Vac-U-Lock Kong Realistic

Vac-U-Lock Kong Realistic —— $39.03

Gina & Kevin
Gina: “Hello again. This review is basically a continuation of the Ultra Harness 2000 review we just posted. We decided to review these products together because, well they belong together.”
Kevin: “In the Ultra Harness 2000 review we mentioned that there are a number of different attachments and accessories that you can buy for your harness. Well, the Vac-U-Lock Kong Realistic is one such attachment.”
Gina: “This is one gigantic dong, folks! It’s actually scary in its realistic appearance. It even has faux pubic hair. I know, WTF? And this isn’t even the biggest model they make, but I digress.”
Kevin: “Gina’s right; when I pulled this thing out of the box, I went ‘DAMN!’ It’s made of a soft, lifelike material that makes the Kong Realistic look so realistic. But as we learned in the previous review; that comes at a price. The off gas that you smell when you first open the box tells us the materials used in this toy are toxic to some degree. We also suspect that they contain phthalates, PVC and possibly latex. This is not necessarily a problem, just so long as you don’t use the thing internally without a condom.”
Gina: “That’s right; use a condom when you play with this thing. Not just for health concerns, but for clean up too. The Kong Realistic is made of a very porous material and it can’t be sterilized. And if it can’t be sterilized, it can’t be shared. And you can only use a water-based lube with it.”
Kevin: “So ok, this time around Gina used the harness. The Ultra Harness 2000 we have is designed for a man but she says it fits her too. Attaching the Kong Realistic is easy with the patented Vac-U-Lock technology, which uses a plastic plug to attach the dong to the harness.”
Gina: “The Kong Realistic is so massive I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked at myself in the mirror. No wonder guys with huge dicks think they rule the world.”
Kevin: “I looked at the dong warily too. This would be the biggest thing I’ve had in my ass to date. Would I even be able to do it? I warmed up my ass with a decent sized plug. And when I thought I was ready, I gave Gina the green light. She slipped on a condom and looked at me with an evil gaze.”
Gina: “Ok, are you gonna tell them, or am I?”
Kevin: “Gina’s referring to the qualms I had about the realistic look of the Kong Realistic. I don’t know why this became an issue with me, but it did. I’ve been into my ass for years now. I love butt plugs and I love it when Gina straps one on and pegs me. But in the past all this ass play has been with toys that didn’t look so realistic.”
Gina: “I noticed Kevin’s hesitation and asked him what was wrong. At first I thought it was the size of the Kong Realistic. I realized only after he told me that it was the realistic look of the thing that troubled him.”
Kevin: “I’ll admit, I had a moment of gay panic; so sue me!”
Gina: “We laughed about it afterward, but I certainly appreciate what he was going through. Guys are so funny that way.”
Kevin: “Anyway, once I processed the whole gay thing — it isn’t the shape and size of what ya put up your ass that makes a person gay, it left my mind. Actually, it was a great tada moment. I then thoroughly enjoyed the mighty Kong Realistic in my hole. And I gotta tell you, Gina has become quite the cocksmith; she really knows how to throw a fuck.”
Gina: “Yeah, I want a real dick in my next life.”
Kevin: “Even though I could barely walk after that ass-ult, I did the cleanup. I wiped down the harness and washed the Kong Realistic in warm soapy water, rinsed it thoroughly and left it to air dry. I dusted it with cornstarch and stored it in a plastic bag to keep it from getting all tacky or linty, as this realistic squishy material will do.

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