Cherry On Top – Drop

Cherry On Top – Drop —— $29.95

What we have here is the Cherry On Top – Drop, one of three such toys. It’s a cockring of sorts. I say that because it encircles your cock and balls, like a cockring ought to. But, because it’s made of this super elastic jelly material, it’s too stretchy to provide any of the constriction a guy expects from a regular cockring.

There is a nubbed barrel-like structure on either end of the ring into which we are supposed to load the cute green and pink bullet vibes. But first we’re supposed to load the bullets with three tiny watch batteries. Here in lies the rub. Despite the fact that the promotional materials on the company’s website say the six batteries (three per bullet) are included in the package. And indeed there are six little indentations in the plastic packaging. My toy arrived with only two of the six batteries. The other four indentations were empty.

No I would have thought that maybe the other batteries got lost, or there was a glitch in the package assembly. But get this, the package itself says that the batteries are NOT included.

So, which is it, Xmybox?

At any rate, I didn’t have the extra batteries to load into the bullets. And I had no inclination to run down to the store to purchase the extra batteries either. I mean, I would have gladly used any of the regular sized batteries we have on hand to operate the bullets, if that’s what was called for. But I wasn’t gonna go traipsing around town looking for these highly specialized batteries.

So, dear readers, I can’t tell you anything more about this toy other than the fact that if I plunked down a whopping 30-bucks for this and the batteries weren’t included, I’d have a fuckin’ fit. I mean, even with the batteries included I’d be hard-pressed to shell out $30 for this novelty item. Don’t bother!