Lubricant Lickeurs by Hathor Aphrodisia

Lubricant Lickeurs — Coconut Orange        4 oz $22.00 CAD

Gina & Kevin introduce us to Lubricant Lickeurs from Hathor Aphrodisia.

Gina:  “I’ve never been one for flavored lubes.  The whole concept seems silly to me.  But I also don’t like the taste of regular lubes.  They taste funny.  Basically, I just avoid, as much as possible, coming in oral contact with any lube.  So when we were asked to review Lubricant Lickeurs I said to myself, ‘Oh ick!”3-lubricant-lickeurs-sm.jpg
Kevin:  “I was of the same mind as Gina.  I mean, how juvenile?  By the way, I love the natural taste of Gina’s pussy, like fresh out of her panties.  I suppose it helps that she vegan.  Her juices are naturally sweet and I can eat her all day long.”
Gina:  “He sure is talented in the department, I must say.  There was a time that I was uncomfortable with him doing oral on me, but now I love it.  It helps that it isn’t a chore for him.  It’s taken me probably as long to warm to the idea of giving oral to Kevin too.  But now I’m such a bad girl that I don’t even give it a second thought.”
Kevin:  “Actually, she’s a natural-born cocksucker.  She just needed to liberate herself from all the Catholic school repression.”
Gina:  “But enough about us; back to the Lubricant Lickeurs.  Neither one of us wanted to disappoint the good Dr, so we agreed to try it.”
Kevin:  “And damn if we both don’t absolutely love this stuff.”
Gina:  “Yeah, so much for our natural prejudices, huh?  But I must say, Lubricant Lickeurs is a grown-ups version of flavored lubes.”
Kevin:  “It’s like Hathor Aphrodisia didn’t simply make a lube and then try to flavor it as an afterthought with some artificial flavoring.”
Gina:  “Lubricant Lickeurs come in three organic flavors.  The one we have is Coconut Orange.  Think macaroons with a hint of citrus.  Yummmmy!  Oh, and the packaging get high marks too.  I love the heart/vagina/flower/sperm logo”
Kevin:  “This is a water-based lube, so it’s condom safe.”
Gina:  “Because there’s a sweetness to it I was concerned that it might be unhealthy for my vagina.  Sugar is  not a good thing to introduce into a vagina.  So I went to the Hathor Aphrodisia website and discovered, to my great delight, that this product is sweetened with stevia, an herb belonging to the Sunflower family; not a sugar.  This means not only is it safe to be used in and around a vagina, diabetics can use it too.
Kevin:  “This stuff rocks!  Like Dr Dick said, it makes a great stocking stuffer.”

Lubricant Pure by Hathor Aphrodisia

Keeping with today’s GREEN theme we’ve got a couple of delicious products from a little company in Vancouver, BC called Hathor Aphrodisia.

Lubricant Pure 4 oz $18.00 CAD

I, Dr Dick, have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to Lubricant Pure. I am so fond of this mighty-mite of a company from right here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  What a joy it is to bring their products to your attention.


Ya’ll know my passion for GREEN adult products, right? Hathor Aphrodisia is a boutique company that brings us only a few choice products, but each one is a work of love.

Lubricant Pure is an exceptionally fine personal lube.  It contains pure botanical emollients including Horny Goat Weed, Jujube Zizyphus and Siberian Ginseng, which are supposed to have aphrodisiacal properties.  Can’t honestly say I noticed any difference in my sexual response cycle.  But as my granny used to say, ‘It couldn’t hurt!’

Lubricant Pure is water-based, so it’s condom compatible. It’s slippery, non-sticky and there’s no fragrance, which really appealed to me.  I hate when lubes have an odor.

And as you would guess from a company like this, Lubricant Pure even tastes nice.  I mean don’t you just hate getting some lubes in your mouth?  I know I do. They taste all chemically?

Sex fans, if you want your sex to be GREEN?  Here’s a way to do that and support a fantastic little company that is doing the right thing.  Lubricant Pure makes a great stocking stuffer too.

Whimsy by Jildo

Whimsy $69.00

Glenn & Hank introduce us to Whimsy.

