Neo Cockring

Neo Cockring by Vibratex ——  $24.99

So I was like totally hot for the Neo Cockring when I saw it in its stylish plexiglas storage case.  At 33 I’m just discovering the joys of wearing a cockring. I was telling some of my gay clients at the gym about getting my first cockring about a month ago.  They looked at me like I had just landed from outer space. OK, so I’m a late bloomer; sue me!

The Neo Cockring is a clear jelly sorta deal.  Although it’s not a jelly, it’s made of a 131111phthalate-free elastomer.  This may not make a difference to you, but it sure does to me.  I don’t do anything that may contain phthalates.  I mean, why would I endanger my health if I don’t have to?

The thing that rocks, or is supposed to, is this cockring has a built-in vibe, and it has this tickler side to it.  And even though the vibe is a tiny thing; it has two activation choices. The first is a side button that remains “on” until depressed, and the second is a pressure sensitive pad behind the ticklers.  So my GF is like waiting for me to warp this thing around my johnson and show her what it’ll do to her clit.  I position the ring around my dick and balls with the vibe on the top of my cock with the tickle head pointing outward.  Are you following this?

I activate the vibe and…well I feel it, but it ain’t rockin my world; as I had hoped.  But ok, maybe the vibe is not for me but my GF.  Ahhh, not so fast!  She says she can feel it too, and she likes the way it turns itself on as it comes in contact with her clit, but there ain’t enough bang for her buck either.

Bummer, cuz this is such a great concept.  You can see the Vibratex people put some thought into this.  I mean, the thing is waterproof and all; comes with batteries as well as a replacement set.  I never saw another vibe like that.  But still the vibe is a little too limp, if ya know what I mean.