Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug

Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug —— $79.98

Dr Dick
Friends, are you tired of not having anything dazzling to wear on those special occasions when you want to look and feel your best? Ya know, like when you’re runnin’ the Hoover, taking out the trash (rubbish or BF), or pickin’ out something butch at the Homo Depot? Well dear readers, I have just the thing for you. Lookie here! It’s a Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug, or butt plug if you prefer. This is no ordinary plug, no siree; it’s bejeweled! So it will dress up any outfit, or no outfit at all.

That’s right, sex fans, I’m wearing mine now! Because, like you, I want to have a smile on my face and a spring in my step when I face all of life’s tedious tasks like typing this review, laundering my unmentionables or cookin’ up a mess of grits for the church social. And the beauty part of this little stunner is that no one would ever guess I’m enjoying a butt-load of delicious pleasure unless they turned me upside down and discovered the authentic Swarovski crystal rockin out where the sun don’t shine.

My Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug is a high quality, hand crafted ultra smooth Pyrex glass insertable manufactured by RubyGlass21 and customized by VirtuallyAdult. The plug features a petite spade-shaped head with a maximum diameter of no more than an inch. This sits gracefully atop an unusually long 2” stem that finally flares out to make the base, in which is embedded the sapphire-like crystal. The Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug is about 5 inches tall and weighs in at approximately 6 ounces. I say the stem is unusually long, because most all the other plugs I’ve seen and/or used are squatter. Now that I’ve tried both, I tend to like the longer-stemmed plug even better than the shorter ones. And god knows I love the shorter ones a lot. I’m also thinkin that this lovely would rock out as a pussy plug too. Imagine the luscious G-spot massage you’d get with each and every step you take.

Everyone has a butthole and the Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug is an equal opportunity pleasure plug. That being said, I want to address the rest of my comments to my fellow prostate owners. You know how passionate I am about prostate health and prostate self-awareness, right? Well I am of the mind that every guy oughta own at least one butt plug and use it regularly. Beside the pleasure it delivers it has verifiable health benefits.

A plug will massage your P-spot and that’s a big part of a maintaining prostate health. And for us more senior men, and the heartbreak of enlarged prostate we so frequently suffer, butt plug therapy can help there too. I mean I’m all in favor of toys that have no other purpose than to dispense a good dose of the jollies. But if a fella can pleasure himself AND do himself some good health-wise…all at the same time; well that just about beats the pants off diddlin’ just for fun. Right?

Those of you who regularly follow our reviews will know that all the Dr Dick Review Crew loves us some glass toys. They’re gorgeous, of course, but that’s only the beginning. They are versatile too. You can warm and chill beautiful art glass toys, like the Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug, for added sensations. And you can use any kind of lube you want. You’ll only need little bit too, because glass gets real slick with just a dab of lube. The petite head on this baby will slip effortlessly into your bum and stay put for hours of glorious backdoor recreation.

Pyrex glass is nonporous so clean up is a breeze. Soap and water work fine. Or you can wipe it down with a lint-free towel moistened with peroxide, rubbing alcohol or a 10% bleach solution. Generally speaking you can sterilize Pyrex glass toys in boiling water or the dishwasher. However, that is not recommended in this case, because that would jeopardize the embedded crystal.

With proper care, the Crystal Delights Blue Anal Plug will last a lifetime. And VirtuallyAdult helps you do that by providing a very sturdy black padded fold-up pouch to keep your insertable art from getting nicked or chipped while it isn’t dressing up your bottom.

I highly recommend this beauty.


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