7 Super Stretch Sleeves

7 Super Stretch Sleeves —— $16.59

Ken & Denise
Denise: “It must be silly season in toyland.”
Ken: “You can say that again!”
Denise: “What we have here is 7 Super Stretch Sleeves. Six of them are 1.75” long and less than an inch in diameter. The seventh one is just short of 3” in length and only slightly larger in diameter.”
Ken: “They are made of a clear jelly material and each one has a slightly different configuration of bumps, points and nodules.”
Denise: “What are these things for, you might ask. Good question. Originally I thought they were to fit around a dildo shaped vibrator, or the like. The package shows that as an option.”
Ken: “But the package also says that one shouldn’t wear it for longer than 20 minutes. This suggests to me that these sleeves are supposed to be worn on a guy’s cock.”
Denise: “Well I guess that’s true if the said ‘guy’ has a teensy tiny unit. I couldn’t slip them over two of my fingers with ease. And I have slender fingers.”
Ken: “I took one look at these things and said forgetaboutit! I’m not heavy hung, by any means, but I couldn’t stretch one of these out enough to fit over my cock. And even if I had, it would have been so tight it would have strangled my poor boner.”
Denise: “And if you stretch the sleeve out, the bumps and ridges disappear, rendering them ineffectual. The 7 Super Stretch Sleeves set is completely silly. Move along, folks; there’s nothing to see here.”

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