”
Kevin:  “I think toy producers are missing a load of crossover sales opportunities because they often focus on a specific gender in advertising.  I mean Gina and I totally turned the WE-Vibe marketing concept on its head in our review (#13).”
Gina:  “
GIGI is made from medical grade s ilicone, which give s it a velvety feel that is deliciously soft and warm.  It has approximately 10cm of insertable length and the G-spot (or in this P-spot) flat and slanted tip has a circumference of 10.5cm.  It takes about 2 hours to fully charge this thing.  Unlike other rechargeable toys, you’ll know it’s fully charged when the light in the handle goes from flashing to a solid light.  And a full charge will give you at least an hour and a half of amazing vibration.”
Kevin:  “The power and adjust button is in the ergonomic handle.
GIGI has 5 modes of vibration with 4 speed settings.  It’s amazingly powerful for such a little thing. So you can knock yourself out in more ways than one.  It’s also super quiet.  This thing has quality written all over it.”
Gina:  “There was a time, not to long ago, that I would have been too embarrassed to watch Kevin pleasure himself.  I thought masturbation, especially if it involved him inserting something into his bum, was something he should do privately.  I can’t believe how uptight I once was.”
Kevin:  “It was a struggle to break down some of her preconceived ideas about sex in general and masturbation in particular.  But she’s totally into it now, I’m happy to report.  And we’ve learned so much about pleasuring one another from watching each other pleasure ourselves.”
Gina:  “I now absolutely love watching Kevin work his butt.  It is such a turn on for me.  He always gets the hardest erections when he’s stimulating his prostate.  And he always shoots a giant load too.  I often find myself sitting back with my own Pleasure Object and trying to keep pace with Kevin.”
Kevin:  “If the truth be know, Gina has, on several occasions, jumped on my raging boner when I’m fuckin my ass with a dildo.  I think it’s great that she feels free to take control.”
Gina:  “It’s true, I can often barely contain myself.”
Kevin:  “My first time with
GIGI was fantastic.  I lubed it up.  (Water based lube only with a fine silicone toy like this.)  And nuzzled the flattened and slanted head against my hole.  I worked the vibe options, getting a feel for where this baby was gonna take me.  With only a little effort on my part the uniquely shaped head disappeared in my ass and hit home directly on my prostate.  The flat slanted tip connected with my P-spot and made my eyes roll back in my head with pleasure.  It’s like it was made for this purpose.  I mean, how many guys are doing without GIGI thinking it’s only for girls?”
Gina:  “Like a butt-plug,
GIGI stays in place.  When Kevin let go of the vibe to stroke his penis and stretch his scrotum, I reached over and took hold.  This startled him out of his revelry, but the gentle rocking motion I added as well as the change in pulsation made him buck and groan.  He is the most sexually expressive man I’ve ever known.”
Kevin:  “Gina pretends she’s still a shy and retiring catholic school girl when it comes to ass play, but this girl knows how to ramp thing up down there.  She denied me the orgasm I was aching for.  She forbid me to touch my cock and balls while she worked my ass with
GIGI.  She took hold of my nuts and started to slap them, lightly at first, then she really let me have it.  Yanking on my sack stretched the skin on my dick shaft and made my cock stick out perpendicular to my belly.  I was lovin’ it, big time.”
Gina:  “Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve developed into quite a little dominatrix; something I would never have discovered in myself had it not been for Kevin and his promptings.”
Kevin:  “I love it when she’s the Dom; it’s such a turn on.  I clamped down on
GIGI using my PC muscles, like if I was doing my Kegel exercises. Intense vibrations filled my groin then moved up to my navel.”
Gina:  “I let go of
GIGI, because I knew it would stay in place in Kevin’s butt and straddled his hips in a reverse cowgirl position.  This way I was able to continue to pull on his testicles while rubbing his penis all over my vaginal lips and clit.  I could even feel GIGI’s vibration in my pelvis. It was so hot!”
Kevin:  “I begged for release, the vibration intensity increased with Gina sitting on my lower abdomen.  I could hardly stand it.  She was rocking back and forth, my dick head barley entering her pussy.”
Gina:  “I came twice in rapid succession, then had mercy on my poor butt-boy Kevin.  I just touched the underside of his penis with one hand and sperm shot out of him like a canon.  He made this incredible animal noise and thrashed beneath me.  This brought me to climax one more time and then I slid off him.”
Kevin:  “I swear I came so hard it was time to notify the next of kin.”
Gina:  “I would have my turn with
GIGI the very next day.  Basically Kevin and I changed positions.  I began to pleasure myself with the vibe; first outside my vagina, then inside.  Kevin insisted that I surrender myself to him, as he did to me.  And master that he is, he orally pleasured me while he altered the GIGI pulsations on my G-spot.  I was over the top in a matter of a couple minutes.”
Kevin:  “It’s so much fun sharing our toys.  We play really well together.”
Gina:  “Because silicone products are nonporous and hypoallergenic, care and cleaning are a snap.  For everyday cleanup a mild soap and water wash is fine.  However, if you’re gonna share your toys sterilizing is recommended.  You can swish the silicone end of
GIGI in a pot of boiling water for a couple minutes, dry it off and then it’s ready to go. You can also wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution.”
Kevin:  “I absolutely love
GIGI.  I love how LELO takes the lead in the whole industry with superior quality and stunning designs.  The only reservation I have with the whole LELO gestalt is the excessive packaging.  Don’t get me wrong; the packaging is beautiful, but there’s just so much of it.”
Gina:  “It’s true; the packaging does undercut LELO’s GREEN profile a bit. But maybe they believe that in the case of their product line and price point, luxury, including the presentation, is essential.  I mean
GIGI even comes with a sweet satin carrying pouch.  They’ve thought of everything!”
Kevin:  “I concede LELO is trying to capture the high-end market, and maybe this indulgence with presentation helps make their case.  However, in the end it’s the product itself, not the packaging that’ll make a brand’s name.  And in this case LELO is without peer.
Gina:  “Undoubtedly,
GIGI costs a bit more, but it is sooo worth it.”