Hank:  “We have a more manly sized Jildo Dildo. Then do the girls.”wh_020820_0.jpg
Glenn:  “I just love that name!  ‘Honey, can you please pass the Jildo Dildo?’”
Hank:  “I know, and we don’t even have to christen this one, because it comes with its own name — Whimsy.”
Glenn:  “It’s a nice 1.5” wide and a bit shorter, at 10”, than Joy & Dixie’s Hart.”
Hank:  “I don’s suppose we have to repeat all the stuff that the girls said about lube, care and cleaning and all, do we?  Good!”
Glenn:  “Yeah, but we should describe it better.”
Hank:  “Oh, ok!  It’s made of American Cherry wood.”
Glenn:  “Think of it as cherry pie on a stick.”
Hank:  “You are such a dork!”
Glenn:  “You love it!”
Hank:  “Our Whimsy is also a ‘double header’. One end is rounded.  Think prostate stimulation…or G-spot stimulation. The other end is bullet shaped.  There’s a combination of swirls and ridges, which deliver a variety of sensations with the old in and out.”
Glenn:  “Mmmm, in and out!”
Hank:  “Have you ever met a hornier bastard?”
Glenn:  “I’m an unapologetic power bottom; what can I say?  And when Hank works my ass with Whimsy, I’m in pig heaven.  And this thing warms to my body very fast.  It’s like totally awesome.”
Hank:  “He’s so right.  I can work this boy in to a froth of sexual frenzy with this thing.  And I like that it’s very masculine looking.  Despite it’s beauty, it doesn’t look out of place next to all of Glenn’s other insertables.”
Glenn:  “And I do have quite a collection.  At the same time, we could leave this on the coffee table as an object ‘d art for all to admire.
Hank:  “If you’re lookin’ for insertable art for your holiday giving, look no further than a stunning Jildo Dildo.”
Glenn:  “One final thing.  You absolutely have to check out their dildo lore page.  It is amazing.

Hart by Jildos

Hey sex fans,

Holy mackerel!  It’s Week 3 of our Holiday Extravaganza.

First up we have two brilliant wooden insertables from my very good friends at Jildos; The Art You Love To Touch! Jildos are American made, hand-crafted works of art.  They are produced by a company called: WoodPeckers Roost.  Can you stand it?  They are made from the most durable, safe materials available and they are GREEN, oh so GREEN.

Hart $69.00

Joy & Dixie introduce us to Hart.

Joy:  “I’ve had a hankerin’ for a wooden dildo for ages.  I’ve admired them online and even held a few in h_020804.jpgmy hands at our local sex emporium.  But nothing compares to owing one and having it inside you.”
Dixie:  “That is so true. Hart is simply beautiful. It’s made of exotic Bocote wood, which gives it a very distinctive striped appearance.  And besides it’s beauty it is as functional as all get-out. It has a long, smooth shaft that allows you to enjoy deep penetration using either end.”
Joy:  “Yeah, and it’s a ‘double header’ too. There is a ball at one end that is ideal for G-spot (or P-spot) stimulation.  But it also has a more traditional head on the other end, which is followed by 4 ridges.  I love my dildos ridged!”
Dixie:  “I agree, I love the rippling sensation too.  And I like that it’s size is not overwhelming.  It’s 10.5” long, but it’s only 1.25” in diameter at its widest point.”
Joy:  “We spent a lot of time trying it every which way.  And it is safe to use with all kinds of lubes.  We are partial to silicone-based lubes and because Hart is so naturally smooth, a very little bit of lube goes a long way.”
Dixie:  “Caring for this beauty is blissfully simple. Wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. You can also wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution.”
Joy:  “Then you can use the wax packet provided with Hart to restore it’s natural luster. Just rub it on and buff it off.”
Dixie:  “Your Jildo Dildo will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a nice velvet pouch for discreet storage.”
Joy:  “Jildos has a wide array of shapes and styles to choose from.  This is the ideal holiday gift for the GREEN

Earthly Body – Body Candle and Massage Candle

Heart-Shaped Massage Body Candle — Naked in the Woods 6 oz. $15.99

Edible Candle — Watermelon 4 oz. $15.99

Angie:  I couldn’t agree more with the Dr D!  I was thrilled when asked to round-massage-med-res.jpgreview these two candles — the Heart-Shaped Massage Body Candle — Naked in the Woods and the Edible Candle — Watermelon.  They are scrumptious.

