LELO’s Luna Beads

LUNA BEADS —— $47.00

Joy & Dixie
Joy:  “We’re glad to be back with everyone after having a couple months off.  We were on an extended holiday and we missed all our toys at home while we were away.”
Dixie:  “That’s not exactly true, we did take a couple of our favorite toys with us.  One new one that we well talk about at another time, and the other was our delightful LUNA BEADS.  They are very discreet and easy to pack. And they are both pleasurable and therapeutic.”
Joy:  “LUNA BEADS are LELO’s take on a very old idea, Ben Wa Balls.  You’ve heard of Luna_beads_mv2them, right?  They were invented hundreds of years ago, to enhance female sexual stimulation and to exercise a woman’s PC muscles (pubococcygeus muscle). In other words, you do your Kegel exercises with these puppies.
Dixie:  “Here’s a tip; the more Kegels you do, the more intense your orgasms are.”
Joy:  “You simply insert the LUNA BEADS, each of which has an inner ball that creates the most amazing vibration sensation.”
Dixie:  “The kit comes with two sets of silicone balls that pop in and out of a plastic girdle – one set is close to 30 grams and the other set is around 40 grams.”
Joy:  “You can mix and match the weighted balls to build up your PC muscles. And you can wear these for hours, if you’d like.  I know I like!”
Dixie:  “Being made of silicone they are easy to sterilize, which makes the LUNA BEADS shareable.  But for under $50 you may want your own set.”
Joy:  “Dixie and I both like to masturbate with the LUNA BEADS.  They deliver intense orgasms, because your muscles contract around the vibrating balls.”
Dixie:  “You can say that again.  And there’s never a need to change batteries or wait for a recharge.  You can see why we took the LUNA BEADS on our vacation.”
Joy:  “We completely endorse this product.  They are both fun and healthful.  We’ll never leave home without them.”
Dixie:  “Given all the very expensive toys out there, including several of the other LELO products, one can’t go wrong plunking down your hard-earned money for a set of these.”
Joy:  “Our friend, Karen, is about to give birth to her first child.  We’re going to give her LUNA BEADS at the baby shower.  No mother should be without!”