Be sure to look for more LELO reviews in weeks to come.

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator $44.95


I was so delighted to be chosen to do this review.  I’ve been the proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand for over 10 years.  It has been my personal favorite for all that time.  I was eager for an opportunity to ideal.jpgcompare the Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator with the one I’ve loved so much for so long.

Both vibrators are the hand held type with a flexible spring ball head.  Each has the same oscillating movement.  The Ideal Vibrator is not as quite as the Hitachi, but it is as powerful on both speeds. The Ideal is lighter than the Hitachi model I have.  I like that a lot.

The thing I like the most about the Ideal is always ready to go and there is no cord to tangle with.  I can’t tell you how much I love that. is that is cordless.  It doesn’t run on batteries either.  It’s rechargeable.  I know this may sound petty, but there have been plenty of times in the past when I probably would have used my trusty Hitachi Magic Wand on the spare of the moment.  But I wound up putting it off, because I didn’t want to move furniture to plug it in or deal with an extension cord.  Now I’ll never have to postpone my pleasure, because the

The Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator is head and shoulders above the Hitachi in terms of its design too.  It’s really very pretty and much more elegant than the Hitachi.  The grip on the Ideal fits naturally in my hand.  It’s as comfortable in my right hand as it is in my left.

Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator is my brand new favorite.

Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment $16.95


I feel as though I’ve fallen into a pot of jam.  The one thing I always thought was lacking in my wand vibrator is that it was for external use only.  Now with this inexpensive Natural Contours Ideal G-Plus Attachment I can change all that.It’s so simple and practical; I can’t believe no one thought of this before now.  The attachment fits on either my


Hitachi wand or my new Natural Contours Ideal Vibrator.  It has two prongs for G-spot and clitoral stimulation.  It is beautifully flexible and yet it is latex-free.  (I am allergic to latex.)  And I’m delighted to learn that it is also phthalate-free.  (Thanks to Dr Dick, I’m becoming a more discerning, conscientious and health wise consumer.)

