Boy Butter H2O

Boy Butter H2O 5 oz EZ-Pump —— $16.99

Jack & Karen

Jack:  “Damn, this stuff is great!”BBLh2o
Karen:  “This is the first creamy formula water-based lube I’ve eve seen.  I didn’t even know you could make such a thing.”
Jack:  “We concur with all our fellow reviewers, Boy Butter H2O last long, never gets sticky.  We really like the pump container too.  Very convenient!”
Karen:  “This formula is perfect for use with latex condoms.  And because it is water-based, clean up is a breeze.  It won’t stain clothing or beading either.  And that’s a big plus in my book.”
Jack:  “Neither one of us experienced any negative reactions to this lube; no irritation, nothing.  And we used it for fucking, not just for jillin’ or jackin’ off.
Karen:  “Yeah, I was really surprised by this.  I’m always very careful about what I put near, on or in my pussy.  But knock on wood, I’ve had no adverse reaction at all.”
Jack:  “Kudos for great packaging and branding.  It’s fun and smart.  Funny, up until we got Boy Butter H2O to review, I had never heard of the company.  I wonder, is it a product line that is primarily marketed to gay men?
Karen:  “If it is, that would be really too bad.  Because other straight and bi folks, like us, would really enjoy Boy Butter H2O too.
Jack:  “Get some today; you won’t be sorry!