Pjur Med Clean

Pjur Med Clean Spray Lotion 100ml / 3.4oz bottle             $12.95

Pjur Med Clean Moist Toweletts 25 per pack               $12.95


Good to be back with the Review Crew, especially since I have the good fortune to tell you about the Pjur Med Clean products.

Like everyone else on the Review Crew, I’m very fond of the Pjur lubes I’ve tried.  I’ve never found better.  Apparently they bring the same medclean-fampassion for perfection and innovation to their other products too. I’m fastidious about my personal hygiene and clean up after sex.  But I also hate to ruin the intimate time after lovemaking by running off to the bathroom to tidy myself or clean my toys.  The Pjur Med Clean products allow me to take care of any mess without leaving bed.  I Love This Concept!

The moist toweletts and the handy spray are alcohol free and scent free.  They are gentle on my skin, yet thoroughly effective.

The toweletts come in a discreet little package and the spray comes in a small container; both fit neatly in my bedside drawer.  But they could easily fit in my purse.  These are the idea products to have on hand for an impromptu encounter, if you know what I mean.  And I think you do!

The towelette package contains 25 thick wipes.  They pull out easily and you can reseal the pouch after each use.  Like I said, I Love This Concept!

I highly recommend these products to all health-conscious consumers.