Good Clean Love Lubricant

Good Clean Love Lubricant —— $16.00

Ya know what I dig about Good Clean Love Lubricant? I absolutely get it that it’s organic; well it’s made of 95% organic ingredients anyway. Their corporate logo includes the words: “Chemistry without chemicals”. That rocks!

Good Clean Love Lubricant is a water-based lube, but it has a very natural feel to it. Other water-based lubes I’ve tried can be kinda runny, but not this one. That’s because it’s actually more of a gel than a liquid. If there’s one drawback to a water-based lube it’s that it can dry out with vigorous use. And when I’m pegging my little sub, butt-boy BF, Alex, things can get pretty vigorous, ok? Good Clean Love Lubricant has less of a problem with drying out, but if I find that it is getting a little tacky, I just add a wad of spit. Not very lady-like, you say? Fuck you! Alex totally gets off on spit. So I’m happy to oblige.

Good Clean Love Lubricant is 100% vegan; made with aloe vera, xanthan gum and seaweed, and it’s paraben-free. And I really like that it’s edible and actually tastes good too. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you wouldn’t put the lube you’re using in your mouth, perhaps it shouldn’t go in your snatch either…just sayin’. Oh, and it’s basically unscented too.

Safe for latex condoms, silicone toys and for use throughout pregnancy, Good Clean Love Lubricant is cruelty-free too; no animal testing. In other words, it’s damn near perfect. Get on this now, people!