Okeido and Birds ‘N Bees vegan condoms

Okeido 3-Pack —— $6.00

I’m not one of those guys who throws a hissy fit over having to wear a condom when I fuck. I happen to think it’s a sign of respect to the lady I’m about to bone. She doesn’t always know where my johnson has been and I rarely know where her meatpie has been. So it just makes sense. I mean, the more of a big deal ya make about this simple health and safety thing the more of a douchebag you are. So fuckin get over it already.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to two of the amazing RFSU condoms. The first is Okeido. I don’t know what that mean, or even if it has a meaning. Maybe it’s Swedish for abbondanza. Ok, so here’s the deal. Okeido is a slightly larger sheath for us bigger boys — length 190 mm., width 53 mm. They’re silky to the touch, silicone-lubed, ultra-thin, have a fuller reservoir tip and they’re an ideal fit.

This Swedish company, RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education), is known for their stringent quality testing as well as for their pleasure-enhancing designs. Here, here!

And here’s something I’ve never seen before. These rubbers are vegan! I suppose you’re gonna ask; what makes a condom vegan? Well, I’ll tell ya; the Vegan Action Foundation certifies that no animal products of any kind were used in the manufacturing of these condoms nor were any animals used in product testing. This makes them a bit pricier than your run of the mill condoms. But you’re not gonna get greener than this and they make for an integral component of a cruelty-free lifestyle! And that is totally my style.

Birds ‘N Bees 3- Pack —— $6.00

These babies, like their Okeido siblings, are also vegan. They’re silky to the touch, silicone-lubed, ultra-thin and have a reservoir tip.

The Birds ‘N Bees style is ribbed and bumped for added sensations. Mmmm, ribbed and bumped! I actually have a preference for a textured condom. But these are not quite as roomy as the Okeido — length 185 mm., width 52 mm. They’re not uncomfortable, mind you, just snug. These would be idea for the man with an average endowment.

Now all we have to do is get them to make a ribbed and bumped version of the larger condoms.

Despite the fact that these are vegan, they are still latex. So you folks out there with a latex sensitivity need to look elsewhere. And for god sake, guys, use a personal lube when you groovin’, especially when you’re wearing a glove. And make sure it’s water-based or silicone-based though. Oil-based lube and latex condoms do not mix.

These condoms are a luxury product for the Prophylactic Connoisseur. Go get ‘em!

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