Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug

Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug —— $22.00

Those of you who follow my reviews know that I have a prostate problem. And I’m not ashamed to admit it either. I’m also very into ass play. I have very little outlet for that with other guys, because I’m married. (Just so we’re clear, my wife knows about this; so it’s not a Tiger Woods kinda thing.) But even if I were able to connect with other bi or even gay guys more often I don’t think I’d be up for it because of my enlarged prostate. I just can’t bottom like I used to. I know, bummer, huh?

With the onset of my prostate problem a couple of years ago, I became more interested in playing with my own ass. This allows me complete control over the kind of stimulation I can tolerate at any given time. I’ve become particularly fond of butt plugs. But finding just the right one can be a challenge. I can’t have anything too hard. Can’t be too big either. It’s got to be just right. Sounds like Goldilocks, huh?

With that long-winded introduction finished, I can now introduce you to the Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug. This is the perfect butt plug for me. It is smooth and supple, which make it easy to insert and wear for hours at a time. And that’s saying something for a guy with an enlarged prostate, like me. I’m no doctor, but I believe that my condition is actually helped by wearing a butt plug for a period of time a couple times a week. It delivers a very nice prostate massage that seems to soothe things down there.

The Sidekick comes in two sizes. I have the smaller of the two — 3.75” long, 1” in diameter. It has a small bulb at the head; it widens modestly towards the base and has the traditional “plug” notch at the base. That’s what keeps it snugly in place.

This is the perfect toy for the ass play beginner, or someone with an enlarged prostate, like me. It’s really comfortable! If you’re just starting out with ass toys, you really need lube with ass play. And in this case, it has to be a water-based lube. Silicone-based lube will destroy a silicone toy like this.

Silicone toys are among my favorites. Silicone is nonporous, which makes them super easy to clean. Mild soap and warm water works just fine. You can also wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution. You can even boil it, or pop it in the upper rack of the dishwasher to disinfect.

As you can see, I love the Sidekick Silicone Anal Plug. I know you will too.