One last thing, I was struck by something Angie said about her husband’s response to her vibrators.  She said something like he is less put off by the Liberte because it didn’t have a “penis shape.”  I never realized that my husband had similar reservations.  He’s never said anything, but he only likes using my Hitachi wand on me, none of my other insertables.  But now with this G-Plus Attachment I get the best of both worlds — external and internal stimulation — and my husband likes it just fine.


WE-Vibe ——  $129.95

Hey Sex Fans,

Allow me to introduce you to Gina, the newest member of Dr Dick’s Product Review Crew. She’s 24,d232.jpg she’s smart as a whip and she’s working on her master’s degree in social work. She’s vivacious, outgoing, fun loving and charming as all get-out. She describes herself as a sex-positive feminist, but she also confesses to being somewhat shy and not all that knowledgeable about sexual things.” “I guess I’m your average recovering Catholic girl who knows there a whole world out there just waiting to be discover.”

Gina comes to us by way of my friend Kevin. Do you remember Kevin? He helped me review the Aneros products some weeks back. (Look for “Kevin” in the Category Section) In fact, that’s how Gina and I first met. She was totally blown away when Kevin, rather nonchalantly, turned her on to my site and the review. Unbeknownst to her, her straight-as-an-arrow BF lost his ass cherry the day he helped me with that review. Apparently, this was his way of signaling Gina that he was up for trying new things, so to speak. Well, I guess that’s one way of doing it!

Gina told me she was floored when she read the review. She knew Kevin was more sexually adventurous than she, but this came as a complete surprise nonetheless. She also confessed to being a bit envious of his daring and more than a little turned on by his newly found pleasure center in his bum.

Once I knew Gina was game for a little experimentation herself, I knew I had found just the right person (couple) to review the ever-so-popular WE-Vibe. She and Kevin graciously accepted my invitation and off they went to “work” on their review.

Before we hear back from the two lovebirds, let’s take a closer look at this amazing device.

To say the WE-Vibe is unique is an understatement. It’s downright revolutionary. This insertable vibrator, crafted of medical grade silicone (no phthalates), is the first of its kind G-spot stimulator that can actually be used while fucking. That’s right, you heard me! The WE-Vibe is hands free, strap free and wireless! Once in place this discreet little wonder (3.25 inches long and 1 inch wide, weighing only 2 ounces) creates both internal and external stimulation during partner play; so both partners will experience the thrill, don’t cha know.

we-vibe-hands-free-dual-vibrator.jpgThis is such a big deal for Dr Dick because I am forever hearing from women who are not receiving nearly enough stimulation during the old in and out. Their partners, of course, get off big time; but they are often left unsatisfied. They’re timid about stimulating themselves during the hump and they would never think of incorporating a traditional sized vibrator for fear it might alienate their man. It breaks my heart to hear stuff like that, but I do understand their predicament.

Now, thanks to the WE-Vibe, women folk don’t have to settle for less than the stimulation they want and need. Nor will they need to incorporate an invasive vibrator to get it. The We-Vibe is soft, waterproof and conforms to the female shape, making it comfortable and easy to use. It also has two speeds. And like I said, the men folk will really get off on it too. It’s a win-win situation all-round!

There’s one more terrific feature I want to point out before we get back to Gina and Kevin. The We-Vibe is rechargeable! I don’t know about you, but I await the day when all toys are rechargeable. Since I’ve started doing these reviews, my battery budget has gone through the roof. Naturally I am worried about the expense, but my overriding concern is for the environment. All these dead batteries are downright wasteful, as well as being a pollutant. It’s enough to give Al Gore (and me) a freakin coronary. A word to all toy manufactures — DO THE GREEN THING; make your products rechargeable!

I next see Gina and Kevin a week after our last meeting. Both of them sport one of those goofy freshly-fucked smiles. They can’t keep their hands off one another as they squirm and coo to each other on my couch. I’d like to just slap them both! One look at their faces and I know the We-Vibe played a big part in putting those ridiculous grins on their faces.

