Finger Vibe Dual-Speed

Finger Vibe Dual-Speed —— $9.95

Jack & Karen
Jack: “Let’s move on to the other vibe.”
Karen: “This is the Finger Vibe Dual-Speed. Happily it comes in a small package — a bubble on a card actually. It is already loaded with batteries. Again, we really appreciate the that thoughtfulness.”
Jack: “It is exactly the same blue vibe that comes with the Tongue Vibe Dual Pack. However, this vibe is encased in a nubbed jelly casing. I have the same reservations about it being phthalate-free as I did with the Tongue Vibe, but I’ll let that go for now. This vibe comes with a little finger strap. The vibe is ribbed and glow in the dark.”
Karen: “Like the Tongue Vibe, the Finger Vibe has two speeds. Neither speed will blow your mind. Adjusting the speed using the tiny control mechanism is a very delicate operation. Please be careful; it can easily break.”
Jack: “I didn’t even try to adjust this one, because I broke the one that came with the Tongue Vibe combo.”
Karen: “Using this on myself to assist me in masturbating is a pleasant enough experience. I prefer a more powerful vibe, but this ok.”
Jack: “Considering the modest vibration and the finicky controller; we think this Finger Vibe is of dubious worth.”
Karen: “Again, I agree. I looked online and discovered a couple dozen other finger vibes. Some of them cost less, others cost way more. Some were pimped-out models with lots of different attachments. Others were pretty basic, like the Finger Vibe. I can’t vouch for any of those, but what I can say is the simple bullet vibe ones were generally less expensive than this model.”

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