Pirates Pendant Vibe – Black

Pirates Pendant Vibe – Black —— $19.99

When I got home from Dr Dick’s with our monthly allotment of review products I was arranging the booty on the dining room table when my partner, Jack, came in the room. “Look what we scored this time,” I proudly announced as I waved my hand over all the goodies. The only thing I was unclear on was the Pirates Pendant Vibe. I mean, I understood the pendant vibe part; I just couldn’t figure out the pirate part. Jack had to tell me about the Digital Playground movie series, Pirates.”

Ok, I confess, porn is not my thing; I’ve never really been interested. But that’s fine, because Jack consumes enough porn for the both of us. And apparently, from the way he went on and on about Pirates, it’s one of his favorites.

While I can’t be accused of being a fan of the movies, I do count myself among the fans of the Pirates Pendant Vibe. It’s a kicky little bullet vibe that doubles as a pendent jewelry. Once Jack filled me in on the theme of the movies, I understood the fun pirate designs that decorate the vibe.

It is remarkably quiet, very discreet and attractive in its own way. The vibe has multiple vibration patterns, five to be precise. And you cycle through them with the one-touch button situated at the top of the vibe. It is amazing on my clit.

It operates with three of those round watch batteries and the first set is included in the package. I love that! The Pirates Pendant Vibe is made of plastic; it’s phthalate free, hypoallergenic and latex free. It is not waterproof, however, so your pirate play will have to remain on dry land. That’s the only disappointing part.

I have the black version, but apparently the Pirates Pendant Vibe also come in a variety of other colors including metallic pink, white, copper, gold and silver.

I’m happy to recommend the Pirates Pendant Vibe as a sweet little stocking stuffer. It would make a charming gift for someone familiar with the Pirates movies.