Pjur Power Cream Personal Lubricant

Pjur Power Cream Personal Lubricant 150ml / 5.1oz            $17.95

Glenn & Hank

Glenn:  “When pigs are at play, like Hank and me; we need a stand-up lube that won’t let us down!”Hank:  “And when we’re in the thick of it, I don’t want to be fumblin’ around with a slick plastic bottle; just trying to get a grip on it so I  can squeeze a paw full of lube.  I wanna scoop my lube from a tub, damn it!”
Glenn:  “He’s such a he-man, huh?”99240_pjur_power_premium_cream
Hank:  “No, I’m serious.  A tub of lube, particularly when the consistency is more like goop then liquid, is ideal for pig play.  Since there’s nothing dainty about our play; there shouldn’t be anything dainty about our lube dispenser, if ya ask me”
Glenn:  “Truer words were never spoken.  That’s why we’re crazy over
Pjur Power Cream Personal Lubricant.  Our lube of choice has always been, Pjur Original Bodyglide.  There’s no beating their silicone-based lube.  It’s slicker than shit!”
Hank:  “That’s for sure.  Now that we’ve gotten our hands on
Power Cream, we have two Pjur products to choose from.”
Glenn:  “
Pjur Power Cream Personal Lubricant is like having two lubes in one; because it’s a combo of water-based and silicone-based lubes.  I guess that’s what gives this stuff its thick creamy consistency that really has staying power.”
Hank:  “And it lasts long too!  There’s nothing I hate worse than a lube that dries out, or worse, gets sticky.”
Glenn:  “It’s like totally safe to use with condoms too, which is perfect when we’re playing with others.”
Hank:  “I won’t use
Power Cream with our silicone toys, but we have plenty of other, non-silicone toys to stuff Glenn’s hungry hole.”
Glenn:  “If you’re a power-bottom, like me, or you just want to pretend that you are; get yourself a load of
Pjur Power Cream Personal Lubricant today.”