Clone-A- Willy Kit Glow in the Dark

Clone-A-Willy Kit Glow in the Dark —— $44.95

Ken & Denise
Ken: “We didn’t exactly know what we were getting into with this Clone-A-Willy Kit. It promises a lifelike replica of my dick that would Glow in the Dark. I was game, at least initially.”
Denise: “Yeah, we thought it would be a fun little project full of laughs. Well that’s how it started out anyway.”
Ken: “Since I was the one being ‘molded’, the pressure was on me to maintain an erection under less than erotic circumstances. I tell you, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I have a renewed appreciation for all the male porn stars out there, who seem to have a perpetual bone.”
Denise: “I don’t suppose I helped the situation all that much, because I became increasingly anxious about following the directions for preparing the molding goop. You actually have to have the water you mix with the powder at the precise temperature. And I read a lot of comments online posted by couples who screwed up the process and I sort of lost my nerve.”
Ken: “I suggested that we put the kit away till we were in a better mindset and I wasn’t worried about my boner.”
Denise: “We checked in with Dr Dick about our apprehensions and he told us to approach it alike a game, not a project. That helped some, because Ken and I were beginning to freak out about messing things up.”
Ken: “Dr Dick also suggested that I wear a cockring to help with maintaining my stiffy. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I also decided I’d slip in a little butt plug, because that always gets me going.”
Denise: “I decided to have a glass of wine…ok, it was a big glass of wine. And that helped too; it really took the edge off.”
Ken: “Denise was too busy organizing everything and mixing stuff to help me with my wood. Generally all she has to do is go down on me and I’m as hard as a rock.”
Denise: “Actually he did fine on his own. He’s such a trooper. All I can say is that I’m happy it wasn’t me that had to get turned on under these conditions.”
Ken: “Once the molding goop is ready it all has to be done very quickly. Luckily, I was ready. I sunk my junk into the goop and prayed that I’d hold the erection for the minute or so it takes for the mold to set up. A minute never lasted so long. We like totally recommend that you have something on the floor and the countertop to prevent spill messes.”
Denise: “Once this part was over and Ken removed his cock from the mold the worst of it was over. Ken jumped in the shower to remove the molding goop residue. And I had some breathing room while the mold dried. Another glass of wine and I was ready to prepare the rubber goop — two liquids that mix to make the rubber that fills the mold. I was worried that this part was going to be as anxiety provoking as the mold part, but it wasn’t so bad. You just have to remember to keep mixing the stuff for two minutes.”
Ken: “I prepared the vibration unit to place in the base of the mold. You get a piece of cardboard and cut a small hole in it. You slide the vibrator through the small hole. You then slip the vibrator into the rubber mix while letting the cardboard hold the vibrator up so it won’t slide into the rubber. And once I finished that part we got to relax.”
Denise: “24 hours later we pulled this amazingly realistic replica of Ken’s dick from the mold. It was such a hoot!”
Ken: “We nearly fell down laughing, because we were like mad scientists admiring our creation; this totally freaky day-glow green dildo.”
Denise: “Considering the effort we put into this, and that it is a replica of my man’s dong, I will treasure it always.”
Ken: “Actually, once we let go of our performance anxiety it was kinda fun. We both recommend the Clone-A-Willy Kit. And remember, if you mess up a batch you can always buy extra mixing materials.”

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