Super Flower Power: 2 Piece Bouquet

Finally, Madora, has something fun from Big Teaze Toys to show you.

Super Flower Power: 2 Piece Bouquet —— $29.99

Home; batteries included (triple A), YES!  I love it when that happens.  Inside there’s a bonus Flower Power keychain, a mini version of the vibe that looks like a little daisy without the stem, this one even comes with bonus extra batteries (the little watch kind), EXCELLENT!sfp-500px

My first impression is that the vibrating part, the center of the flower, is a little hard for me.  At least for direct contact with my “flower”.  The center of the flower is hard plastic.  But I like the soft petals which spread the vibes out from its petals to yours.  It’s like a gentle labia massage, which is cool and rare in a vibrator.  These are especially nice if you use a little lube on the petals.

I’m starting to get used to the texture and hardness. I actually like it and like the strength of the vibe when I’m using it through my clothes, the barrier makes it not seem so hard and yet it’s still able to convey strong enough vibes right through to where they’re needed.  I was thinking it could be fun for when you want to tease your partner right through her clothes. Did I mention these toys are waterproof?

All in all it definitely did the trick but when I really start to get into it, either with the vibe or the little keychain, the soft petal ring pops right off the vibrator.  I either hafta kinda hold it on, or stop and put it back on, if I wanna keep playing with that part.  So that’s a bummer.

The keychain has been a godsend.  I’m on a trip right now and brought it with me and wasn’t concerned about security seeing it,  It just looks like a toy.  I ended up having cramps and everyone knows an orgasm is the best thing for cramps so I put it to use, you know, for medicinal purposes.

It’s small enough where it’s super discreet and even if you saw it your mind wouldn’t initially make the connection or the assumption that it’s a vibrator.  It isn’t exactly super quiet, so I wouldn’t want to bust it out in a public bathroom or anything, but it’s certainly convenient.  It’s only got one speed, and it’s pretty strong, again I prefer to use this one through my panties, because of it’s a hard texture.

In the end it made rainbows and smiley faces come out of me when I came, at least that’s what it felt like to me.  It’s not my first pick but it’s fun and I’d love to use it in a photo shoot sometime.