Dr Dick: “So kids, how was it? Or do I even need to ask?”
Gina: “It was great, Dr Dick! We had a ball. We used the WE-Vibe several times. And each time was wonderful.”
Dr Dick: Ya don’t say! “Ok, then walk me through it, as it were.”
Kevin: “We wanted to jump right in there just as soon as we got home after you gave us the toy.”
Gina: “Yeah, but then we read the instructions and discovered you have to charge the internal battery for 24 hrs first.”
Dr Dick: “That must have been a let down.” I add. They both agree.

Apparently this 24 hr hiatus only stoked the fires of their youthful ardor. Cum the next day, there was no holding back.

Gina: “We also learned another important lesson in our rush to get the fun started. You see these little dimples on the bottom here? They are the on/off/2-speed switches. We discovered that they are almost impossible to manipulate once the WE-Vibe is lubed up and in place.”
Dr Dick: “Ahhh, good point! So what did you do?”
Kevin: “Basically, we had to start over. I have to tell you; this wasn’t doing anything for my hardon. Gina removed the thing from her vagina; we wiped off the lube, turned the thing on; added more lube and reinserted.”
Dr Dick: “You guys are fuckin’ rocket scientists! So then what?”
Gina: “We had great sex!” Some of the best sex ever. I know we were like all primed for a real good go, but the WE-Vibe was amazing. I was more easily orgasmic with this thing inside me. And it’s so quiet; even on the high speed.”
Kevin: “I really got off on it too.” It was such a unique sensation. My cock was being stimulated while inside Gina. “I could feel it all the way in my balls. It was awesome!”
Dr Dick: Never fear, my dear, you secrets are safe with me. I mean, who would I tell anyway?”
Gina: “Since the WE-Vibe is waterproof we tried it another time in the bath.”
Kevin: “Yeah, that was hot.”
Dr Dick: “Ya don’t say!”
Kevin: “Yeah, I really got off on doin’ it doggie style. That was the best for me!”
Gina: “Hey, I thought we weren’t going to get too specific.”

We were winding up our debriefing session when Kevin spoke up.we-vibe-flexible-dual-action-vibrator.jpg

Kevin: “Actually we have one more thing to report.”
Dr Dick: “Really? Do tell.”
Gina: “This is so embarrassing.”
Kevin: “It is not. It’s perfectly normal.”
Dr Dick: “OK kids, out with it!”
Gina: “After our third use together, Kevin rolled over on his side and asked me if I would mind him using the WE-Vibe himself. At first I didn’t get it. I thought he wanted to share OUR toy with someone else. I think he noticed the disappointed look on my face and said; ‘What?’”
Kevin: “Yeah, it was at that moment that I realized Gina didn’t have a clue. So I had to spell it out for her. I told her that I wanted to use the WE-Vibe in my ass.”
Gina: “I didn’t know what to say. I was flabbergasted. He told me that he never had anything that vibrated in his bottom and he wanted to see how that felt.”
Kevin: “I’m sure I said my ass; not my ‘bottom’.”
Gina: “Whatever! At any rate, I stammered my way to ‘OK, I guess so!’ And that’s all it took. In a flash Kevin disappeared into the bathroom with the WE-Vibe. He cleaned it up with some soap and water and was back in bed before I knew it. You want me to stay while you do it?”
Kevin: “Of course I did! I wanted her to stay; in fact I wanted her to join in. This took some negotiation, but I finally got my way.”
Dr Dick: “You men are all alike!”
Gina: “As it turns out, I wasn’t freaked out at all. In fact, I got so turned on by watching him squirm with pleasure. He wanted me to stick a finger in his bottom. And I even did that. I don’t think we had ever been closer.”
Kevin: “While I was laying on my back with the WE-Vibe in my ass, I had a raging boner. Gina was right there fingering me and she was wet like crazy. So I told her to get on top of me. She rode my cock like there was no tomorrow.”
Gina: “It’s true; it was totally wild. I swear I could feel the vibration with him inside me.”
Kevin: I love her for helping me out, for being so understanding, for indulging me my little kink.”

Well there you have it, sex fans. Thanks to Gina and Kevin we discover that the WE-Vibe is a whole lot more versatile than we first thought. Kudos to both my reviewers for being so creative, open-minded and for their ability to see pleasurable potential where no one had looked before.