The Tantus Dipper

Tantus Dipper —— $31.00

I’ve been following my fellow Review Crew member’s comments about the Tantus products we’ve received for review. You can see these reviews HERE. I’ve been hoping to get a crack at one of these beauties myself. So when Dr Dick asked me if I wanted to review the Tantus Dipper I jumped at the opportunity.

I am a huge fan of butt plugs and, over the years, I’ve collected a nice selection of prostate stimulators that I take for a ride at least a couple of times a week. Sometime I wear one or another of them for hours at a time. I love going shopping with one in my ass. The tedium of grocery shopping becomes a fun outing. I have huge smile on my face and everyone wonders why I’m so cheerful. If they only knew!

The Tantus Dipper is the perfect tool for your honey pot. And it’s a doubleheader too. You can use either end! One end is shaped like a honey dipper with loads of ridges. The other end is spherical and it pops into my ass like a single anal bead. Between the two ends is the traditional butt plug notch, a narrow neck, that allows my sphincter muscles to clap down on it, keeping whatever end I have in my hole safely in place. PERFECT!

The black Tantus Dipper has a lot of style, but it is a pretty modest size, actually — total length: 5.5″, insertable length: 4″ (the end with the ridges), diameter: 1.5″ (about the size of two fingers) and the neck is only .5” in diameter. It’s 100% premium silicone so it’s firm but flexible and oh so comfortable. It’s also nonporous, phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and latex-free. Silicone is the perfect material for an insertable toy.

Always use lube when you’re playing with your ass, because your butt doesn’t make any of its own lubrication. And in the case of the Tantus Dipper, because it’s silicone, you can only use only a water-based lube.

Quality silicone toys, like this one, clean up easily. Warm soapy water does the trick. It air dries too. And it never gets tacky or sticky. In fact, you can even sterilize the Tantus Dipperby boiling it; running it through a dishwasher; or wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. So it’s shareable!

I liked the ridged end of the Tantus Dipper the best. If I take my time inserting it, I can feel each and every ridge. It’s my toy of choice for warming my ass for some of my bigger toys.

I highly recommend the Tantus Dipper for holiday giving. Anyone into anal pleasuring, boy or girl, will really love to find one of these beauties under the tree.