Janine’s Pirates Cove Rocket

Janine’s Pirates Cove Rocket —— $34.99

I’ve never seen any of the Digital Playground Pirates movies, so the packaging for Janine’s Pirates Cove Rocket was pretty much lost on me. Don’t get me wrong; it’s stylish and the model on the cover, Janine, in her pirate rig is very sexy and not in an off-putting way either.

The Pirates Cove Rocket is also attractive. It’s molded from what appears to be hard plastic, but it has a cream-colored coating on it that makes it pleasantly soft to the touch. I couldn’t find any information on the materials used in this product either on the package or the Digital Playground website. However, the package does say that it is phthalate free.

In keeping with the theme, the Pirates Cove Rocket is decorated with an abundance of what looks like those temporary tattoos you sometimes see in the stores. Of course, the images include a traditional scull and crossbones, an anchor and crossed pirate sabers, but there’s also hearts, a fish, flowers and stars. It’s a very busy design that will, no doubt, appeal to some. The base of the vibe is encrusted with rhinestones to further the pirate treasure theme, I guess.

The Pirates Cove Rocket is powered by two C-batteries, which are not included in the package. This adds a nice heft to the vibe and also makes for a more powerful vibration that lasts for a longer time than what smaller sized batteries could offer. The Pirates Cove Rocket also has three speeds and two variable vibrations. I confess to being impressed with the level of vibration, but the one button operation, at the base of the vibe, leaves a great deal to be desired. They’ve thoughtfully included a black satin storage/travel pouch too. It’s the kind of special touch you’d find with a more expensive vibrator, so I thought it was interesting that the manufacturer decided to go the distance with this product.

I used water-based lube when I played with the Pirates Cove Rocket. And while I generally like at least some texture to my insertables, the silky smooth surface of this vibe was very nice indeed. I was disappointed to discover that it’s not waterproof, because I would have liked to use it in the bath.

And because it is not waterproof, you can’t submerge it in warm soapy water for a thorough cleaning and there’s no sterilizing it either. Here’s the problem; it’s easy to get lube and bodily fluids on the rhinestone-encrusted base, but it’s not all that easy to clean that area. I found that wiping it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution worked best.

The Pirates Cove Rocket is best described as a novelty product. It would be an appropriate gift for someone new to the vibrator market. However, this product would, I think, disappoint a person who has experience with a quality vibrator.