Original Boy Butter

Boy Butter 5 oz EZ-Pump —— $16.99

This is the original formula Boy Butter.  It comes in several different packaging options, so you may have seen it in a tub or a squeeze bottle.  Personally, I think this E-Z pump is the best.  It’s easy to handle, and you can dispense just the right amount of lube you need every time.  The plastic top keeps it from accidentally messing up anything else it may come in contact with.BBoriginal

I really like the creamy consistency of Boy Butter.  It lasts longer than other oil-based lubes I’ve tried; and I’ve tried plenty.  The organic coconut-oil base keeps it slick and silky.  I’ve never found a better jack-off lube than Boy Butter.  It even outlasts my favorite silicone-based lube.  I’m sold on this product.

Keep in mind; you can’t use Boy Butter with latex condoms.

Clean up is pretty easy too, soap and warm water will do.  It’s so much easier to clean up than my favorite silicone-based lube.

The only drawback that I can see is it doesn’t taste very nice.  But then again, I’m just jacking off with it.  If I planned to go down on someone, I think I would choose a different lube.