I have very sensitive skin, so I have to be very careful what products I use.  Initially, I was concerned that fragranced products, like these, would not sit well on my skin.  So I decided to visit the Earthly Body website and do some homework before my first use.  I was delighted to learn that all their products are vegan and nontoxic.

My first use was right after my bath.  I lit a candle, which fragranced the room while I enjoyed my bath.  Naked in the Woods has a light earthy sent with just a hint of pine. the Edible Candle — Watermelon is…well all edible-watermelon-candle-hi-res.jpgwatermelon-y.  Is there such a word?  Depending on my mood, I had a choice between earthy and fruity.  By the time if finished my bath, there was enough liquefied oil to generously moisturize my legs.  This is a much finer oil than what I usually use, so much more silky.

One thing I did not know is that Hemp Seed Oil is known as ‘nature’s most perfectly balanced oil,’ and has the highest concentration of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) of any essential oil.  I guess that explains the rich texture of the melted candle.

As a special treat, I used the Naked in the Woods candle on my husband.  He probably would have resisted had I asked him first.  Scented things are not his bag. He’s such a guy!   But I had the candle lit at our bedside.  (The scent is not overwhelming in any way.)  We were feeling amorous; and I said I wanted to treat him to a little back rub.  He never says no to a massage.  I extinguished the candle and dribbled the warm oil on his back.  I poured it from about one foot above his back, so that by the time it hit him it was only slightly warmer than his skin.  He moaned with delight as I rubbed it in.

The economy being what it is, I believe more and more of us will be turning to simple, inexpensive pleasures that can be enjoyed at home.  These Earthly Body candles have only whet my appetite to try some of their other products.  (Hubby dear, if you’re reading this, as I know you are, the New Year will be a whole lot more sensual if I find a big gift pack of Earthly Body goodies under the tree.  Hint, hint!)

One final thing, and I know that Dr Dick agrees with me on this, we are both delighted to see that Earthly Body, besides being an earth-friendly, totally GREEN company, it also has a much bigger social conscience.  The founders of the company have created a charitable foundation called The Get Together Foundation. How fantastic is that?

Earthly Body – Aromatherapy Candle

Aromatherapy Earthly Body Candle — Melt Away 6 oz. $15.99

One of the best things about being Dr Dick is sharing the bounteous melt-away-hi-res.jpgproducts sent to me for review with my Review Crew.  It’s like bein’ friggin’ Santa Claus all year long.  Despite my exceptionally big heart there are always some pangs of envy as I see a product I covet go off to a new home in the hot little hands of one of my posse.  Generosity is so bittersweet.

I had the damnedest time trying to choose among the Earthly Body products.  Each one is a mini treasure.  But since I am an avid practitioner of massage and bodywork I chose the Aromatherapy Earthly Body Candle — Melt Away as my keeper.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a body candle, here’s the deal.  These beauties are designed to melt at a lower temperature than regular candles.  You light them like regular, of course, but they liquefy quicker, thus the ‘wax’ (more precisely, oil) is not so hot.  So you light your candle, melt some, extinguish the flame and then use the sensuous scented oil to massage with.  There simply is nothing finer!

Not all such candles are created equal, don’t cha know.  But I can say with confidence that the Earthly Body candle is the finest I’ve ever used; bar none.  Their candles are made from 8 Natural Oils including Hemp Seed (Mmmm Hemp!), Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado, and Almond.  This is like a picnic for your skin.  It penetrates easily thus moisturizing your skin leaving it soft and smooth, like a baby’s bottom.

Wanna take a mini-vacation for under $20?  Look no further than Earthly Body.

And the fragrance is out of this world.  This particular candle — Melt Away, is scented with clove.  These candles are infused with real aromatherapy essences, mind you.  No cheap artificial stuff here, I’m happy to report.  So you have this complete experience — a scented candle that fragrances the room, which also provides an equally delectably scented high-quality massage oil.