Doc Johnson’s Lucid Dream No. 14

Lucid Dream No. 14 —— $21.99

My last review of the year is, sadly, a bust.  Can’t win them all, I guess.Sex_Toys_DJ092602

Here is a classic example of how a toy looks so amazing in the package, only to have it let you down outside of the package.  Lucid Dream No. 14 has an amazing shape.  It has a bulbous angled head on a gooseneck body.  It’s a jelly material in a luscious tangerine color.  And it’s transparent; so you can see the sizable vibe in the head.  I was confident this was going to be a brilliant G-spot vibe for sure.

Taking it out of the minimal, but stylish package produced the first concern I had.  It emanated a very unpleasant chemical smell.  This off-gas was really off-putting.  And the smell got on my hands just from taking it out of the package.  ICK!

I quickly washed the Lucid Dream and my hands with soap and water.  I had immediate misgivings about using this vibe on my body, but I though I’d better press on with my review.  I figured I could always slip a condom on it if I was going to have it come in contact with skin.

The next problem I encountered was battery placement. Lucid Dream calls for 2 AA-batteries, which are not included in the package.  That was a bummer, but I got over it.  Figuring out how the batteries fit into the battery compartment was a puzzle.  Nothing I saw on the vibe itself showed the battery placement technique.  There were no instructions in the package either.  I swear I tried the batteries every which way and thought; maybe this was a defective toy.  Then as I was opening the battery compartment to switch out the batteries one last time; the thing sprang to life.

Apparently, you have to close the battery compartment just so; any deviation from that, even tightening the cap a tiny little bit rendered the toy useless.  The batteries weren’t making contact with the terminals correctly.

A dial in the vibe’s base activates the multi-speed vibrator in the head of Lucid Dream.  This is one of those rheostat things.  Not a bad concept when executed correctly.  Again, unfortunately, this is not one of those times.  The dial is way to lose for it to be effective.  In order for this to work, there should be some resistance in the dial as one moves it up or down.  This dial had no such resistance.

I have to admit, the vibe was quiet, but it also wasn’t very powerful, even on the highest speed.  After all the trouble I had this Lucid Dream I didn’t even bother to try and pleasure myself with it.  You know, life is just too short for a bad vibe.

I think that Doc Johnson was on to something here, design wise anyhow.  But it simply didn’t work out as planned.  Bad Luck!

At any rate, HAPPY HOLIDAYS from both me and Kevin.  We’re both looking forward to a bang-up year of new products in 2010!