SORAYA —— $199.00
I must be among the last Review Crew members to hook up with a LELO product. I think we’ve reviewed nine or ten of their products so far, but I knew my turn would come soon enough.

As luck would have it, I am the first of the Dr Dick Review Crew to handle one of the new waterproof line of vibes from LELO called Insignia. As I read through some of the earlier LELO reviews written by my colleagues I notice one recurring regret; the vibes they were reviewing were not waterproof. Each reviewer painstakingly pointed out that the earlier incarnations of LELO products, while being remarkable in many ways, were hampered by a recharge port that made the unit difficult to thoroughly clean because it wasn’t submersible. Getting water, or worse lube, in the port rendered the expensive vibe inoperable.

To LELO’s great credit they’ve solved that problem with the Insignia line.

But let me start at the beginning. The SORAYA comes in the signature LELO packaging. It’s elegant and sophisticated, although I know some have problem with the excess. However, I don’t share those reservations. Everything from the glossy black outer carton to the matte black storage box is chic. The pink and golden dual action SORAYA is nestled in felt covered foam inlay. As far as I can tell the entire package is recyclable. But of course you wouldn’t want to toss the box, because it stores the SORAYA so perfectly.

If one were to judge the size of the SORAYA by the size of the box, which is over a foot long, one would have a very large vibe indeed. But looks are deceiving. The SORAYA itself is only about 8.5” from stem to stern. The insertable girth is pretty modest too, just over one inch at its widest. The clitoral stimulator stem is about 2.5” long.

While I guess I’d categorize the SORAYA as a rabbit vibe; in terms of design, it is miles above its unattractive cousins. Again, elegant and chic are the words that most readily pop to mind.

The SORAYA is remarkably light weight. Here another instance where looks are deceiving. I had convinced myself that the golden center of the vibe was metal, but it’s not. It is a metallic-coated ABS (plastic). And the velvety pink outer surface is 100% high-grade silicone.

The stylish hole in the base of the SORAYA is another very thoughtful design element. I can insert my forefinger in the hole and easily manipulate the three-button controller with my thumb. I’m going to guess that women were behind this design.

The shaft of the SORAYA has a slight angle to it, so I am able to tilt it for some pleasurable G-spot stimulation. Again, this is where the hole in the handle comes in very handy. I’m able to rock and press down on the handle for as much G-spot stimulation as I would like.

I am totally impressed with the level of vibration too. I like to start things out real slow and gradually work my way up to more intense sensation. This is so easy to do with the SORAYA. And it’s versatile too. It comes with 8 vibration modes and each offers a full range of speed from low to high.

I’ve already mentioned that this is a dual motor vibe, so there’s not sacrificing internal stimulation for the sake of clitoral stimulation, or the other way around, for that matter. The clit stimulator is lusciously flexible, which make for a much more comfortable ride.

Like all the other LELO vibes, the SORAYA is rechargeable. It fully charges in just about 2 hours.

The SORAYA is easily fully cleaned and sanitized,  because the hard plastic core and the silicone are nonporous. And, as I’ve already mentioned, the SORAYA is waterproof and submersible. This makes the SORAYA a sharable toy. In fact, my husband uses the SORAYA too. He doesn’t insert the shaft, but nuzzles it against his perineum while the “clit” stimulator works its magic on his scrotum. He loves it!

The SORAYA also comes with an instructions booklet, charging cord, satin storage pouch and a darling Insignia brooch. How thoughtful!

I am thoroughly pleased with the SORAYA. I am delighted to give it my highest recommendation. If you are in the market for a high-end vibe for yourself or a loved one,  you MUST consider this is one.